Advanced search enjoy having different types of one thing without it being commented on by others in the school playground??

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HappyNewYearFeet06 Mon 12-May-08 12:34:45

Ok, I'm pram obsessed! Lol.

However, surely it is up to me and if it keeps me happy then there is no harm done. Also, why is it that others assume that I have a whole 'fleet' of 20 different prams at home because I always have different ones. Well, approx. once a month maybe longer dependant on if I like them or not!

I rarely buy new and always sell one to buy another.

I only speak to one other Mum in the school playground, I just get looks and whispering from others. Until last week when one Mum plucked up the courage to speak by asking if I was a buggy tester and has never spoken since. Then on Friday I allowed dd to walk, (it only took us 2 hrs to do a 10 minute walk, lol!), and another Mum piped up 'Why you letting her walk when you have about 15 different prams'.

Whether its shoes, handbags, clothes etc.... Its all the same and I don't passs judgement on other Mums by having different handbags everyday or a different pair of shoes everyday??

Rant over but its my one little indulgence that I am sad to say I enjoy but wish people would speak to me instead of assume things.

Sorry OTT, but feel better now I've said it!!! blush

Twiglett Mon 12-May-08 12:37:28

turning up with a different buggy every month is crazy-mad woman behaviour .. sorry

and when you act like the crazy-mad woman people will treat you like the crazy-mad woman

AnneMayesR Mon 12-May-08 12:37:29

Oh don't worry about those jealous cows. I love pushchairs and like trying out new ones etc. Seriously, just ignore them.

Twiglett Mon 12-May-08 12:38:11

it's like the re-born dolls .. only not quite as bad .. but it's certainly in that direction

HuwEdwards Mon 12-May-08 12:39:49

agree with Twig, you are barking.

scattyspice Mon 12-May-08 12:40:19

Try talking to more than 1 mum. It sounds like they are trying to start convos with you. No need to be defensive, just explain.

beansmum Mon 12-May-08 12:40:26

TBH I don't think people would refuse to speak to you because of your mad pram buying behaviour, do you ever speak to them?

MamaG Mon 12-May-08 12:40:29

Sorry but I'd comment too

it is odd behaviour!

AnneMayesR Mon 12-May-08 12:40:43

Too bad that more people don't mind their own business when it comes to other peoples possesions. It's not like you are smoking crack at the school gates or something sheesh.

spicemonster Mon 12-May-08 12:41:06

One a month? shock What's the pleasure in a pram? Seriously. I really don't get it.

lazarou Mon 12-May-08 12:41:27

There's no need for people to be rude though is there? Why make a cutting comment and then ignore that person from then on?

Uriel Mon 12-May-08 12:41:28

How do you know what they're thinking if you don't talk to them?

I wouldn't even notice what pram you had!

ronshar Mon 12-May-08 12:41:40

Ignore them. Saddos shouldnt spend so much time in the playground that they have time to notice and pass comment.
The idea is arrive, drop off child, leave. Simple.
I have at least 50 pairs of shoes. It is normal female behaviour to try until you find the perfect thing.

Cappuccino Mon 12-May-08 12:42:02


mad as a box of frogs


sarah293 Mon 12-May-08 12:42:19

Message withdrawn

Blu Mon 12-May-08 12:42:38

maybe if you compliment them on thier handbags and shoes, they will compliment you on your buggies, and you will talk WITH people instead of being talked about?

It is a bit noticeable. And not necessarily bad of them to notice or talk to you about it.

Glad you feel better for your rant - are you SURE they are whispering and looking?

I never notice people's buggies.

It's a mad world out there.....

HappyNewYearFeet06 Mon 12-May-08 12:42:57

Why am I crazy mad woman because I have different pushchairs?

Surely if there was no baby in it then I would be crazy mad??!

As I said, it is the same with anything. Why should it matter how many we have or why we decide to have or try a new one. Its up to us and would be the same whether it be shoes, handbags, clothes.

dirtylittlepunk Mon 12-May-08 12:42:58

nuts woman

Twiglett Mon 12-May-08 12:44:06

have to say I wouldn't notice but if someone pointed it out I'd have a look

really really odd behaviour .. nothing like shoes ... it's a pushchair ffs

OrmIrian Mon 12-May-08 12:44:25

Now I think it's odd but that's just me. However I really really don't think anyone would ignore you or whisper on the basis of your pram habit hmm. If they are I would ignore them, it's too silly for words.

MehgaLegs Mon 12-May-08 12:44:41

I'm always amazed at people who have all these prams. I have used two for my four, although I am planning on getting one more buggy for DS4.

How is it a "little indulgence" prams aren't cheap?

Try not to be defensive. Laugh at yourself a little, see yourself as others might. It is unusual to have a different pram every month and I would be curious if I saw you. Especially if you never spoke to any body.

kitbit Mon 12-May-08 12:45:00

Spread it around by telling the gossipiest person you know that you sell them on then at least they won't think you are showing off!

cornsilk Mon 12-May-08 12:45:15

You turn up with lots of different prams and only speak to one other mum. That's a bit unusual. Sorry.

shinyshoes Mon 12-May-08 12:45:44

I don't think it's mad, like you say women have different handbags and shoes all the time, I know one woman who has about 20 buggys.

So what!

You are not mad at all

MehgaLegs Mon 12-May-08 12:45:53

Anyway - surely you want to be noticed out and about with your latest pram. is that not part of the attraction?

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