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to think it's a bit much for SIL to demand that we rush out and buy special food for lunch for her DS?

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Youcanthaveeverything Sat 12-Jul-08 10:45:14

They are coming up for the week end to my Mum's. She just called my Mum and asked her to go and get an organic chicken breast for her DS's lunch. My Mum can only get to Co op (a little one) who don't do organic. SIL says 'DO NOT but anything from coop'.
So Mum phones me to ask me to drive to Tesco to get chicken.

AIBU to think he could have something else for lunch today?

I feel like she is VERY particular and we have to fulfil all her demands as if they were reasonable.

OurHamsterisevil Sat 12-Jul-08 10:47:12

If she is that fussy surely she could buy it on the way to your Mum's. Must be a PFB!

cornsilk Sat 12-Jul-08 10:47:56

What about your brother? Where does he figure in all this?

coastalmum Sat 12-Jul-08 10:48:05

If SIL is that fussy she should buy the food herself. How old is her LO?

micci25 Sat 12-Jul-08 10:48:51

is he on an organic diet for any special reason? my nephew had cancer not long ago (hes fine now touch wood) and i would have gone out of my way to provide him with organic food as a doc in america suggested that it might help him fight the cancer.

but if she is just fussy she should wither forget about the organic stuff or bring it herself

Kimi Sat 12-Jul-08 10:49:58

She is rude, if her child had an alergy to something then fair point, but just to demand things like this is rude, tell her to bring her own sodding chicken

Hecate Sat 12-Jul-08 10:51:23

Tell her to bring it with her.

"I cannot go to Tesco, if X needs something specific, you'll have to go and get it on your way over. Looking forward to seeing you all later, love you, bye" phone down. job done.

AnAngelWithin Sat 12-Jul-08 10:52:34

agree with hecate!! tell her to get it herself on her way !!

jimjamshaslefttheyurt Sat 12-Jul-08 10:52:51

ds1 and ds3 are on special diets. We check before going somewhere what people can get in their usual shop and what they can't. We bring the rest.

OurHamsterisevil Sat 12-Jul-08 10:53:39

Also why can't it be from the Co-op. Sounds like a total food snob to me.

Shitemum Sat 12-Jul-08 10:54:23

Get a non-organic one take it out the packaging and put in on a plate in the fridge before she gets there. She won't know the difference.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hecate Sat 12-Jul-08 10:56:14

me too, jimjams - the boys are GF - for example, we're going to a party next week and we're taking the boys' food with us. It's so bloody RUDE to demand someone gets something specific. imo, even if the child has allergies you still cannot demand. You should let the person know about the special diet and if it's expensive or hard to get hold off, you should offer to bring it over.

But that's just my opinion. I know many people view it differently!

cornsilk Sat 12-Jul-08 10:56:47

Tell your mum to serve turkey twizzlers to see the look on her face.

nailpolish Sat 12-Jul-08 11:04:31

get an ordinary chicken breast, take it out of box and put it in a freezer bag, unlabelled, tell SIL it is organic

mean but serves her right

i like to feed my children organic food but i dont have an attitude problem about it like SIL does. when we are guests in other peoples houses we eat what they kindly make for us

micci25 Sat 12-Jul-08 11:04:33

LOL cornsilk!! i dont think many coops have them (they dont near me anyhow)but they do have chicken nuggets and smiley faces!! or micro pizzas!!! you should serve those for him with a fruit shoot and cheese dipper for afters!!

nailpolish Sat 12-Jul-08 11:06:18

the co op beside me has fair trade this, free range that. i really like the co op cos of this

Youcanthaveeverything Sat 12-Jul-08 11:07:32

He is 24months, only has organic food but not for any allergy/intolerance reasons.

She will not allow him anything non organic.

Not from the coop because it is only a little local one so no organic meat.

I have said I will get it now so can't go back on it. But am inwardly funing, and am afraid this will effect what should be a nice weekendsad.

I have a chicken breast in the freezer, it is free range but not organic, should I chance that?grin

TotalChaos Sat 12-Jul-08 11:08:05


micci25 Sat 12-Jul-08 11:08:54

mine does fairtrade and im fairly sure they do organic too! i love thier fairtrade coffee!! i get quite upset with my family for not buying fairtrade coffee!! perhaps next time i visit them i might phone them and demand that they go to the coop and buy me fairtrade coffee otherwise i wont posssibly be able to go?

though im pretty sure they would just laugh hystericallyt and then put the phone down on me sad

weblette Sat 12-Jul-08 11:09:25

Is she going to demand the packaging to check? hmm

Yanbu at all. How very PFB.

nailpolish Sat 12-Jul-08 11:09:29

yes of course use the one in the freezer


and tell her how you feel. dotn bottle it up. she cant demand things like this. its so childish

cornsilk Sat 12-Jul-08 11:09:54

Give him normal chicken it won't kill him and she won't know otherwise. He probably won't eat it anyway.

micci25 Sat 12-Jul-08 11:10:19

i would give him the one the fvrom freezer take it out the packaging and tell her that its from a local organic butchers so it just came in a freezer bag!!

Youcanthaveeverything Sat 12-Jul-08 11:10:25

That is my attitude nailpolish. I try to give healthy organic food whenever I can, but when at other poeles houses I accept graciously what I which I think is healthier than this helthy obsession.

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