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To expect a blackout blind to actually stop light getting into my DDs bedroom?

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Pavlovthecat Thu 01-May-08 19:58:44

Is that not what they are for?

After ordering in Jan 08, after much chasing, arguing and more chasing, the guy finally came round to fit said blinds.

And had the cheek to ask for payment. It was paid for at time of ordering shock.

It is the not the exact length of the window, and comes out a bit. The fixtures are in place correctly but there are gaps at the top, and the sides and it clearly lets the light in.

So, AIBU to expect that these blinds should black out the light?

hmm I am not feeling pleased, but more disappointed with my order.

Legoleia Thu 01-May-08 20:03:20

Can't you ask them to come and inspect, tell them it's not doing the job you expected it to and therefore they should refund you due to the purchase being not fit for the purpose?

Surely if they claim "Blackout" then they things dark!

Go back to them and see what they say.

Nappyzone Thu 01-May-08 20:03:25

Nope - i had one fitted about a yr ago in all our rooms - dd is pink and is the least effective but she sleeps like a brick... ds who isnt also lets in oodles of light along side so i have got some sticky back velcro and put on my nice window frames and the side of the blinds so i can press it tight to the window. So no YANBU - wish i had bothered to call my man back but he will clearly think i am barking when i explain i should not be able to see a thing....

Legoleia Thu 01-May-08 20:04:19

You can get blackout blinds from IKEA for about a tenner.

<wonders if that helps...?>

ExtraFancy Thu 01-May-08 20:05:03

LOL, I nearly started this exact thread earlier this evening! The 'blackout' blind in my DS's room is utter crap, and I have to do some haphazard velcro-ing each evening to get the blind to stick to the window frame hmm

OFSTEDoutstanding Thu 01-May-08 20:06:49

My ds has a blackout blind and from April to October we have to shut the blackout blind and then close the curtains and tuck the curtains onto the windowsill to stop light coming in. Mind you it was a cheapy from Argos so could be worse.

nannyjo Thu 01-May-08 20:07:03

we have blackout blinds then a thick dark curtain as well. That works really well.

Nappyzone Thu 01-May-08 20:07:30

lol - yup snappedy snap!

I sw some at a baby show called ba ba vackout that sunction cup to the window - they looked the biz !

Nappyzone Thu 01-May-08 20:09:14

lol - sorry my typing was utter crud there (apologies for anyone who is bothered). They were called ba ba blackout with suction cups to hold onto the

morningpaper Thu 01-May-08 20:12:10

I've got blackout blinds on the inside of the frames AND the outside... AND lined curtains... AND most of the time I end up sobbing with lengths of velcro and/or packing tape and last night I wedged a cardboard box agains the window

I don't think there is much you can SAY to the salesperson, this is a tricky thing and getting it properly BLACK is hard work!

Pavlovthecat Thu 01-May-08 20:13:54

A tenner? Oh dont say that. I used the wonderful people advertising here...utter crap and very expensive, even in a sale

Before this, I had an awful net curtain, a very heavy dark blanket tied at te top with its tassles ^and the curtains^ it worked, just but was just not very nice, and let light in at the sides.

This alleged blind feels cheap, like plastic material, and comes out from the frame too far, and in at the sides too far. Its just not good enough.

I will be calling them back tomorrow, another several months of hassle I should think.

I like the sound of the ba ba blackout blinds, think I have seen them before.

DD I beleive is starting to sleep through the light, but we did not know that in Jan. Should have just told them to stick last week angry.

wobbegong Thu 01-May-08 20:21:32

I am not sure if they really do exist that work properly unless you have Velux windows with them built-in IYSWIM. Hopefully I am wrong.

Mind you, it was my DH who put up our blackout blinds (£70- John Lewis), bless him, he hasn't a clue. I can't call him back and ask for my money back, even if one does have about a three inch gap round one side. I wouldn't mind but when we went somewhere on hols with proper functioning blackout blinds DD really did sleep 11 hours so I am bloody desperate.

Honestly thought I was the only one in Britain who has blackout blinds but then has to sticky tape cardboard boxes to the windows. God knows what the neighbours think.

Nappyzone Thu 01-May-08 20:21:47

lol - we went on holidy the other week and i nearly cried at the thinness of the curtains so spent a good hr wedging every available towel over the window and hanging over a spare duvet - pushing containers up to the coveres to block out the last chink of light!

Pavlovthecat Thu 01-May-08 20:28:45

so, if they are not black out blinds, why on earth are they called it?

Why advertise them as such, why not instead advertise them as partial blackout blinds+velcro (free with order) or something like that?

I thought that spending more money on things and living less like a student would afford me some more luxury, such as blinds that work. Clearly, the blanket should have stayed!

grin At least I am not alone in my dispair.

morningpaper Thu 01-May-08 20:46:32

Well, the FABRIC blocks out light

But the problem is that no blinds (except Velux as rightly pointed out!) will block light around the sides of the windows

I've seen some fab ones in Spain where they come down the OUTSIDE of the window (i.e. outside) and are BRILL

GrumpyOldHorsewoman Thu 01-May-08 20:56:23

The blackout lining on DD2's curtains gives the room a kind of solar eclipse feel - big black blob with beaming radiating light illuminating the entire bedroom. Have tried all the tucking in, drawing pins into the window frame on the outside edges but, alas, to no avail. And bugger me if hers is the only room in the house to take full advantage of a raging sunset.

sparklyshoos Thu 01-May-08 20:59:02

No, YANBU! This is so frustrating, DH has spent many an hour draping towels over the top of our blinds before we shut the curtains!
we've tried the ones from argos & B&Q and neither brilliant. We ended up getting old fashioned lined heavy velour curtains from my mum's catalogue in the end, and these plus the blinds block out most light.

bodiddly Thu 01-May-08 21:01:47

they are blackout fabric .. but will always let in chinks of light at the sides unless you get a total blackout roller blind .. this is a blind set into side and top channels and works in a similar way to a velux roof blind. Any good blind sales person should warn you no to expect total blackout with a regular blackout roller though ... we do at work!

VanillaPumpkin Thu 01-May-08 21:04:40

I ordered a Baa baa blind and it arrived today and the dd's room is pitch black! It was £30 plus postage but I wish I had bought it years ago. And it can travel with us to the grandparents with their crap thin curtains too.

Monkeytrousers Thu 01-May-08 21:05:05

re op; only in space and when on dark side

VanillaPumpkin Thu 01-May-08 21:05:56

I meant the dd's room is NOW pitch black. It certainly bloody wasn't before hmm...

morningpaper Thu 01-May-08 21:23:49

I have ordered a Baa Baa Blind!!!!

VanillaPumpkin Thu 01-May-08 21:27:08

It is a bit of a fight if you want to adjust the size but I actually decided you don't need too as long as it fits along the top.
DH said the suckers fell off but I don't think he put it up properly. Pah men.
I still think it is great!

morningpaper Thu 01-May-08 21:27:54

well if it's shit I'll blame you grin

VanillaPumpkin Thu 01-May-08 21:28:10

God, please forgive my spelling /grammar. Am tired.
I mean the size doesn't need to be perfect for it to work!

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