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to shave a 4 year old girls head because 'she keeps getting nits' is just wrong?

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LolaTheShowgirl Sat 05-Jul-08 21:26:27

Especially when this little girl is in reception and is aware that all the other girls have beautiful long hair?

avenanap Sat 05-Jul-08 21:27:07

shock Poor thing.

southeastastra Sat 05-Jul-08 21:27:13

yes of course it is

was wondering where you were lola grin

NoBiggyFinish Sat 05-Jul-08 21:27:25


onepieceoflollipop Sat 05-Jul-08 21:28:54

This made me sad. Are the parents unable to treat the nits for some reason - if so is there any way they could get support with this rather than take this awful drastic step?

FioFio Sat 05-Jul-08 21:29:47

Message withdrawn

Jazminpoppy Sat 05-Jul-08 21:30:22

Children can still catch nits with very short hair.
YANBU!! this is shocking! Poor little girl awwsad

Wassup Sat 05-Jul-08 21:31:55

must admit, it's tempting isn't it, especially if she has thick hair

and girls can have short hair

beaniesteve Sat 05-Jul-08 21:32:06

Short hair can be beautiful too. HAs it been shaved clean or just shorn. I think it's wrong to say that long hair is beautiful.

Frizbe Sat 05-Jul-08 21:32:14

Well, whilst I don't think its good. If she hates hair combing as much as dd1,aged 4,who has a screaming session everytime anyone goes near her head (my daily hairbrushing sessions are not a nice experience with her) then I can see how shaving would just make life easier for all around, I have often threatened it, but dd1 has so far relented and screamed instead upon brushing/combing, sigh. (and boy does she have pitch)

Wassup Sat 05-Jul-08 21:32:20

perhaps they could tattoo her head fio

onepieceoflollipop Sat 05-Jul-08 21:32:47

short = ok
shaved = not ok

bran Sat 05-Jul-08 21:33:47

Perhaps they did it to make the parents who don't treat their children feel guilty (assuming that they have to treat repeatedly but the girl kept getting re-infected). I have a real horror of ds getting nits (he hasn't yet fortunately) and will be giving him a number 2 cut if he ever does get them, but then he's a boy and he looks heart-meltingly gorgeous no matter what length his hair is. I wouldn't do it to a girl if I thought it would make her unhappy, I would probably french plait her hair instead.

Psychomum5 Sat 05-Jul-08 21:34:09

a parent did this to her DD when my DD3 was in reception....they both were.

DD3 has never forgotten the poor girl, and her sobbing in class the following week.

poor poor girl

Lauriefairycake Sat 05-Jul-08 21:34:15

I have just spent the entire day washing bed clothes/duvet, 2 hours combing and then Hedrinning my ten year old.

When it came to washing it out I then cut ten inches off her hair - it's now a bob

I have sympathy with the shaved head idea (but I wouldn't do it)

what an utter waste of a day

meemar Sat 05-Jul-08 21:34:31

If the child is unhappy about it then it's not really fair.

If the child is not bothered I don't think it's a problem. It may be unusual for girls to have short hair but it's not 'wrong'.

nametaken Sat 05-Jul-08 21:35:16

I wouldn't be surprised if SS called on her if she did that TBH>

ivykaty44 Sat 05-Jul-08 21:36:31

It probably is due to the fact that they arn't getting ride of the nits each time - thus the eggs hatch and they think - oh shes got nits again. You need to keep combing etc for a good few weeks after you think the infestation has gone, to catch any stray eggs that have hatched.

They probably need some good advice on how to treat nits, then they wouldn't need to shave their dd's head sad

You have broken my dream from last night

Wassup Sat 05-Jul-08 21:36:35

I should hope that SS have FAR better things to be doing with their time

jammi Sat 05-Jul-08 21:36:50

Message withdrawn

onepieceoflollipop Sat 05-Jul-08 21:37:00

bran I think that if other parents opt not to treat their own children, then it probably wouldn't concern/interest them that another parent had opted to shave a dd's head as a kind of hint/protest.

Shitemum Sat 05-Jul-08 21:37:14

Nits prefer short hair anyway, it's easier for them to run through...
Hope they buy her some nice hairbands or wraps to make up for it...

bluewolf Sat 05-Jul-08 21:37:22

short hair isn't wrong but shaved is.

stripeymama Sat 05-Jul-08 21:37:56

DD has very long fine hair.

I have dreadlocks.

I would never shave her head though. She has it brushed and checked every day, nitcombed at least once a week, and put in two tight plaits every morning. She has had nit twice (as in, I have found one headlouse in her hair and no eggs/friends) so it seems to work.

colditz Sat 05-Jul-08 21:38:05

It's only 'wrong' if the child is upset about it - God, you'll be saying it's 'just wrong' to make a girl wear blue, next.

Long hair is not the only bloody beauty. It's not the only thing a female has going for her.

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