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To be really annoyed about my cooker being dumped?

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Typo Tue 17-Jun-08 11:07:54

Basically, we sold our flat to some of DH's close friends.

We included some of the contents in the sale. We had a freestanding cooker in there, which was pretty new and we agreed to leave behind.

Anyway, long story short, the house we were going to buy with a built-in cooker fell through and so we ended up taking the cooker with us when we moved. BUT I left behind an older cooker in it's place, it used to belong to my grandmother who died a few years ago and had sentimental value to me.

I've just found out the "friends" who bought the house have dumped the cooker because apparently it broke! I can't believe it. How dare they junk my stuff, particularly when it means something to me, without asking?

StrictMachine Tue 17-Jun-08 11:09:54

Are you serious?

TheArmadillo Tue 17-Jun-08 11:10:01

it wasn't yours
you sold it.

If you wanted it you should have kept it.
It was theirs to do with as they pleased.


Amandella Tue 17-Jun-08 11:10:26

Ok, I can only assume this is a wind up. Either that or you are an idiot...

Typo Tue 17-Jun-08 11:11:55

I didn't have to leave them anything! The least they could have done is told me it was broken, then I could have looked at getting it repaired. Now it's just junk, I'm fuming.

TheArmadillo Tue 17-Jun-08 11:12:46

It was agreed in contents of sale therefore they brought it off you.

It was theirs.

Tough shit.

Twinkie1 Tue 17-Jun-08 11:13:26

Its a broken cooker - it is junk if it doesn't do it's job isn't it?

And if it was that sentimental why leave it behind?

Typo Tue 17-Jun-08 11:14:08

I just think it was really rude of them to dump my cooker without even informing me!

MummyDoIt Tue 17-Jun-08 11:14:29

If you agreed to leave the newer cooker as part of the sale, I think you're on dodgy ground legally for removing it.

Amandella Tue 17-Jun-08 11:15:00

It meant SO much to you that you left it behind for them.....yeh right...

Typo Tue 17-Jun-08 11:16:01

Another thing they did that really pissed me off was on moving day. We agreed to share a van, so moved our stuff first. Once our place was done they went and did their place in the evening. Because they wanted to rush back and get their own stuff done they were just dumping our stuff anywhere, not in the right rooms, even in the garden by the end!

bran Tue 17-Jun-08 11:16:10

You're lucky they're not pissed off at you. If I bought somewhere and a particular item was agreed as included but instead I was left a dodgy replacement that broke down I would have been furious.

YABU, take a deep breath and get over yourself. If it had such sentimental value then you should have kept it yourself. You didn't keep it, you sold it with the flat and it wasn't your stuff anymore it was theirs to do with as they wanted.

TheHedgeWitch Tue 17-Jun-08 11:16:52

Message withdrawn

pofaced Tue 17-Jun-08 11:16:55

but it wasn't your cooker: you sold it to them so it's theirs..

oopsadaisyangel Tue 17-Jun-08 11:16:56

but its not your cooker you sold it to them and if it meant that much to you why didn't you take that one when you realised your new place didn't have a cooker!

YeahBut Tue 17-Jun-08 11:17:06

It isn't your cooker anymore. You sold it. It belongs to them and they can use / dispose of it however they see fit.
God, I hope this is a wind up. I'll be seriously worried if there really are people out there who get het up by broken cookers.

WigWamBam Tue 17-Jun-08 11:17:22

It's not your cooker. You gave it to them. So it's their cooker. And as such, it's none of your business what they do with it.

If it meant that much to you, maybe you should have taken it with you instead of the other one.

bran Tue 17-Jun-08 11:17:48

The universe really does revolve around you doesn't it? I hope your DH doesn't lose some close friends because of you.

MsDemeanor Tue 17-Jun-08 11:18:07

I am laughing at lot at the idea of an old broken cooker with 'sentimental value'!
You sold it to them - it was theirs! What kind of loon would go to someone who sold them an old cooker and say, 'oh dear, it's now old and clapped out and broken, would you like to keep it in a glass box in your house for evermore?'
Maybe they - gasp! - wanted a nice new cooker like yours, eh?
Still laughing...

MaryAnnSingleton Tue 17-Jun-08 11:18:24

you're having a laugh , aren't you ? hmm

Typo Tue 17-Jun-08 11:18:35

The only reason I left my cooker is because they were DH's friends. I wouldn't have bothered if we didn't know they buyers. Then they reward me like this. I shouldn't have left them with anything.

Amandella Tue 17-Jun-08 11:18:41

Come on now, this can't be serious... So, you shared a van, they spent all day doing your stuff and you left them to do theirs in the evening on their own and complain that they didn't unload your stuff properly. This is a wind up if ever I read one.

WigWamBam Tue 17-Jun-08 11:19:20

Just read your post about the removals van.

You're coming across as rather deranged, you know.

MaryAnnSingleton Tue 17-Jun-08 11:19:36

if it's not a wind up then you are an extremely childish person

MsDemeanor Tue 17-Jun-08 11:20:08

Um, your mates are not your removal men either. If you want stuff in special rooms it's YOUR job to put it there! Very funny though.
Oh come on, who is this really? It's a good windup.

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