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in wishing dh wouldn't begint the announcement of news of my 2:1 every time with 'well she just missed a first...'

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PeachyBAHons Sat 12-Jul-08 20:09:47


I did bloody well considering

see if he can do so well on his defree (starts in 2009)

nickytwotimes Sat 12-Jul-08 20:11:21

Comgrats, Peachy.
My dh just missed a first too... wink

PeterDuck Sat 12-Jul-08 20:11:44

Message withdrawn

hascas Sat 12-Jul-08 20:13:27

YANBU. Congratulations on your excellent 2:1 What subject Peachy (BAHons wink )??

Kimi Sat 12-Jul-08 20:13:33


skidoodle Sat 12-Jul-08 20:13:43


YAB just a tiny bit U

It's probably his way of saying just how well you did - a 2.1.1 wink

Actually no, you're not BU at all. That would drive me bonkers too. But I bet he's just saying it because he's proud.

ScottishMummy Sat 12-Jul-08 20:16:29

congratulations what subject?Are you well chuffed?

Flamesparrow Sat 12-Jul-08 20:17:22

Ooh congratulations!

PeachyBAHons Sat 12-Jul-08 20:17:51

I think heis proud but i think he also has me on this pedastal and is genuinely shocked i didnt get a first, whereas i am genuinely shocked i didnt get a third!

subject- religion (world) and philosophy

policywonk Sat 12-Jul-08 20:20:47

Congratulations Peachy

I missed a First by a whisker as well. I rather wish my DP would constantly advertise the fact so that I wouldn't have to tell people about it myself wink

whatdayisit Sat 12-Jul-08 20:21:55

Well done you. Surely he's saying and she got really close to getting a first, bet he's really proud.

When I got my 2:1, I was really pleased with the way my DH slipped my grade into a convo with his parents (they hadn't asked how I did) It was after the graduation ceremony and he was telling them how good our Ds's had been because "WD got such a good degree there were still loads of people to go after she'd been up" We never did tell them what I got and I often wonder if they think I may have got a first grin

BuwchBywiog Sat 12-Jul-08 20:24:17

Congrats you should be very proud of yourself grin

artichokes Sat 12-Jul-08 20:24:39

I know why your DH wants to boast about it - a very high 2:1 takes alot more thought and work than a 2:1 that is actually borderline 2:2. I honestly think the band should be split in two.

Your DH is proud and wants to show you off. Its sweet!

ScottishMummy Sat 12-Jul-08 20:26:00

bottom line is he is proud of his missus and just cant stop telling folk so put yer BA(hons) feet up and enjoy

PeachyBAHons Sat 12-Jul-08 20:28:46

<grumble grumble>

iabu? damn

oh well once in a lifetime wink

TotalChaos Sat 12-Jul-08 20:31:15

yanbu. could be worse - one of my friend's got the highest 2:1 of his year!

sallystrawberry Sat 12-Jul-08 20:32:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Elkat Sat 12-Jul-08 20:34:37

Well done Peachy... So are you going to join us RS teachers next year???wink

PeachyBAHons Sat 12-Jul-08 20:36:29

elkat, hopefully start in 2009, year off with baby first

lucyellensmum Sat 12-Jul-08 20:50:08

If its any consolation, i just missed a first too, i did go on about that for a bit I think your DH is just sooo proud of you - when he finally gets to do his degree, he will realise just how bloody difficult it is to get a 2:1, that is what employers are looking for anyway so what does it matter.

Well done you by the way what now?

mollymawk Sat 12-Jul-08 20:55:28

which is what counts

(Just off now to study further for my degree in punning...)

MrsJohnCusack Sat 12-Jul-08 21:07:51

"I know why your DH wants to boast about it - a very high 2:1 takes alot more thought and work than a 2:1 that is actually borderline 2:2. I honestly think the band should be split in two."

as said by Artichoke

I wasn't quite borderline, but I was at the very bottom of the band and I always thought it was pretty unfair I got the same result as a lot of very hard workers (including my sister who had a viva for a first I think but still ended up with a 2.1)

congrats! he is just v.proud of you I'm sure

soopermum1 Sat 12-Jul-08 23:22:26


i got a 2:1 too (many years ago) i never enquired about the actual scoring within that banding as i suspect i scraped it and ddin't want anything to bring me down grin

youtr DH sounds v proud and sounds as though he reckons you were robbed of a first.

thumbwitch Sat 12-Jul-08 23:27:52

hmm, my original thought on this was that YANBU because it is a bit backhanded - BUT having read what some of the others are saying, it does sound like he is pointing out how you nearly got a first.

My mum was one of those who always looked on the negative side - I swear if I had come home with 99% on an exam, she would have asked "what happened to the other 1% then?" - hence my initial reaction.

You could maybe suggest to your DH that perhaps just saying that you "nearly got a first" would be a more positive way of putting it?

2shoes Sat 12-Jul-08 23:28:07

congratulations peachy.

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