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I know I'm not I just want agreement

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Blandmum Thu 10-Jul-08 19:26:50

AIBU to be annoyed with dd (11 ffs)who has managed to pull her blind out of the fittings within 5 days of having the bloody thing fitted.

I'ved used the blinds without doing this.

MIL has used the blinds without doing this.

DD pulls so hard on the bloody thing she has ripped the fittings out of the wall.

I will now have to spend time I don't have trying to fix the fecking thing over the weekend.

and does she say sorry?

Does she feck. Somehow she manages to intiumate that this is, in some way my fault!


share my pain

MamaG Thu 10-Jul-08 19:27:38


(better now?!)

MamaG Thu 10-Jul-08 19:28:20

(I have BANNED my 8yo DD from even touching her fecking blinds BTW)

Shoshe Thu 10-Jul-08 19:33:55

Middle brother did this to three sets of blinds when still living at home.

Mom refused to replace them in the end, and his room faced staright onto the main road.

Window 4ft from the road, it was a bungalow grin

After a week he quietly went out and bought a new blind with his pocket money, and funny he didnt break that one grin

fryalot Thu 10-Jul-08 19:36:20


dd1 can break anything just by looking at it. If she can't get it to work immediately, she will just yank and yank at it until it either breaks or works.

it normaly breaks, you'd think she'd learn, wouldn't you?

lulumama Thu 10-Jul-08 19:37:30


you are totally right

i agree 100 % and not just with this thread, with anything you have said ever and will say in the future grin

Cammelia Thu 10-Jul-08 19:39:24

Ah, I have an 11 year old dd

The fact is, they are never in the wrong

QueenMeabhOfConnaught Thu 10-Jul-08 19:40:42

Agree that if you have an 11-year-old everything is your fault!!!

Blandmum Thu 10-Jul-08 19:42:36

Oh god, you meen I have this for a while?

I do, don't I?

She even started the terrible twos early.

She breaks everything and it is always my fault.

She broke her glasses in half on the morning of the funeral!

she has broken every pair of glasses she has ever owned. the optition quakes when they see us

fryalot Thu 10-Jul-08 19:44:51

I was stupid enough to let dd1 put some washing on.

I now need a new washing machine.

frogs Thu 10-Jul-08 19:45:30

Mb, you do know you can get indestructibly bendy glasses, don't you?

[world-weary emoticon]

Blandmum Thu 10-Jul-08 19:53:50

She once managed to rip the arm off a pair of glass while walking down out hallway.

somehow, and god knows how, because I don't, she managed to get the earpiece of her glasses threaded into a 1 cm tear in ds's jacket sleeve which was on the newel post.

she kept on walking, oblivious to what was happening, and she ripped the arm off.

I still don't know how the fuck she did it

SoMuchToBits Thu 10-Jul-08 19:56:17

For a while, Mb? I think you have this for the rest of your life.....

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