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to have a poo whilst talking on the telephone

(117 Posts)
nametaken Tue 06-May-08 15:26:27

obviously I wouldn't do it to a prospective employer, but I often take the phone into the toilet with me when my mum, sis, or hubby rings.

It drives my husband mad but is it really such a terrible thing. Surely I am only multi-tasking?

LazyWoman Sat 10-May-08 10:51:38

I have to hold my hands up here - yes I've pooed while on the phone. Usually while talking to my sister in Oz (hopefully she can't here it from there!)

We only have one bathroom in our house and it was only until recently that in the morning rush one of us might have been on the toilet (usually weeing) while another was brushing their teeth etc. Now the kids have grown up a bit they all want their privacy

I've also breastfed my babies while sitting on the loo - they're all perfectly fine and in fact they don't get colds etc. half as much as their friends!

Pollynorris Fri 09-May-08 19:19:21

I have taken calls from a professional institution while in the bath, and i have had to call suppliers on a project and get tough with them, again in the bath. It was hard not making any splashing sounds!

madamez Thu 08-May-08 17:44:58

You peed on your phone? Did it stop working? If so, how did you explain this to the repair shop? grin

Countingthegreyhairs Thu 08-May-08 16:45:20

once peed whilst on phone totally by mistake (butterfly-brain moment) in middle of long conversation - felt so embarrassed - thank god it was my sister at end of line who said "well we all get caught short from time to time" in very brisk, schoolmistressy tones when I apologised ...just grateful it wasn't the bank manager ...

draw the line at pooing though - yuck ....

crying with laughter at this thread

as for mumsnetting on lap-top while pooing, words fail me ...

has anyone mentioned tights on head yet?

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 08-May-08 16:31:23

lol at this. I didn't see it yesterday.

I don't think I would do this, but see the point. And I ALWAYS read on the loo. I mean, it's so boring. What are you supposed to do, just sit there and look at the tiles? I like it as it gives me 5 minutes peace with Grazia.

southeastastra Wed 07-May-08 20:04:48

ew it's disguisting

Cadmum Wed 07-May-08 20:00:15

Ooh... I like the germs argument. DH shocked me by going to the loo whilst on the phone (long distance) with his brother.

I found it GRIMNESS of the highest order but couldn't put my finger on the reason why.

I have weed though. blush It was BF on the other end of the line and she was in tears. I was desperate...

CocodeBear Wed 07-May-08 19:53:16

This thread is still bothering me.

Think of the germs all over the receiver, bleurgh.

daftpunk Wed 07-May-08 14:02:04


theressomethingaboutmarie Wed 07-May-08 14:01:28

I happily talk on the phone when having a poo. you have to make sure that you line it with paper so there are no splashes!

VictorianSqualor Wed 07-May-08 14:01:07

You all need mroe roughage in your diets, when I shit, I do just that, in, poo, out.
I certainly don't need entertainemtn!

VinegarTits Wed 07-May-08 14:00:03

This made me lol.

I take my laptop to the loo with me blush .... well i get bored in there.

Anyone else do that, or just me? i mumsnet while i poo.

And no, im not doing it now....im at work, it's just evenings and weekends.

VictorianSqualor Wed 07-May-08 13:55:03


LaComtesse Wed 07-May-08 13:44:45

I have the urge to visit the ladies now.

<<wonders who to ring>>


VictorianSqualor Wed 07-May-08 11:51:07

LittleWonder, I wouldn't eat and talk to someone on the phone either, dontcha know you're not meant to talk with your mouth full?

I'm starting to feel really weird about this thread, I thoguht pooing only in perfect privacy was totally normalhmm

minouminou Wed 07-May-08 00:14:26

i have a chum who's quite comfortable with poo-ing while on the phone
he's given me a running commentary once or twice, too
i'm quite happy to wee while on the phone, though

harpsichordcarrier Wed 07-May-08 00:06:53

yes but if you held it between your shoulder and chin what if it fell in

alwaysnamechangeforaibu Wed 07-May-08 00:04:40

haven't read all of thread - only a selection of responsesgrin

why would anyone know that's what you were doing? as to where the phone is when you wipe then wash your hands don't you hold it between your shoulder and chin??

i'm not confessing to anything, just saying i don't think it's that unreasonable if you are truly and efficiently multi-tasking!!!

harpsichordcarrier Tue 06-May-08 23:57:53

I am with Alistair Sim: there are certain people who, as soon as they get on the phone, make my bowels move like lightening.
but yes I always hang up, mainly because what do you do with the phone while you wipe and wash hmm

Quattrocento Tue 06-May-08 23:50:18

<Frowns at UQD>

Reading on the loo perfectly acceptable

Talking on the phone in the loo is totally revolting

harpomarx Tue 06-May-08 23:30:49

oh no

the computer too!

LittleWonder Tue 06-May-08 23:29:06

My God Harpo!! WHAT are youi wearing?

harpomarx Tue 06-May-08 23:20:32

no, no, no!

am too uncoordinated, would probably wipe my arse with the mouthpiece.

also i have a rare condition that means i believe people can see me when they are on the phone. there are certain people that i cannot (by reason of their physical repulsiveness) speak to when I am naked.

madamez Tue 06-May-08 23:17:48

People worrying about germs? how exactly are germs from one person's ringpiece transmitted DOWN THE PHONE SIGNAL? FFS! (Hnnng! THrrrp!)

LittleWonder Tue 06-May-08 23:11:45

point? phone

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