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on DH's behalf

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Lowfat Wed 16-Jul-08 08:09:39

Amoung a group of (all couple) friends a few years ago we all agreed not to buy gifts for adults, only for children.

However - nice people that we are wink that has gone by the by - although we dont spend half as much.

So now all the ladies get a combination of flowers/wine/chocs. And the guys get beer and chocolate or £5 to buy some beers (it depends on how organised we all are).

One couple however continue to get DH year on year a tub of jelly sweets (even before we had DC's) It's happened again this year, DH hates them and they stay in the cupboard for ever, as our DC's dont really like them either. As far as we know no one else get this tub of sweets. We always buy him beers and DH would be really happy with a return gesture of the same.

I know we should'nt give to receive but this is so weird it's comical.

StealthPolarBear Wed 16-Jul-08 08:11:53

maybe he/they wants jelly sweets?

Lowfat Wed 16-Jul-08 08:14:25

Funny you should say that Stealth. Cos his MIL once told me she always gets him sweets because he dosnt like chocs!

However why dont they get the other guys jellys too?

We got him jellys and beers just once after his MIL told us that, but all his DW was open them and put them out for everyone to eat at the BBQ he was having so we thought his MIL must have (in typical MIL fashion wink) got it wrong.

StealthPolarBear Wed 16-Jul-08 08:17:20

It does make you wonder why he's the only jelly sweet presumed lover!

Lowfat Wed 16-Jul-08 08:28:32

We sometimes wonder if it is because they actually dont view us the same as the other friends and dont feel as much effort is needed.

I have seen similar gift behaviour at b'day and Christmas for the rest of us in our family as well. Not as much thought or the cheapest option etc (compared to what has been given to the other couples and DC's)

nametaken Wed 16-Jul-08 11:04:32

recycle em?

Dropdeadfred Wed 16-Jul-08 11:08:10

Just spread the word thta he hates the f'ing sweets!!! grin

Sim43 Wed 16-Jul-08 11:15:54

It sounds to me like for some reason they have the idea that he likes them! My mum once said to another lady that she liked those chocolate drops with hundreds and thousands on. Every year for about 20 years she got a decorated empty coffee jar full of them!!

Lowfat Wed 16-Jul-08 19:56:45

Sim :-)

We are using them as 'make you well sweets' which we give to our Dc's if they hurt themselves and require some 'magic cream' (germolene -sp) or a 'boo-boo (plaster)

Dont ask about the names, I dont know how we ended up with them grin

But this way the children dont get sick of them and we cn gradually use them. If they had them every time they were allowed sweets we would have a rebellion.

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