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to be a bit surprised at the misogyny described/displayed on mn at times?

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nickytwotimes Fri 25-Apr-08 13:40:55

Right, well, first off, I love it here. i especially love it because there are plenty of intelligent, witty posters.
However, I am frequently surprised at threads relating to pornography, exchanging sex for "gifts" and fanjo shaving, etc. Now, I know we've all got different ideas about what is acceptable, but sometimes it's like feminism never happened.

PrincessConsualaBananaHammock Fri 25-Apr-08 13:41:57

Fanjo Shaving love the way you just said it!

expatinscotland Fri 25-Apr-08 13:43:18

how is fanjo shaving misogynist?

i'm a yetti and i personally don't like it!

i have so much body hair you wouldn't be able to see me from under it. so i take it off.

donnie Fri 25-Apr-08 13:43:33

oh just don't go there ntt- this thing will kick off and then some.

northwestgirl Fri 25-Apr-08 13:43:46

perhaps these people are post-feminists
me, I'll be a post feminist when we have post patriarchy.

VeniVidiVickiQV Fri 25-Apr-08 13:44:03

You shouldnt be surprised. This internet world is a reflection of a portion of society as a whole. smile.

It irks me too (not all the same things that you have listed) when misogynistic comments and attitudes are displayed.

nickytwotimes Fri 25-Apr-08 13:44:50

Well, I find it a bit hmm that women would remove all of it. Tis tied in with the whole porn-culture thing imo.

expatinscotland Fri 25-Apr-08 13:45:27

maybe they don't like it, nicky.

maybe they make a personal choice about it and don't even use porn.

AlistairSim Fri 25-Apr-08 13:45:52

For the love of Billie Jean King woman, get back in the kitchen where you belong!

MrsMattie Fri 25-Apr-08 13:46:31

Some of the things you have mentioned annoy me, too.
I do find it odd when you get educated 45 yr old women talking about Brazilians.

onebatmother Fri 25-Apr-08 13:47:14

Hello everyone.

madamez Fri 25-Apr-08 13:47:23

I haven't seen much outright misogyny from posters. I have seen many accounts of misogynistic behaviour (ie dreadful stories of domestic violence, sexism etc). Is that what you mean, or are you using 'misogyny' to indicate 'someone whose definition of feminism is not the same as mine'?

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

expatinscotland Fri 25-Apr-08 13:49:57

i'm well-educated, although not 45, and i discuss Brazilians with those interested in having them and see nothing misogynist at all about them.

as i said, i have a lot of dark body hair and very fair skin and, coming from a tropical climate, find it uncomfortable and unpleasant.

i like sex more with a Brazilian.

we don't like or use porn, either. it's my personal preference, just as it's other womens' to keep their hair, swing, have group sex, stay with cross-dressers, have anal sex, etc.

nickytwotimes Fri 25-Apr-08 13:50:00

donnie - i'm pre-menstrual, lol!

expat, the porn thing has worked it's way into mainstream. Also, what makes us dislike something? Btw, i don't think anyone's wrong to do whatever they fancy doing to their own bodies. I just don't agree with them!

quint Fri 25-Apr-08 13:50:34


I love it here because its fun, supportive and enlightening (at times!) but I do get sick of people moaning about what other people talk about, who dies and made you in charge of whether we can talk about fanjo shaving, sex (for whatever reason) or porn.

Oh no now I'm doing it!

onebatmother Fri 25-Apr-08 13:50:35

Hello tmmj! Are you still in evening dress for this afternoon's debate?

post feminists - I just got it.. posts are like poles, so it means it's okay to be cool with lapdancing.. I'm right, aren't I?

Chequers Fri 25-Apr-08 13:51:13

Message withdrawn

onebatmother Fri 25-Apr-08 13:51:36

expat don't tell dp about the brazilian chap he'll be displeased.

expatinscotland Fri 25-Apr-08 13:52:04

exactly, quint! since when does what you do with your own body hair define you as a woman?

i've been having Brazilians for over 20 years.

i have NO idea when the trend came out in porn and don't care.

onebatmother Fri 25-Apr-08 13:52:39

Could you link to rape thread Chequers? Thanks.

MrsMattie Fri 25-Apr-08 13:53:15

See, this thread is just going to descend into people bitching, now, when the OP was actually making a point.

(I didn't actually use the word misogynist in relation to waxing, however I reserve my right to balk at the thought of grown women having their pubes ripped out).

Chequers Fri 25-Apr-08 13:53:16

Message withdrawn

PrettyCandles Fri 25-Apr-08 13:53:24

I'm glad that there are posts I don't agree with, or posters I disagree with. Have you tasted some of those lovey-dovey-hun sites where everyone is loving and supportive all the time? They're saccharin!

Hooray for feminism, I'm lucky it happened and I get to reap the benefits. However, it does not mean that all pre-feminist attitudes are wrong or that there's nothing to be gained or learned from them.

Hooray for diversity, for differences of opinion, for freedom of choice and freedom of speech!

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