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to call of my wedding...

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SmallShips Thu 12-Jun-08 22:58:05

As my partner has pooed himself in public, infront of his work mates, after one too many. I am revolted, absolutely revolted..

notjustmom Thu 12-Jun-08 22:58:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SmallShips Thu 12-Jun-08 22:58:41

off my wedding sorry

whatdayisit Thu 12-Jun-08 23:01:41

One too many? Flipin' heck!

Is the wedding iminent? Was this a one off (stag do perhaps?) or is he regularly incapable?

SmallShips Thu 12-Jun-08 23:03:33

5 weeks away, he is often an embarrassment when drunk, but this is way too much! How can i look at him... urghhh!!

lazarou Thu 12-Jun-08 23:03:41


QueenBhannae Thu 12-Jun-08 23:04:17

pmsl at you being all pedantic when dh not-to-be has shit his pants in public grin

hellish Thu 12-Jun-08 23:04:37

call it off, he'll do it again and you'll hate him for it within 18months

hertsnessex Thu 12-Jun-08 23:04:59

thats disgusting. his drinking need to be talked about - think calling the wedding off on this alone isnt a good idea but it sounds as though he may have a problem.

buntyjajas Thu 12-Jun-08 23:05:14

On purpose or by mistake? Was there a curry involved perchance? Not sure would cancel nuptuals over it

lazarou Thu 12-Jun-08 23:06:03

I thought everyone had shit their pants in public at some point!

SmallShips Thu 12-Jun-08 23:06:21

no curry, apprentely he farted and followed through, much like my 2 year old son!

saggyhairyarse Thu 12-Jun-08 23:06:28

Hope he doesn't drink too much on his wedding night...

lazarou Thu 12-Jun-08 23:07:14

He sharted!

Quattrocento Thu 12-Jun-08 23:07:41

You cannot marry this man. Incontinence is something for twilight years.

SmallShips Thu 12-Jun-08 23:07:47

i may have to enforce a drinking ban!

SmallShips Thu 12-Jun-08 23:08:17

lol at lazaou

jessiesmummy Thu 12-Jun-08 23:08:41

Does he drink and humiliate himself often? The poo thing shouldn't justify calling off the wedding, but if he has a drink problem it needs to be addressed before you tie the knot. How did he react to the poo thing?

QueenBhannae Thu 12-Jun-08 23:09:28

Is this drink related (if so, call it off NOW because as soon as you are married and he relaxes a bit, you will be getting a golden shower in bed everytime he has a few lol ) or does he have a tummy upset <hopeful>

hatwoman Thu 12-Jun-08 23:09:48

farted and followed through? doesn;t that mean a bit of a smudge? not sure I'd count that as cacking your pants

SmallShips Thu 12-Jun-08 23:10:00

he doesnt have a drink problem, rarely drinks, thankfully, as this or vomiting on people is often the result.

lazarou Thu 12-Jun-08 23:10:12

LOL @ Queenie!

SmallShips Thu 12-Jun-08 23:10:56

according to the one of the guys he was with he saw the "package" gag.

dilbertina Thu 12-Jun-08 23:11:02

Could you get something inserted into wedding vows promising no re-occurence?

S1ur Thu 12-Jun-08 23:11:08

ah for better and in your case worse eh?

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