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To expect shops to carry seasonally-appropriate stock?

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PrettyCandles Thu 10-Jul-08 13:19:21

OK, yes, I know this is acompletely unreasonable expectation, but honestly! A couple of weeks befoe the summer holidays, and can I find a luggage strap anywhere in my town? Nope. But there are stands and stands of the new school winter uniform collections.


RubyRioja Thu 10-Jul-08 13:21:49

Good luck looking for swimwear then!
Bet you can find woolly jumpers (actually handy in my neck of woods)

love2sleep Thu 10-Jul-08 13:29:40

I tried to by DS2 a light-weight summer jacket a month ago and was told in that voice they use for ve-ry stew-pid people that "it is summer".


penguinaballerina Thu 10-Jul-08 14:18:58

The sandals always hit the shops just in time for the first snows of winter ...

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