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To think that there is no need for the girl in the advert/public service thing about drinking

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beaniesteve Thu 10-Jul-08 19:15:24

... to be in her knickers and Bra?

It's the one where she rips her tights, is sick, smudges her make up and then goes out. Where they say 'you wouldn't start your night like this...'

At the very begining she is sat on her bed ripping her tights, then stands up and is weang knickers and a bra. Seems to be no reason why they should have to have her virtually naked when she could easily rip her tights with her skirt and top on and having her near naked doesn't add anything to the message of the advert.

I'm no prude but I wonder why it was thought o be necessary?

southeastastra Thu 10-Jul-08 19:16:29

i think the ads are quite good, hard hitting.

posieflump Thu 10-Jul-08 19:16:39

because you might go out in ripped tights and a skirt and top but never in just your bra and pants?

misdee Thu 10-Jul-08 19:17:16

if it was a advert for m+s and was someone in her bikini would you object as well?

i have no problem with near-nakedness or nakedness, except am generally envy of some of their figures.

FAQ Thu 10-Jul-08 19:17:28

because if you end up drinking too much that's the state you could end up in at the end of the night (I assumed)

bubblagirl Thu 10-Jul-08 19:17:55

because normally you would pass out half dressed [well used to in my day lol]

and its taking you backwards to show you what a state you look at the end of the night so why if you wouldnt go out like it

it doesnt bother me i find it quite funny i used to resemble that mess when i was younger ha ha

choufleur Thu 10-Jul-08 19:18:30

is there any reason why she shouldn't be? most women wear bras and knickers - it's not really portraying her as a sex object

hatrick Thu 10-Jul-08 19:18:31

Message withdrawn

Rhubarb Thu 10-Jul-08 19:18:44

Round 'ere they go out in their bra and pants.

beaniesteve Thu 10-Jul-08 19:18:57

no what I mean is that she doesn't have to be nearly naked to demonstrate the rippage of her clothing.

misdee Thu 10-Jul-08 19:19:48

bit its showing thw whole process of getting ready for a night out.

do her bra and knickers match?

hatrick Thu 10-Jul-08 19:20:27

Message withdrawn

beaniesteve Thu 10-Jul-08 19:21:00

No - cos the M&S advert would be advertising the bikini hmm so wearing it is part of showing it off. Having a (Very thin) girl in a pair of knickers and bra isn't neccessary to get the responsible drinking message accross.

RubyRioja Thu 10-Jul-08 19:22:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

beaniesteve Thu 10-Jul-08 19:22:02

Does the one with the guy in it start with him in his pants?

FAQ Thu 10-Jul-08 19:22:16

but that's how many women do look at the end of a heavy night of drinking.

Half undressed, looking a complete mess. ie - not how they'd EVER go out looking (well apart from the ones round near where Rhubarb lives )

beaniesteve Thu 10-Jul-08 19:23:44

OH he does ... maybe IABU grin

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