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to let my DD get her ears pierced...

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PuppyMonkey Fri 04-Jul-08 09:52:05

... if she's 11 years old...?

dilbertina Fri 04-Jul-08 09:55:05

hmmm, borderline for me, think it's too young still - but I don't yet have a 11yo begging!!

I keep impressing upon dd 4yo how VERY VERY PAINFUL it will be, am hoping to get her beyond 11 with this approach but who knows!!

PuppyMonkey Fri 04-Jul-08 10:02:29

I am quite tempted to just say I don't mind... because I suspect she will be too chicken to actually go ahead. grin

She reckons she is the only girl in Yr 6 not to have hers done... hmm

jellybeans Fri 04-Jul-08 10:03:45

No YANBU. I think that it is a reasonable age.

madamez Fri 04-Jul-08 10:03:59

Well I was 12 and had spend 6 months begging.
11 is plenty old enough to know what she wants and to take care of the piercings, so why not?

PootyApplewater Fri 04-Jul-08 10:05:56

I'd probably let her at 11.

fryalot Fri 04-Jul-08 10:06:15

dd1 had hers done at 11.

I felt that she was old enough to understand that it would hurt and she wanted to go ahead anyway, so she did.

It depends, I think, on the child. If you think that she is aware of what she is letting herself in for but still wants to go ahead, then twould be ok.

smartiejake Fri 04-Jul-08 10:06:39

No I think that's fine. Both mine had theirs done when they were 9. But you need to be really vigilant with the cleanliness part and use the surgical spirit twice a
day for about 6 weeks.

PuppyMonkey Fri 04-Jul-08 10:20:15

I agree Smartie - that's sort of why i was thinking of letting her do it now so I can keep an eye on her a bit during six weeks hols and it should be all healed up by time she goes to (secondary-ahh) school again.

juuule Fri 04-Jul-08 10:22:30

I let mine have theirs done at 11y. It usually coincides with them leaving primary school and starting secondary. It's worked well for us.

Romy7 Fri 04-Jul-08 10:23:11

i've told my dd she can have hers done in the summer hols before secondary... but have noticed lots of her friends are starting to get them done now (8) and am wondering when the subject will be raised...
i didn't have mine done until i was 16 - i did it in the lunch hour of my saturday job lol.

Chocolateteapot Fri 04-Jul-08 10:26:25

I probably would relent at 11 on the condition she knows what is involved in looking after them and will commit to doing so.

However I think I have impressed on my DD (9) that having a gun shoot a piece of spiky metal through your ear is in fact very painful, so I don't think I am going to have to deal with it for a few more years.

PuppyMonkey Fri 04-Jul-08 10:26:41

Actually, I haven't a clue where to have it done! Claire's Accessories???

cocolepew Fri 04-Jul-08 10:27:02

YANBU my DD has hers done, she's 10.

SoupKitchen Fri 04-Jul-08 10:27:53

I think 11 is ok and Summer holidays is ideal, as they may have to take them out for PE at school, and you have to keep them in for 6 weeks. I think once children are going into senior school it is fine.

I was made to wait til I was 16, and had them done on my birthday when Mum sent me up the road for bread!I hated her for making me wait. Ironically have never really worn earrings since I left school as they irritate my skin.

Bensonbluebird Fri 04-Jul-08 10:29:50

I had mine done when I was 11, my mum had just had hers done and I think she felt she couldn't say no. I went with a friend to a hairdresser my mum knew. I have to say it didn't hurt but the expression on my friend's face as he watched was priceless.

micci25 Fri 04-Jul-08 10:32:19

tbh i dont understand what all the fuss is over pierced ears! most adults have them done its clear that she will have them don at one point in her life so why not now when she is asking? if she doesnt like them she can take them out and no harm done and it doesnt hurt that much!

my four year old was old enough to realise that she had to clean her peierced ears and it was her reminding me most of the time. we got some drops to use. so i cant see any reason why an 11 year wouldnt be able to do this.

dd1 started asking when she was 3 my mum thought it would be a good idea to tell about how she pierced her brothers ears with a hot needle hmm to explain that it hurt apparently! which out the idea in dd1s head so i thought id let her get them done in order to prevent her sticking pins through her ears as she had already climbed up to my jewellary box an dtried to do it herself with one of my earrings!!

i explained how they did it and that sh owuld have to clean them etc and we took her to a hairdressers to see the guns and decide if she wanted it doing! she went ahead and got them done but wouldnt put them back in when one fell out as she thought it would hurt so they healed over. she had them done by a (qualified) friend of mine just before xmas as she wanted it doing again! so it obv didnt put her off.

its not like she she asking if she can have a tattoo or peirced eyebrow!!!

Tas1 Fri 04-Jul-08 10:33:09

Mine were 12 when they had theirs done, but I think 11 is fine.

christywhisty Fri 04-Jul-08 10:34:29

I let my DD have hers done on the last day of summer term last 6 weeks before 10th birthday, this was so they would heal in the summer and she could get earrings for her birthday. 2 weeks later we ended up in a&e with the earing stuck inside her ear, after the back got caught in a towel and was dragged through her ear. The earring was too small and was very narrowed almost to a point where it met the stem.
If she wants it done again this year it will last day of term again and I going to find a jeweller that does earrings that are chunkier. It will be 6 weeks before her 11th birthday.
She is the last of her friends to get them done.

allgonebellyup Fri 04-Jul-08 10:34:34

nah, i say 15! Thats how old me and my sisters all had to be!

mustsleep Fri 04-Jul-08 10:38:07

micci25 i agree completelyi think that it looks awful in toddlers but once they get over a certain age and understand that it will sting then why notmy sister and i were not allowed our ears pierced until we were 11 and we were the only girls in school not have pierced ears - and we did in fact try to do them ourselves and get friends to have a go with a needle shock i will be letting dd have them done when she is older not sure about claires accessories they are very expensive for what you get and when they did mine (third hole in each ear - i was 20 odd) they did the holes wonky!!

Psychomum5 Fri 04-Jul-08 10:45:19

I begged and begged for mine to be done, and finally was granted my wish at 16...((and that was only becuase I spent xmas that year very very ill, and so I think they agreed as they finally felt sorry for me!!!))

I than always swore that my DD's would be able to have theirs done when they asked, which for each turned out to be 4yo!!!

I was early amongst my friends, but I am still happy with my choice,as are my girls.

so, from my point of view, YANBU.

but I suspect many others here would say wait.

end of the day tho, tis your choice still!

LAUGHLOTS Fri 04-Jul-08 10:46:03

i would let her at 11

micci25 Fri 04-Jul-08 10:48:17

do not go to claires accessories if you do decide to go ahead!! they are riducoulsy expensive!! the second time my dd1 wanted hers doing it was xmas eve so the hiardressers was closed! so we checked claires and were told prices started at £22!! and went up £40 depending upon which earrings they chose!

dd1 was dragged away kicking and screaming and i called my friend who came around later that day and did them free!! go to a hairdressers there prices are a lot better its about £12 here.

Ambi Fri 04-Jul-08 10:52:07

11 is fine.

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