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to find the jeremy kyle show oddly compelling?

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Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

yorkshirepudding Fri 11-Jul-08 14:39:22

Message withdrawn

lazarou Fri 11-Jul-08 14:40:03

You forgot to mention that they are all inbred

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OomphreyCushion Fri 11-Jul-08 14:45:30

Roffle @ "ball slicer off-er".

Did you buy that online, tmmj, or did you custom make it yourself?

If it's the former, please link.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DrNortherner Fri 11-Jul-08 14:47:36

I know but I can't switch it off if I'm home on a Friday morning. I need to nkow the DNA test results dammit!!

<hangs head in shame>

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

donnie Fri 11-Jul-08 14:50:01

it is the one to watch if you want to feel better about yourself; however awful you may think you are you are definitely better than the vile uneducated white trailer trash on JK!!

poppynic Fri 11-Jul-08 14:50:57

I'm afraid yabu - I have extremely low tv standards but this show falls well below them.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

isaidno Fri 11-Jul-08 14:57:48

It makes me feel superior, and we all like that feeling.

theonlyfemale Fri 11-Jul-08 15:05:00

I love it - cant get enough of it!

Maury's another good one! x

partaria Fri 11-Jul-08 15:13:57

I watch it while on the treadmill or crosstrainer at the gym. shock Can't believe some of the people who go on it, really ...<<can't think of too many adjectives I'd really like to use in case the PC police jump up>>

theonlyfemale Fri 11-Jul-08 15:15:39

your very good - im normally on the sofa with bag of maltesers! (at 9.30 in the morning) blush

minkychunky Fri 11-Jul-08 15:19:33

I just can't watch it as it makes me sad at how manilpulted the poor people are, especially when you find out how they are procured /encouraged to be outrageous/given massive bar allowances/perks for coming onto the show etc.

theonlyfemale Fri 11-Jul-08 15:24:06

Your right - theres always something mentioned about " what happened in the bar last night at the hotel"

And none of them seem to wash, do hair or buy new outfit?

FAQ Fri 11-Jul-08 15:25:24

my BF Sky+'s it so he can watch it if he's working morning shifts blush........he's so obsessed someone has managed to get him tickets to be in teh audience for his birthday <<<<<<<cringes>>>>>>>>

theonlyfemale Fri 11-Jul-08 15:27:12


Message withdrawn at poster's request.

unknownrebelbang Fri 11-Jul-08 15:54:51

I'm usually at work, but on the odd occasion that I catch sight of it I do find myself drawn in...

theonlyfemale Fri 11-Jul-08 16:07:53

Love it when he says

"Can i talk as the sign above the door says the jeremy kyle show!"

Like Dna tests.
Makes you think whether they d bother to find out if someone didnt offer them all expenses paid trip!

Cryptoprocta Fri 11-Jul-08 16:11:01

It's funny, cos when Jeremy started out on BRMB radio on the late night help show, he was so sympathetic and nice. But then you could hear over the course of a couple of years how he got totally fed up with people and their problems, slowly becoming the nasty auld shite he is now. And he really is.

Blandmum Fri 11-Jul-08 16:14:07

i find it hard to believe that the people on there could find one stupid bugger daft enough to shag them, let alone get their brother/sister/mother/father or whatever to shag them too.

Why do people have such complicated lives by choice???

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