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AIBU to get a new Bugaboo when I have a perfectly serviceable Britax travel system?

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kitsmummy Mon 26-May-08 22:35:52

My dear MIL has offered to buy us a new Bugaboo (Gecko or Cameleon) for baby due in 3 months time. This is my dream pram and it's such a generous offer, but I don't know whether to accept or not as we have a 5 year old Britax Travel System from first baby, it was only used for 3 months, so is immaculate and to be honest it doesn't even look particularly dated. The bugaboo will cost about £700 with car seat and I feel really quite guilty about accepting cos strictly speaking it is unnecessary. I am, however, yearning for a Bugaboo. Or would we just be better off using the original travel system and just getting a new Maclaren from the MIL for when baby is a few months old? What would you do? Would the longing for a Bugaboo win over the guilt of accepting?

pinkyp Mon 26-May-08 22:40:00

get the bugaboo, use the other one for walks around parks and places where it'll get dirty or a handy spare for at the caravan or for one to leave at ur mums? get the bugaboo yay! x

kitsmummy Mon 26-May-08 22:40:28

Oh yes, and I should have said we first of all said thanks v much and we'd get a second hand one off ebay which would cost about £300 all in, but she won't hear of it cos we "can't get one with another baby's sick on it"! I'd feel much happier with the second hand cheaper compromise, but we can't do that, it's either brand new or nothing!

Bertolli Mon 26-May-08 22:41:22

Get the bugaboo!! and may you really enjoy it wink

KaSo Mon 26-May-08 22:41:39

I'd accept as I assume the Britax thing doesn't have a proper carrycot? The Bugaboo isn't as good as a proper pram but at least it's got a carrycot of sorts and the baby isn't stuck in a carseat. Plus, the Bug pushes like a dream! I tried one in Mothercare recently and loved it and I'm not a fan of modern pushchairs at all!!

misdee Mon 26-May-08 22:41:54

get the bugaboo.

add a decent matress and use it as a moses basket/first bed.

plus the car seat is better (am assuming its a maxi cosi and compatable with your car?)

sushistar Mon 26-May-08 22:42:26

Does MIL know you have a good pram already? If she does and still wants to buy u a pressie, I'd accept and sell the britax on ebay. If it made you feel better you could give mil the cash you get of it as a contribution towards the bugaboo.

LynetteScavo Mon 26-May-08 22:42:28

Lucky you! Of course let her get you the bugaboo! smile

pinkyp Mon 26-May-08 22:42:53

go for it, she's offered so obv doesnt mind, you've said ur more than happy to accept a second hand one so u dont look greedy. she obv WANTS u to have it - i'd let her have her wish (and yours)

PInkyminkyohnooo Mon 26-May-08 22:43:26

Having had a bugaboo, they are nice, but I wouldn't bother if you already have a good pram. I'd wait and get a new fold-up for later. When I sold mine, I bought a Micralite and love it- it has the right compromise between folding and off-roadiness. I would save your lovely MIL's money and sleep better!

kitsmummy Mon 26-May-08 22:44:19

Oooh, thanks everyone, I thought I might get a bit slated for being spoilt and showing off or something. But you're all making me feel much better about accepting the lovely Bugaboo, thanks smile.

PInkyminkyohnooo Mon 26-May-08 22:45:14

I type too slowly, and appear to be outvoted!grin

PInkyminkyohnooo Mon 26-May-08 22:46:37

Don't think you are spoilt, BTW. I did like my frog, but I don't miss it.

hunkermunker Mon 26-May-08 22:47:46

I could never long for something that fuck-ugly, I'm afraid.

sushistar Mon 26-May-08 22:51:09

Ah, but hunker, her mil wants to buy one for HER not YOU! smile

hunkermunker Mon 26-May-08 22:51:57

"What would you do? Would the longing for a Bugaboo win over the guilt of accepting?"

I merely answered the question in the OP grin

MamaMaiasaura Mon 26-May-08 22:55:03

get the bugaboo - I have a gecko and love it. Ds2 is now 5 months and still in pram part of it. Often get stopped and positive comments about the pram and that ds2 is so happy in it and not scrunched up in a car seat.

sushistar Mon 26-May-08 23:03:09

Fair enough smile

JoyS Mon 26-May-08 23:30:36

Get the bugaboo! Your MIL sounds lovely!

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 26-May-08 23:39:58

Message withdrawn

DforDiva Mon 26-May-08 23:45:52

bugaboo is ok but its not that great, it must be the feeling that you pushing 5oopounds around or something.##
sold mine after 5m as soon as ds out of pram bit. not too impressed. sorry just htought give honest reviwe of me.
very fiddly, life is too short too fidle with buggy. nothing straight forward. even seat got to be seperated to put in the boot. got soaked wet one rainy day, stupid thing wont collapse. rant over. oits gone anyway

doublethetrouble Mon 26-May-08 23:52:25

get new bugaboo as insisted upon by mil and sell britax on ebay. 2nd hand bugaboos also sell for very good price so if your feeling really guilty u could always sell it when you have finished with it and prob give a few hundred quid back to mil. I have Cameleon and daughter and son have both used it as bed for first 6 months and far more comfortable than moses

PInkyminkyohnooo Tue 27-May-08 00:00:50

Do you have a carrycot for your Britax? I would have something with a carrycot, but honestly you don't need a bugaboo.

ninedragons Tue 27-May-08 00:12:56

There are few pleasures in life as great as giving someone a present that is bullseye perfect. Let your lovely MIL have that pleasure!

TheHedgeWitch Tue 27-May-08 00:14:51

Message withdrawn

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