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to have a poo whilst talking on the telephone

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nametaken Tue 06-May-08 15:26:27

obviously I wouldn't do it to a prospective employer, but I often take the phone into the toilet with me when my mum, sis, or hubby rings.

It drives my husband mad but is it really such a terrible thing. Surely I am only multi-tasking?

Hecate Tue 06-May-08 15:43:34

grin no, nametaken, I don't have a cordless phone and I don't think it'd stretch from the living room. I'm not opposed in principle to splatting and chatting, but I think running an extension upstairs so I can plug it in the bathroom is a little much, even by my standards. grin

Iamthedoctor Tue 06-May-08 15:54:48

I wee whilst talking on the phone *hangs head in shame*. I NORMALLY go to the toilt to do it, though grin

I wouldn't poo. Ever. Not that I have a problem with someone else doing that - I'd just be too embarassed. I can't poo in public places, either. Not even friends houses.

staryeyed Tue 06-May-08 16:09:54

ewwwww! I wander if anyone MNs while they are on the loo.

LouiseAnn Tue 06-May-08 16:10:35

I don't see the problem. I would try and make sure they don't know, unless it's my Mum or DH. As someone else said, it's better than interrupting a good conversation! smile

lou33 Tue 06-May-08 16:13:32

cant say i have ever taken the phone in with me when having a poo but i have done it lots whilst peeing

purpleduck Tue 06-May-08 16:19:43


largeginandtonic Tue 06-May-08 16:28:15

YES yuk.

UnquietDad Tue 06-May-08 16:29:28

Revolting, as is reading on the loo.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Tue 06-May-08 16:31:26

I remember an old school friends house. They had a large downstairs loo that was wall to wall bookshelves. I did wonder what smells might permeate those books, and who would be on the loo for long enough to pick up a book.

Thing is it was a huge house, there were far better places for books to be kept.

Janni Tue 06-May-08 16:32:07

How do you explain the sound effects ?

belcantavinissima Tue 06-May-08 16:36:15

i wee, and poo (with the loo paper to muffle the sound!), and do dishes, put out washing and a whole load of other stuff (yes including MN!!) wheen i am on the phone otherwise i feel as iff i am wasting time by 'just' chatting. well not the weeing and pooing thats just cos i need to at the time obv smile
oh and i ALWAYS read on the loo!

what the hells wrong with that? normal practice imo and e

sarah293 Tue 06-May-08 16:37:58

Message withdrawn

NotSoRampantRabbit Tue 06-May-08 16:51:18

Oh I love a good phone turd myself.

Hurrah for you nametaken.

But agree, it is important not to grunt.


Ripeberry Tue 06-May-08 16:59:28

When you've worked in a call center, you've heard it all!
I've had people ringing me in echoing places, and could even hear flushing!
Years ago, was sorting someones car insurance out and you could hear dripping and splashing and swishing noises, so i just asked him "are you calling us from your bath?" and he did say "yes" very sheepishly.
Also have had people ringing up and crying about their lives, just because i sounded nice i suppose and not like a robot.
Don't work in call centers anymore as they DO you want you to be a robot and you're not allowed to make small talk at all.

moondog Tue 06-May-08 17:02:35

Hilarious Ripe.
I'd love to have a go at that.

VictorianSqualor Tue 06-May-08 17:04:20

I don't even poo if DP is upstairs, prefer not to do it when he is home if I can help it, so def not on the loo!

I love to talk on the phone in the bath though, plus if it's a good friend and i want a chat it's the best way to get kid-free time.

PrimulaVeris Tue 06-May-08 17:09:36

No I couldn't do that, though I did once answer my mobile whilst on the loo at work, god knows why - I was dying of shame and trying to er ... 'hold back' whilst trying to have a serious convo

DH reads on the loo and works from his laptop on the loo. But even he would draw the line at phone calls whilst seated in thronely comford

saltire Tue 06-May-08 17:16:47

You must be my mother. She does that!
Even more annoying though, she insits on having chats with the idiot DB, who lives with her so she sees him every day, who is perhaps in the smae room as her, adn i'm on the phone. I will be chatting then I will hear her very faintly say "where are you going? What time will you be back" I think FFS he is 32 (yes you did read that correctly, 32) and you see him every day!

Califrau Tue 06-May-08 17:20:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Joash Tue 06-May-08 17:24:22

can't see whats wrong with it - when you gotta go... and all that.
Can't beleive peoples 'hang-ups' (no pun intended.

hifi Tue 06-May-08 18:12:47

as long as you cover the mouth piece and no noises it ok.

Joash Tue 06-May-08 18:17:20

Unless you happen to do what I once did - and drop the phone down the loo (prior to flushing). Then it is soooooo wrong grin

Vulgar Tue 06-May-08 18:19:41

Aren't you worried that a trumpeting fart might escape?

Iamthedoctor Tue 06-May-08 18:21:19

Nopes. I'd find it rather amusing grin

Vulgar Tue 06-May-08 19:28:25

Well, as a doctor you are obviously used to bodily functionsgrin

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