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to have a poo whilst talking on the telephone

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nametaken Tue 06-May-08 15:26:27

obviously I wouldn't do it to a prospective employer, but I often take the phone into the toilet with me when my mum, sis, or hubby rings.

It drives my husband mad but is it really such a terrible thing. Surely I am only multi-tasking?

dal21 Tue 06-May-08 15:27:41

ohh, controversial.

peeing when on the phone, done that.

never the pooing though.

does the other person know what you are doing? grin

ZZMum Tue 06-May-08 15:27:41

feel quite sick at the thought of this -- surely a joke?

pagwatch Tue 06-May-08 15:27:47

eeee-uuuwwwwwww !!!!!!!
never -ever call me !
Seriously. Never.

And never lend me your phone.

BeauLocks Tue 06-May-08 15:27:55

Can they tell you are having a poo? Do they hear the splashes?

Twiglett Tue 06-May-08 15:28:23

no it's disgusting

VacantlyPretty Tue 06-May-08 15:29:01

Message withdrawn

RnB Tue 06-May-08 15:29:14

Message withdrawn

TheArmadillo Tue 06-May-08 15:29:37

I'll second the ewwwws and add a blargh.

I'd be a bit put out if dp (or anyone) did that to me.

Lulumama Tue 06-May-08 15:29:40

god. that is vile

the germs !!

phone whilst in bath , fine, not whilst emptying bowels.

although i did enjoy seeing someone making a phone call whislt in delivery suite though ! no bodily fluids were exiting at the time though


2point4kids Tue 06-May-08 15:29:42

I would only do it if I was talking to my Mum on the phone or DH
And my Mum would do it while talking to me! grin

Hecate Tue 06-May-08 15:29:45

Oh please, as if anyone can tell! Just shove loo roll down the loo so there are no sound effects, try not to grunt and don't flush until you put the phone down. grin

nametaken Tue 06-May-08 15:31:04

well I'm not sure what they can hear it's just that when I flush they say incredulously "are you on the toilet!!!!!" so they must hear the flush and probably they can hear the wee too.

I do sometimes try to cough when I think the poo is going to hit the water though, to try to disguise what I'm actually doing.

2point4kids Tue 06-May-08 15:32:11

Are you my Mum???? wink

nametaken Tue 06-May-08 15:33:10

Hecate what a fiendishly clever idea - loo roll down the loo to muffle the sound effects - you've done it too haven't you. grin

2GIRLS Tue 06-May-08 15:33:11


hanaflower Tue 06-May-08 15:33:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lubyloo Tue 06-May-08 15:33:45

Yuck! My friend often goes for a wee whilst I'm talking to her and I hate that.

pagwatch Tue 06-May-08 15:34:35

car crash posting.
I just keep watching in horror.
Seriously shock
actually I think I am permanently scarred just by reading this.Mental images - can't control them - arrggghhh !

grin but seriously eeuuww

nametaken Tue 06-May-08 15:34:41

but lubyloo Why do you hate it?

scottishmummy Tue 06-May-08 15:35:17

so you are a plop and talk kinda gal. nope it's gieing me the wet boak

Lubyloo Tue 06-May-08 15:37:36

I just do! It's something I would never dream of doing.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Tue 06-May-08 15:38:36

I very occasionally wee whilst on the phone but chuck loads of loo roll in first and 'hover', I wait until I've hung up to go back and flush.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Tue 06-May-08 15:40:08

Screw the carbon footprint/ etiquette issues.
If I'm in the middle of a great conversation I know I'd rather just quickly go than ask to call back and lose 'the moment'

nametaken Tue 06-May-08 15:42:57

So it's OK to wee but not OK to poo

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