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to be shocked at a mother feeding her 7 and 4 year old DS's yoghurt with a spoon?

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Anna8888 Wed 02-Jul-08 13:04:14

Franco-American mother I know a little - her DSs are at the same school as my daughter. They were having a picnic lunch in the park yesterday and she fed them each a yoghurt (in its entirety) with a spoon.

cocolepew Wed 02-Jul-08 13:06:47

Maybe she didn't want them to get mucky. They might have been going somewhere else. My 2 are 10 and 6 and wear every bit of food they get.

cmotdibbler Wed 02-Jul-08 13:06:48

I'd be shocked too. I very, very rarely feed my DS anything, and he's 2.

itati Wed 02-Jul-08 13:07:31

Does it really matter?

Anna8888 Wed 02-Jul-08 13:09:31

Yes it does. How can her children go out and eat at their friends' houses if they need to be fed with a spoon?

Anna8888 Wed 02-Jul-08 13:10:14

And no, they were going straight home afterwards (mother also has a 6 month old baby who needed changing).

BroccoliSpears Wed 02-Jul-08 13:10:56

I bet they don't need to be fed. Maybe they were playing a game.

yorkshirepudding Wed 02-Jul-08 13:11:46

Message withdrawn

Twiglett Wed 02-Jul-08 13:11:57

did they only have one spoon?

yes it's odd

love2sleep Wed 02-Jul-08 13:12:27

Mildly surpised? Yes.
Shocked? No.

Am pleased for you that this is the most shocking thing that you saw going on in the park. smile

cocolepew Wed 02-Jul-08 13:12:54

A straw each would have been much quicker.

jellyhead Wed 02-Jul-08 13:13:09

Is it worth the energy to be SHOCKED about.
I would be shocked if she was feeding them a vodka each.

Anna8888 Wed 02-Jul-08 13:13:19

No they weren't playing a game: I was sitting on the same bench as the mother and was privy to all their conversation. The boys made no attempt to feed themselves, the mother just said something along the lines of "Come here and let me give you your yoghurt" and the boys opened and shut their mouths like little birds as she shovelled it in.

eandz Wed 02-Jul-08 13:13:45

my mother who was away working most of our childhoods still tries to spoon feed us and i'm married expecting my first kid. my mom cries a little if i don't indulge her once in a while.

when i was 15-17 (i used to be too busy to eat) she would come to my room and sit on me while feeding me thinking i was anorexic.

some moms are just weird.

itati Wed 02-Jul-08 13:14:16

I meant, what does it matter to you and the chances are they are perfectly capapble of feeding themselves but the mum was doing it for whatever reason she wanted!

FrannyandZooey Wed 02-Jul-08 13:14:35

I'm guessing she doesn't like the mess?

agree not worth being 'shocked'
I might have blurted out "what are you DOING?"

Anna8888 Wed 02-Jul-08 13:14:53

This is a very, very convinced SAHM (albeit with a lot of Help).

VictorianSqualor Wed 02-Jul-08 13:15:00

Maybe the youngest wouldn't eat unless the eldest did.
Lead by example and all that.

DS&DD both still get terrifically messy with yoghurt and they are 3&7.

Maybe one or both of them have some SN that you don't know about?

Shocked, unreasonable.

It's unexpected, but not shocking.

sparklesandnowinefor4months Wed 02-Jul-08 13:15:50

lol maybe she still wipes their bums for them too grin

i'd find it a little odd but nothing more, each to their own and all that!

love2sleep Wed 02-Jul-08 13:16:34

What is a "very, very convinced SAHM"?


Anna8888 Wed 02-Jul-08 13:17:05

VS - no absolutely no SN (I know this family a bit, they live very locally, same M&T groups, same school, same bus in the am etc)

nervousal Wed 02-Jul-08 13:17:10

Don't know about hte 7 year old, but I still regularly feed my 4 year old - shes at the stage where everything else is more interesting htan food, so if I don't feed her she doesn't eat. She will feed herself most of the time. I don't see a problem with it? I haven't seen many 20 year old who can't use a knife and fork? (apart from eandz of course!)

itati Wed 02-Jul-08 13:17:25

What exactly has it got to do with you, Anna and why are you so bothered?

OrmIrian Wed 02-Jul-08 13:17:41

Odd. Very odd. I can't imagine any 7 yr old I know letting their mother feed them.

Anna8888 Wed 02-Jul-08 13:17:57

A SAHM who is positively evangelical about being a SAHM all her life, only knows other SAHMs, does every single last Mummy activity known to womankind...

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