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To think we can stay up.

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muggglewump Thu 10-Jul-08 00:58:57

OK, so my neighbours (a whole family, living in seperate houses) have been ignoring me for weeks. No reason for it at all but I accepted it, it's the kind of thing the family do (they are weird)
Anyway, it's school holidays here and as such DD has no bedtime, she can stay up as late as she wants. Tonight it was 11.30pm. We'd been playing board games and generally having fun, not raucously, but not whispering either, just in a normal fashion. Next door asked me in a pointed way why DD was still up.
I don't complain at her 3 kids banging around, bouncing off the walls at 7am because I accept this is normal, why can't she accept I want to allow my DD to stay up late, which does not involve bouncing off walls!

muggglewump Thu 10-Jul-08 01:30:43

Oh and next door is one of the family.

TwoFir Thu 10-Jul-08 10:10:39

how odd
what did you say?

muggglewump Sat 12-Jul-08 00:49:46

I'd forgotten all about this thread.
I said nothing at the time but the next day I made a point of saying that DD had had fun the night before.
Before she went weird she had told me she was always desperate to get her kids to bed each night. Maybe that's it?
I have an only so it doesn't occur to me to rush DD off to bed and we have fun when we stay up late.
Last night we went for a walk through the woods at 11pm. It was fun, DD was scared in a good fun way and we came home and had milk and biscuits.
Surely better than getting up, having no control, battering yourself off a wall and generally being loud!

OurHamsterisevil Sat 12-Jul-08 10:50:26

Sounds like you are lovely parent enjoying time with your DD.

muggglewump Mon 14-Jul-08 00:54:53

I try, as do most parents.
I find it hard when I have the weirdos looking at me all the time.
They also have kids who have definitely not bothered so much with DD since the adults have started being off with me.
Example. X comes to call for DD today.
DD goes out to play and they are happy, playing nicely for 2 hours.
Z, Y and A come back from their Dad's, DD is suddenly pushed out, not allowed to play which I passed off as kids being kids until I heard the Mum saying she was sorting out snacks but DD was in the way!
Of course I took DD in so she didn't hear, bought her a sweet from the shop (I know its crap food but I felt bad for her) and I don't know what to do for the rest of the summer holidays.
I know they are a family, I don't expect DD to be included in family barbecues and such like but what I heard was harsh.

What do I do?
I buy snacks so I have enough for all the kids but they are leaving DD out and snubbing me.

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