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To be furious that a cashier at supermarket told me off for DD eating a bite of an apple...

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pavlovthecat Sun 01-Jun-08 14:19:11

... which I paid for?

Apparently, it is paid for by weight, so could I not let her do it in future? No please. Nothing else.

She is 23 months old. So charge me the extra f**king half pence then tosser!!!

It came to 21p. She had taken two 23 month old sized bites. Which is why I was buying it in the first place!

angry angry

alicet Sun 01-Jun-08 14:21:28

If it is paid for by weight then actually YABU and should wait until it's been weighed.

However I'm guessing you didn't realise this and perhaps she could have politely explained why not to do this and not 'told you off'

beaniesteve Sun 01-Jun-08 14:21:51

hmmm... If it's paid for by weight and someone eats some of it before it's weighed then it could be classed as theft, but it seems a bit rude to make an issue over small bites.

pavlovthecat Sun 01-Jun-08 14:23:50

alicecat - my DD picked it up took two bites from it, so I went over to pay for it.

What should I do, tie her up outside while I do my shopping in case she touches something?!!

The amount she had eaten was so small, it was probably not even half pence. The whole apple cost 21p.

FFS. I am still furious. Even if I am being unreasonable.

pavlovthecat Sun 01-Jun-08 14:25:43

Beanie - its not theft if a minor aged 23 months takes it. Unless it is clear the adult enticed/encouraged them to do so.

If I was going to get her to steal something, it would not a bite of an apple! Unless it was a Touch wink grin

FrannyandZooey Sun 01-Jun-08 14:26:04

well in terms of rules no she shouldn't have done it
but agree it is jobsworth and petty for anyone to mention it

beaniesteve Sun 01-Jun-08 14:26:59

Well, wasn't suggesting you let her, sounds like shez grabbed it, bit it and so you bought it. They could have been more polite about it I guess.

Kimi Sun 01-Jun-08 14:27:36

I remember taking DS1 shopping as a 2 year old and he wanted a banana so I got one went and paid for it got a receipt and let him eat it as we shopped, one of the staff came up and started on about letting him eat food I had not paid for and that it was theft blah blah at the top of her voice in front of other people in the store. I took great pleasure in showing her the reciept and telling her where to go, I hate jobsworths, and it is always the ones with the dull jobs that are the worst.

misdee Sun 01-Jun-08 14:27:45


i remember once someone handed me a bananaskin to be weighed. errrrrrrr ok then lol.

pavlovthecat Sun 01-Jun-08 14:28:01

Maybe I should hand her in to the cops then?

My thieving child. And me working for the criminal justice system and all. Disgraceful, she should be sent to a boot camp now!!

TheBestMum Sun 01-Jun-08 14:29:05

Who hasn't eaten a few grapes, or given them to their LO to keep the peace as you've journey round the aisles?? Most of us I'd say.
I bet you were furious to be told off like a school child, I would've been too!

duchesse Sun 01-Jun-08 14:29:25

Pavlov- it is technically theft (taking something without permission), it is just that the perpetrator cannot be held responsible for it.

Staff is shops probably get really cheesed off with people eating things in the shop and not thinking they are stealing whether you remove something without paying on the inside or the outside of your body is pretty academic really.

This is just the grape thread, rebranded.

HoBo Sun 01-Jun-08 14:30:11

Yanbu pavlov

Jeeez, jobsworth for sure.
Perhaps you should return and request refunds for every 'raisin' grape you get in a bunch?!


pavlovthecat Sun 01-Jun-08 14:30:20

misdee - I can understand that if I had given them an apple core, but I took it off her as soon as i noticed she had it, and did not let her have it again until after I paid for it!

FrannyandZooey Sun 01-Jun-08 14:30:43

next time weigh her before you go in
then let her eat what she likes
they can weigh her again at the end, and you can pay

alicet Sun 01-Jun-08 14:30:52

pavlov if you were buying it because she took the bites I think that is a different matter - I didn't realise that from your OP. If I was you I would have explained this to the woman when you went to pay for it. Then if she wanted to be stroppy about it that's her look out - you know you did the right thing by immediately going to pay for it when she started to eat it!!! My ds has done this too and I agree there's not a lot you can do about it other than what you did.

However, I don't think she is wrong to point out to you that it is paid for by weight and to not let your dd eat it first - she might have presumed that you gave it to her to eat not that your dd took it herself. If she carried on about it once you had explained then she would be unreasonable though.

I can understand why you are pissed off given the circumstances but I think the cashier was only doing her job. Maybe being a bit of a jobsworth. But I think you are over reacting, sorry. Can't say I wouldn't do the same myself - we all have days when someone pushes our buttons don't we - I'm certainly not having a go at you! But try and forget about it.

misdee Sun 01-Jun-08 14:30:52

dd3 is a grape theif.

dh made the fatal mistake of letting her hold the bag of grapes as we did the shopping. she had snaffled 5 before i joined them in the next section.

duchesse Sun 01-Jun-08 14:31:42

erm HoBo- re "raisin grapes" you'd have paid less for a slightly dried one, so getting a good deal more than anything. As many nutrients but less water.

AbbeyA Sun 01-Jun-08 14:32:08

YABU you can't start eating something that is sold by weight. I never used to give mine anything that I hadn't paid for in the supermarket.If they never have anything then they don't expect it.

findtheriver Sun 01-Jun-08 14:32:47

LOL F and Z.
Sounds very jobsworth. Just tell her not to do it until it's weighed next time.

HoBo Sun 01-Jun-08 14:32:57

grinduchesse lol

what about the plump furry ones?

Earlybird Sun 01-Jun-08 14:33:12

Maybe it's a good time to explain to your dd about rules and the law. Maybe do as Kimi suggests in future?

AbbeyA Sun 01-Jun-08 14:33:44

Sorry if you were paying for it because she took bites that is different.

duchesse Sun 01-Jun-08 14:34:17

If they're rotten, pick'em off is my suggestion, or buy a non-rotten bunch- shop shouldn't sell or expect to sell rotten produce.

niceglasses Sun 01-Jun-08 14:34:27

The think that gets me is the rudeness. Ok, so blardy technically its theft. Saying that I've let mine do it too. I usually get round it by buying pre-packed ones (more pricey) and letting them have one of them.

Still, I think a lot of what winds pple up is the lack of politeness. Why be snotty about it? Why not be nice? It doesn't cost anything. They need to remember who the customer is, honestly.

I got told of in a very arsey manner once for letting my very small daughter sit on the bit where you pack your bags. I reported him to Customer services. Rude fecker. I hate rude pple.

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