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To be furious that a cashier at supermarket told me off for DD eating a bite of an apple...

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pavlovthecat Sun 01-Jun-08 14:19:11

... which I paid for?

Apparently, it is paid for by weight, so could I not let her do it in future? No please. Nothing else.

She is 23 months old. So charge me the extra f**king half pence then tosser!!!

It came to 21p. She had taken two 23 month old sized bites. Which is why I was buying it in the first place!

angry angry

MrsCarrot Thu 05-Jun-08 18:36:45

Xenia - Sorry to hear about your father. DH had lost both parents by the age of 30. It is hard.

BalloonSlayer Thu 05-Jun-08 17:53:30

Sorry to hear of your loss Xenia.

(I lost my dad recently too.)

Hope you are doing OK.

Judy1234 Thu 05-Jun-08 17:42:39

I benefit from not being an Angry Atheist I suppose so I think he's likely to be out there somewhere with many millions of years left to go

pavlovthecat Thu 05-Jun-08 16:16:38

Xenia - sorry to hear about your loss. I am an orphan so i sympathise with you sad

TheAngryAtheist Thu 05-Jun-08 15:02:50

Xenia, dementia is terribly hard, isn't it? And you're right, these days 70s does seem young. To be honest, I think it must be jolly hard to have both parents gone whatever your or their ages - I mean, even were you 60 you'd still feel bereft. Sorry.

Cammelia Thu 05-Jun-08 14:47:32

Sorry to hear about your father Xenia sad

Judy1234 Thu 05-Jun-08 13:46:34

(It's okay. He was 79. In a sense he died 3 or 4 years ago because that's when he stopped communicating as he had dementia but even so it's a bit of a shock and there are so many things to do even after the funeral which is now over. I think 70s is fairly young for both parents to die)

onebatmother Thu 05-Jun-08 12:15:37

Very sorry to hear your sad news, Xenia.

batters Thu 05-Jun-08 12:12:21

Xenia - I am so sorry at your loss.

duchesse Thu 05-Jun-08 11:58:18

Pavlov- Xenia's father died very recently.

pavlovthecat Wed 04-Jun-08 22:58:05

Xenia Sorry, it appears I missed something, although I am not sure what, not seen any threads. I apologise if my last post was inappropriately timed sad

lucyellensmum Wed 04-Jun-08 22:11:42

Xenia, i hope you are OK too actually, ive been there and its shit.

Judy1234 Wed 04-Jun-08 22:02:24

(Thanks, H. It's not so bad but still lots to do after a death)

Pav, I can't be bothered to go back to read posts. Class is made up of lots of factors and I am sure some working class people woudln't dream of eating food they haven't paid for and some middle class would but in general it's more likely the former do it that the latter.

pavlovthecat Wed 04-Jun-08 21:24:53

So, Xenia - what class would you call me? Am interested, seeing as this my thread (it was) to hear what class category you would place me in, and how you came to that conclusion...hmm smile.

I have to confess - I have not read all of the posts since yesterday. It went off on such a tangent that I lost track of it all. I will read some here and there this evening...

Habbibu Wed 04-Jun-08 20:13:45

Glad to see you here, by the way, Xenia. Hope you and family are as ok as you can be, if that makes sense.

Habbibu Wed 04-Jun-08 20:12:39

But generally speaking only the middle classes embezzle...

Judy1234 Wed 04-Jun-08 20:07:17

I never said anything about exterminating the working classes. The poor will always be with us, is a universal truth. I simply said by your behaviour are we all known including theft whilst in a supermarket and that there is a definite class distinction on this thread between those who think it is fine to eat in public and eat food before you pay for it and those who don't.

Habbibu Wed 04-Jun-08 19:25:00

Is that you, Swedes?

BexieID Wed 04-Jun-08 13:59:35

I know, if it had happened as they were going out of the door or just outside the shop, we would have given a refund.

I had someone phone up a few weeks ago complaining that his whiskey fell out of a bag the cashier had packed, when he got home. He was trying to blame the cashier for not packing it properly!

Swedes Wed 04-Jun-08 13:16:50

Tinkerbel - Great. I'll come along if I may. Do you mind if I wear my supermarket uniform? If it's a day when I'm manning the bakery I'll be wearing a netted paper hat as well. I'll ask Cod to help me find some suitable shoes to match.

TinkerbellesMum Wed 04-Jun-08 13:08:06

Bexie, what has falling out the bag got to do with anything? The things people come out with!

SC, we're arranging a Birmingham get-together around then, you'll have to join us wink We promise not to steal anything.

SupermarketCashier Wed 04-Jun-08 11:09:07

Bexie - So only the sober customer is alway right? I am presenting a paper at the Retailers' Annual Conference in Birmingham in July on Customers Who Wear Boden and Drink - Should They be Treated With Respect or Disdain? Might I see you there?

Quattrocento Tue 03-Jun-08 23:46:56

<sobs uncontrollably at the prospect of Pavlov being taken away in handcuffs, life blighted by criminal record, dishonour, divorce, disgrace, little pavlov taken into care>

BexieID Tue 03-Jun-08 23:09:05

We had a customer go out the door in handcuffs tonight for stealing a basket of alcohol after we wouldn't give him a refund for his smashed bottle of value vodka his missus dropped at home (well he said it fell out of the bag, but why was the bag/bottle dry?).

IorekByrnison Tue 03-Jun-08 22:35:30

Fear? Of what?

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