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To not want to go swimming tommorow ??

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IllegallyBrunette Sat 12-Jul-08 22:01:15

Actually I am, but just humour me.

Dd2 and Ds have a swimming lesson every sunday, which i am always pretty miserable for anyway as we have to get up so early.

This week it is end of term lesson and apparently fun swim week. I have no idea exactly what this entails other than parents are allowed in the water.

Obviously Dd and Ds know all about it and so I can't not go, but god I so don't want to.

Also, swimming hats are compulsary for children, but I don't know about the adults. I don't even have a swim hat.

Plus I will have to struggle to get changed in a changing room the size of my bathroom, with about seveal hundred other people.

Limara Sat 12-Jul-08 22:04:24

Didn't you say you felt ill and might poo in the waterwink

fishie Sat 12-Jul-08 22:04:44

put costume on at home under clothes (don't forget pants) and wear things which are easy to put on, not your tightest jeans.

why don't you know, who usually goes with them?

swimming isn't that bad, everyone is in the same boat (pool) and equally vulnerable.

lilyloo Sat 12-Jul-08 22:06:36

don't blame you fun session here means a few floats and a water jet while i look on safely from the side !

IllegallyBrunette Sat 12-Jul-08 22:08:20

This is their first term so we have never encountered the fun swim before. I was going to ask the instructors about it last week, but they have them in and out of the water and lessons started quicker than a flash.

I am planning on wearing my costume under my clothes but getting changed after will still be a pain in the ass. Normally when I take ds and dd back in to get changed, you can't even get anywhere near your stuff.

I would love to be able to use that excuse Limara, but my kids will never speak to me again.

IllegallyBrunette Sat 12-Jul-08 22:09:00

Luckily I wear glasses, so won't be able to do any stupid games that the teacher might think of involving me in.

Limara Sat 12-Jul-08 22:10:34

fun swim with lots of floats and balls, I hate swimming! I always get really stingy eyes and look like I'm really upset, probably because I'm swimmingsmile

BreeVanderCampLGJ Sat 12-Jul-08 22:15:32

Listen young lady, I had ten school Mummies here last night for dinner.

We They went through five bottles of champagne and four bottles of wine.

I did not get to bed until 3.00 this morning. shock

I made our 9.30 lesson, so if I could do it with a nicely developing hangover, then you can jolly well do it.

I have every confidence in you. grin

charliecat Sat 12-Jul-08 22:18:07

I wouldn't even consider it.

charliecat Sat 12-Jul-08 22:18:20


BreeVanderCampLGJ Sat 12-Jul-08 22:19:33

What the going to bed at 3.00 I know shocking isn't it ?? grin

Oh you mean Nutty.......gringrin

IllegallyBrunette Sat 12-Jul-08 22:20:42

Oh I have no problem making the lesson Bree, and have also managed it with hangover, but it is the actual getting in the water that |I don't want to do.

I do have to go though, as it is also have to re-enrol them and if I don't they could lose their space in the class (how terrible wink)

Mind you, Ds's teacher is one scary lady, and has been known to pick kids up and jump in with them, so perhaps I should just go quietly.

marmalady Sat 12-Jul-08 22:22:06

A dinner party for ten women BVC? Do you ACTUALLY live in Wisteria Lane? grin

BreeVanderCampLGJ Sat 12-Jul-08 22:28:26


No, I cooked one dish on Thursday and took the day off work to move furniture around and set the table. Dh made the second dish both were served with rice.

'Twas easy, the tidying up and the multiple runs on the dishwasher were a pain though.

Because it was my house, I really watched what I was drinking until we had all had pudding.

It was interesting to watch other people getting tipsy first. grin

Limara Sat 12-Jul-08 22:28:37

Hey, I hardly ever went swimming with my kids that's probably why they still wear armbands age 16! <<<not really>>smile

I'm with sleepy cat.

BreeVanderCampLGJ Sat 12-Jul-08 22:30:29


I would. grin

marmalady Sat 12-Jul-08 22:30:34

Bree grin

charliecat Sun 13-Jul-08 19:11:32

How did it go?

IllegallyBrunette Sun 13-Jul-08 19:48:23

It was fine grin

No one had to wear hats, and you could get in and out whenever you liked, which I wish i'd known before I hauled my ass out of bed at 7am.

LOL just had to hand back a 18mth old that had managed to escape into my garden, poor thing, she wanted to stay.

IllegallyBrunette Sun 13-Jul-08 19:50:27

Oh dear, I put her back and now she is screaming at me to come back over.

charliecat Sun 13-Jul-08 23:13:03

Glad it was ok I feel we are gonna be hearing a lot more about that toddler you mention in the next few months. Think shes gonna be a your garden, your gonna feel responsible bla bla bla...

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