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To get irate over misuse of parents' parking spaces at Sainsbury's

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Sunnymama Tue 08-Jul-08 09:26:11

No, not by those people without kids (although they are bad enough), but by people who use them when they have no kids with them but a car seat in the back of the car. Hello? The whole point of the spaces if for people who have their kids WITH them, not who just happen to have kids, somewhere. I saw two people do this on Saturday (while shopping with DD aged 2) and it really riled me - they should know better than anyone what a struggle it can be taking kids shopping.

Tommy Tue 08-Jul-08 09:32:51

YANBU at all but fighting a losing battle I'm afraid. I have challenged people before about this and got a load of abuse. ome people are just selfish and arrogant in that they don['t think that the rules apply to them. sad angry

tiredemma Tue 08-Jul-08 09:35:23

lots of threads on here about this, lots.

I cant say that it bothers me at all.

SheherazadetheGoat Tue 08-Jul-08 09:37:33

i think everyone who gets worked up over p&t spaces needs to go to their gp and get some advise about anxiety and irrational anger.

SoupDragon Tue 08-Jul-08 09:39:36

Have to say they're the ones who irritate me the most as they really should know better. I don't let it bother me beyond a tut, some seething and a few pointed glares though.

misdee Tue 08-Jul-08 09:39:52

[settles down]

Tommy Tue 08-Jul-08 09:40:15

why sheherazde?

It's not irrational when someone who is not entitled to something takes it when it is rightfully yours.

MmeBovary Tue 08-Jul-08 09:40:19

This always used to drive me potty - people are always taking the p*ss. It used to annoy me too when I saw the "kids" climbing out of the car - actually spotty teenagers - when the slots are designed for those with small children and babies....

Twelvelegs Tue 08-Jul-08 09:42:11

Worse is people having a go at old and frail people using the parent and toddler bays. angry
I only use them when I have my children who are young. It also bothers me when teens are classed as childrenhmm!!

KatieDD Tue 08-Jul-08 09:42:22

I think that getting out of a car with a 4 year old, 6 year old and 8 year old is every bit as difficult as a baby and toddler actually, in some ways worse so I do use the Parent spaces and will continue to do so until the "baby" is at least 8.
I have never ever seen all the spaces being used.

BouncingTurtle Tue 08-Jul-08 09:42:35

Woohoo! We've haven't had one of these for ages!!

Blame the Supermarkets for putting them at the front of the store.
Was a bit hmm at one store that had all the disabled spaces in two rows going perpendicular to the store front (so if you have limited mobility and were unlucky enough to end up on one of the end spaces, you had a fair old trek), and all the P&C spaces along the front - which of course get abused. THAT is something worth getting annoyed about.
I complained about it, my PILs both have limited mobility (both need sticks) and they would have struggled with it!

tiredemma Tue 08-Jul-08 09:42:42

I only agree with Disabled spaces.

Its not a massive ordeal really is it to shop without a P&T bay?

hatrick Tue 08-Jul-08 09:42:56

Message withdrawn

BouncingTurtle Tue 08-Jul-08 09:45:33

I have a rear facing child seat in the front mof my car, I normally managed to park on the end of the row so that my near side is not next to a space then I have bags of room.

2point4kids Tue 08-Jul-08 09:47:40

In a normal space you cant open the door wide enough to get a rear facing car seat out the car if there is a car next to you.

LazyLinePainterJane Tue 08-Jul-08 09:47:49

It's been a while.....

eenybeeny Tue 08-Jul-08 09:52:31

wow KatieDD you are lucky! Our are always full. We do usually manage to get them but usually have to hover around for a few mins and wait for someone to leave.

chocbutton Tue 08-Jul-08 09:52:59

I use the P&T spaces if there are some as DS is only 18 mths. I'll happily park elsewhere but you can't always guarantee that some fool won't park so close to your car that you have to feed your DS in through the other side of the car hmm

I do however think that is your child is not in a car seat of some sort then you should leave the spaces for others.

Isn't this just about being considerate and making things easy for others? For example if I went to the last P&T space and saw a wheelchair user looking unsuccessfully for a disabled space I'd offer them the P&T space and park somewhere else.

It is a shame that when people get in their cars they seem to lose all sense of what is reasonable.

flossish Tue 08-Jul-08 09:53:41

I have had to point out before that parking in the parent and child space when he and the kids intend to stay in the car while I get out to do the shop isn't really an appropriate use of the space...

ClareVoiant Tue 08-Jul-08 09:57:11

<<settles down next to missdee, business is slow today, offers missdee a cappuccino and a brownie>>

LittleMyDancing Tue 08-Jul-08 09:58:25

Anyone got any popcorn? I've brought the tin hats.

fledtoscotland Tue 08-Jul-08 09:59:18

this topic seems to bring out most heated discussions - any you probably wont like the answers either!

i do agree that if p&t spaces are provided it is a PITA if you see the last one being taken by someone who just doesnt want their car scratched.

being 7months pregnant i find it difficult enough trying to get out of the car in "normal" spaces let alone lift DS out of his car seat whilst hanging onto the trolley that is usually rolling into the oncoming traffic.

YANBU but dont stress and just park at the other end of the car park and walk.

ps - my main bugbear is sports cars using these spaces: they are really taking the p**s as you cant even get a car seat in them!

TeacherSaysSo Tue 08-Jul-08 10:01:45

[puts on hard hay and bullet proof vest]

I often park in the P&T bays without my kids, because I am so used to parking in them I forget they are not there IYSWIM, and then I can't be arsed to repark. If you met me you'd think I was a normal law abiding citizen wink

mshadowsisfab Tue 08-Jul-08 10:05:27

I think sadly there are people out there who only think of themselves. they couldn't give a shit how much they inconvience others. after my ordeal yesterday because some lazy cow couldn't get her dd to walk for a few mins in the rain, this was proved to me.
so yanbu but fighting a loosing battle.

flubdub Tue 08-Jul-08 10:06:19

I said this to dp yesterday at asda! All the spaces were full, and i said, i bet half the peoples kids are about 10 yrs old!
At our local asda, the NORMAL spaces are nearer to the door than the p&t ones!

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