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Huge row about travelling with DS in a car - no car seat, AIBU?

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Volkl Mon 14-Jul-08 12:56:57

Just got back off our hols and half way through we thought it'd be nice to go to the local port. There is a bus that goes every 20 mins so i thought this would be a nice treat for DS since he loves the bus anyway.

DH however totally lost it, saying buses were so dangerous and i'm totally stupid for suggesting it. His suggestion was to jump in a taxi with DS on our lap, because "it isnt too far" and it'd be much safer!

I then suggested i'd go with DS on the bus and he'd get a taxi but by this point he'd totally lost it and sulked off!

AIBU because i'm starting to think perhaps i was overreacting and should have just gone in the bloody taxi?

Flibbertyjibbet Mon 14-Jul-08 13:00:33

If you are going somewhere with ds on your lap and no seat for him then imo the bus would be safer.

Goes much slower
Stop start stop start
Cars tend to get out of the way of buses
Its really really rare to hear of fatalities in bus accidents (or even bus accidents at all)
Kiddies love buses

falcon Mon 14-Jul-08 13:00:38

Your DS will be far safer unrestrained on a bus than unrestrained in a taxi.

The bus can take a considerably bigger impact with less damage to it's passengers than if they were in a taxi.

In the event of a crash in a bus, your ds may end up on the floor, in a taxi, unrestrained he may go through the windscreen.


hanaflowerisnothana Mon 14-Jul-08 13:02:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Volkl Mon 14-Jul-08 13:03:12

Thank you so much. It been a few days since we had the discussion and he's still looking at me as if i'm mad. I'd never think of taking him in a car without a seat, and since we didnt have one with us i knew he'd love the bus.
My DH and I have even taken him on our local buses in the past just for something to do which he loved!

Thank you so very much, so many of the people on holiday were saying i was being OTT

OverMyDeadBody Mon 14-Jul-08 13:05:54

How is holding a child on your lap in a taxi safer than holding them on your lap on a bus?

Your DH is clearly mad and YANBU.

HumphreyCushioni Mon 14-Jul-08 13:08:11

I would have insisted on taking DS on the bus.
Much safer than a taxi.
Your DH is wrong on this one.

ally90 Mon 14-Jul-08 13:09:25

one of my mates takes her dc in a taxi without car seat...I think shes mental (but don't say it!)


edam Mon 14-Jul-08 13:12:13

Your dh is barking.

Pavlovthecat Mon 14-Jul-08 13:14:09

Or is he just a snob when it comes to public transport but does not want to admit it?!? hmm

Children love new experiences such as buses, trains, boats, it is part of growing up. I am amazed that he thinks buses are any more dangerous that a taxi? I take DD on the bus into town sometimes just because she likes it.

Volkl Mon 14-Jul-08 13:17:03

i cant actually be arsed to talk to him about this, however i've just found some interesting info on the internet that starts:

"Travelling by bus, minibus or coach is safer than travelling by car. Mile for mile, these vehicles have fewer accidents than cars. But it is still important to make sure that your children wear seat belts if they are available. "

Think i'll be book marking that for when he has his next brain wave! hmm

MatNanPlus Mon 14-Jul-08 13:32:25

Buses are safer than taxi's and you ever have to use a taxi with the chikd on your lao ensure the seatbelt is properly fastened on you and then hoold your child seated with his back to your chest and held securely with both your arms.

phoebebouffet Mon 14-Jul-08 22:25:51

YANBU I've booked a package holiday this year for precisely this reason - I want a transfer on a coach and flatly refuse to take ds in a car - taxi or otherwise without a car seat!

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