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To think I should be calling my solicitor to sue mumsnet for distress caused by site not working this morning, and the fact I almost got the Ironing board out?? Who wants to join my legal battle

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Kimi Wed 16-Jul-08 10:50:21

Sign here

Kimi Wed 16-Jul-08 10:56:07


moopymoo Wed 16-Jul-08 10:57:07

i even resorted to pegging some washing out. i will sign..

Kimi Wed 16-Jul-08 10:58:50

Welcome have a jaffa cake and some strong tea!

TrinityRhino Wed 16-Jul-08 10:58:59

I will sign
I need couselling, I almost started playing with my children...

Kimi Wed 16-Jul-08 11:00:09

Good god TR have two jaffa cakes

Kimi Wed 16-Jul-08 11:00:36

Good god TR have two jaffa cakes

BouncingTurtle Wed 16-Jul-08 11:01:11

Me as well, I thought I was going to have to post on Netmums.


TrinityRhino Wed 16-Jul-08 11:01:42

<snaffles jaffa cakes>

thanks smile

Kimi Wed 16-Jul-08 11:02:57

Oh my god quick get bouning a blancet and tea with a shot of scotch in it

ilovemydog Wed 16-Jul-08 11:03:34

just think of the damages....

(toddler asleep and am constantly feeding DS, so probably zero in my vase...)

Kimi Wed 16-Jul-08 11:06:05

It could be as much as another pack of jaffa cakes grin
Chocolate hobnob anyone

BouncingTurtle Wed 16-Jul-08 11:07:03

Thankyou, I needed that.

Kimi Wed 16-Jul-08 11:09:59

I might even break open the ginger cake..grin

ScottishMummy Wed 16-Jul-08 11:13:21

has mn site access been playing up then?

HappyNewYearFeet06 Wed 16-Jul-08 11:25:09

I put some washing on the line and put more in the machine.

Waaaaah, I think I need some battenburg if anyone has any, oh the pain!!!

Kimi Wed 16-Jul-08 11:40:43

/kimi rushes to waitrose to get more cake

OverMyDeadBody Wed 16-Jul-08 11:42:07


I missed it being down, as I was actually at work!

ilovemydog Wed 16-Jul-08 11:45:10

ds is still feeding....

cory Wed 16-Jul-08 11:56:28

I got a 500 words written on my next book. Not good enough, Mumsnet! Bring that cake quick, someone! Oh, and brandy, brandy!!!

cheesesarnie Wed 16-Jul-08 11:59:03

i sat and cried.

moanylisa Wed 16-Jul-08 15:14:57

Hmm, I saw this thread and it made me laugh as I was ironong this week for the first time in MONTHS, purely because I could keep the mouse on the edge and do MN at the same time, plus kid myself I was accomplishing some vital housework...I'm new to this, but it is so addictive it could make me some kind of domestic goddess as long as nothing outside of this room needs doing smile

cheshirekitty Wed 16-Jul-08 15:23:27

Whats an ironing board?

fryalot Wed 16-Jul-08 15:25:00

I thought it was my computer.

Ds sneaked up and switched the puter off and when I rebooted it, mumsnet was broken.

I thought ds had broken my connection to mumsnet.

The panic when I thought I would never be able to mumsnet in peace again....

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