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If i ask for more compensation than £20?

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newforold Thu 10-Jul-08 12:29:24

Both gas and electricity meters are due to be changed as they are over 10 yrs old.

I got a letter from Siemens saying that they had booked an engineer for 2nd July, but that someone had to be there to sign for the corgi part of the paperwork.
British Gas are insisting that this has to be done in the next month as the meter will be condemned.... apparently hmm

The letter only arrived on 1st July, so it was too short notice to book holiday. I therefore had a days unpaid leave.

The letter stated they would arrive in the morning. I called at 12pm as there was no one there, the lady said that they don't give appointement times, they could turn up when they wanted up to 8pm that night.
I was a bit cross but heigh ho, not a lot to be done at that point.

The engineer didn't turn up. I got three more letters the next day giving three different days fir the appointment. The last one stated that "as you have not kept to our previous appointments, we will be forced to charge you £40 for each subsequent missed appointment".

I called them and got quite heated, explained that i had had unpaid leave etc.
The lady on the phone was really patronising and told me i obviously don't understand how a business works! ( i am a senior sales manager)

I wrote and complained the same day, I've got a letter this morning offering £20 as a gesture of good will.
My wages for the day were £270.

Should i let it go or write back and ask for the full amount?

catsmother Thu 10-Jul-08 12:31:28

You certainly have nothing to lose by trying for more. At the very least, why do they think their time is worth £40, but yours only £20 ??

milknosugar Thu 10-Jul-08 12:33:27

i got enoug compensation to pay for all my electric for 12 months when they mucked me about, but i did have to go to the energy watchdog and i did wait in for 3 days. maybe worth getting them involved, especially as they were using scare tactics on you (i would be v annoyed about the threat to comdemn you meter)

Hecate Thu 10-Jul-08 12:33:36

I think you can contact the ombudsman if you think they have screwed you!

newforold Thu 10-Jul-08 12:38:03

Aha! I forgot about the ombudsman! Thanks ladies.

Good point about the £40 versus £20 as well.

12 months? Blimey, i want milknosugars negotiating powers! grin

Lovesdogsandcats Thu 10-Jul-08 17:26:41

Make sure you write down the meter readings, of the old and the new meters (now ones not neccesarily set to zero).

The nobs that changed my meter over 'lost' the readings for a few months...what a nightmare, they charged me 2 grand electricity for 3 months!

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