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to think the usefuness of home pregnancy tests is outweighed by the grief they cause?

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Message withdrawn at poster's request.

A chemical pregnancy is when the egg and sperm fertilise but it doesn't implant.

belgo Thu 24-Apr-08 09:43:57

some people do have multiple chemical pregnancies possible due to a short luteal phase - and I do agree this is useful to knwo if you are having problems ttc.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ImightbeLulumama Thu 24-Apr-08 09:44:07

chemical pregnancy is when you are pregnant in as much as the egg is fertilised, but it does not implant.. IIRC

i don;t understand the obsession personally, and i see on the conception boards soooo many threads with pics of tests, asking is this a BFP/N or evap line..... testing 10 DPO etc

so, you might get a BFP,but knowing so early, just makes the pregnancy longer and also if you do then have your period, you are then meotionally and physically having a miscarriage, where as if you waited utnil you were due on or late, you would not have that heart ache

as for stopping drinking . smoking etc. i don;t thikn early testing shoudl have an impact, if you are actively TTC you should be taking folic acid and cutting down/ stopping drinking and smoking anyway.

yes, tests might be cheap, but if why so many threads about is this a P or an N? just not that accurate maybe?

it is just a way to more money for manafacturers and more upset for women

cyteen Thu 24-Apr-08 09:45:12

I think I agree with 2point4kids - the obsession is in the mindset, and if tests weren't there people would just find some other way to obsess over it. I broke my heart over pregnancy tests many times last year, testing ridiculously early and all that...the final time made me so sad that I just couldn't be arsed with it all anymore. Consequently when my period didn't arrive next month I didn't even bother testing till it was five days late, and then only because it was coming up to NYE and I thought I should know before embarking on a drunken celebration!

belgo Thu 24-Apr-08 09:46:22

I do understand the obsession though - it is very easy to become obsessed very quickly, especially when it's something you want so badly.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

belgo Thu 24-Apr-08 09:48:32

my dh thought I was going loopy! He would ban me from testing until I was a week late!(I usually ignored him though)

Twiglett Thu 24-Apr-08 09:49:13

I think the addiction is as simple as for those few minutes when you are opening the box, taking out the test, peeing on the stick and waiting for results you feel pregnant, you feel like you are taking the first steps in your pregnancy. The result is merely the confirmation or disappointment.

Sometimes those moments of hope are worth the disappointment.

I remember those feelings well.

But I got to the stage where I grew up about it... and I hope other people do.. finally I realised that the disappointment was actually not worth those few moments

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NorthernLurker Thu 24-Apr-08 09:49:30

I think the op has a good point, personally I tested at a week late with dd3 and a day late with dd2 - can't remember with dd1.

MrsTittleMouse Thu 24-Apr-08 09:50:37

I agree that the "four days early" tests are completely bonkers. They are so unreliable at that stage. Even I could wait four days. grin

belgo Thu 24-Apr-08 09:51:02

A negetive test result would make me feel sick fot the rest of the day. I much preferred my period starting as a way of knowing I was not pregnant - at least then you can start hoping for your next cycle.

nooname Thu 24-Apr-08 09:53:53

TMMJ - I know where you're coming from but I think women should have the option of testing early and make up their own mind.

I have made a vow not to test before the last day my period could possibly be due because I can't take the heartache of getting negative results. But that's my choice - for other people they may want/need to know earlier.

My mum is always going on about the fact "in her day" you didn't know you were pregnant til much later, but I agree with another poster that the more knowledge we have about how conception works the better. If we didn't have early testing we wouldn't know about chemical pregnancies and various fertility issues. People would just go on forever thinking they couldn't get pregnant.

As you can probably tell, I have thought about this a lot!!

wannaBe Thu 24-Apr-08 09:59:43

I agree with op. and twiglet.

I think all this testing early is rubbish. and is only lining the pockets of the test manufacturers. And I speak as someone who has been ttc for three years and who has never tested early. ever.

And not sure the definition of a chemical pregnancy is correct? iirc hcg isn't produced until implantation occurs? otherwise those that have IVF would get a positive result surely (and that would be considered a chemical pregnancy which it isn't.).

In fact I read somewhere that something like 10 out of twelve eggs are fertilized but just never implant, not because of fertility issues but because the human body is such that it's actually not all that easy to get pregnant.

I also agree with whoever said that there's no point in knowing about a chemical pregnancy" really. It's not a miscarriage in the traditional sense, and if people hadn't tested early then they would never know, and personally i think it's better not to know at such an early stage.

About 2.5 years ago I was late and had simptoms and tested but it was negative. My period was a week late, and when it finally arrived it was very heavy and there were clots etc. I suspect I might have had a ve early mc, but because I never had the positive test to show for it, I really don't see the point in grieving for a baby that probably never actually was, iyswim?

Disenchanted Thu 24-Apr-08 10:05:12

As I believe life begins at conception, and a chemical pregnancy is a fertilized egg thats simply not implanted I would see that as a very early mc, and would want to grieve for it as so.

I know not everyone would see it as that. But I would.

cutekids Thu 24-Apr-08 10:06:14

just out of curiosity, is it possible to get a false negative these days or are the tests pretty accurate?

Disenchanted Thu 24-Apr-08 10:07:33

Its completely possible to get a false negative,

you could be pregnant but just not have enough HCG to get a + yet.

I got a negative then got a + the day after. The day before I simply didnt have enough HCG build up.

cutekids Thu 24-Apr-08 10:09:08

Oh right,Disenchanted,and do you know if those very cheap "pee sticks" are as accurate as these mega-expensive ones you can buy? Just curious smile

Mungarra Thu 24-Apr-08 10:25:02

I wouldn't want to wait until I'd missed 2 periods and then have to go to the doctor to find out if I'm pregnant.

Sure some women test too early and get upset, but I don't like the notion that women can't be trusted with knowledge.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

beaniesteve Thu 24-Apr-08 10:52:20

It's not the tests which are at fault, it's the people who test several times and at the wrong times IMO. I speak as someone who has done it.

If people insist on testing early then there will be disappointment. Not to mention those people who test at the right time but get a negative so then wait and get another then ait and get another... Home pregtnancy tests DO tell you if you are NOT pregnant too, so just because you get a BFN doesn't mean there's something wrong with the test!

KelaH Thu 24-Apr-08 10:52:21

Well I did wait for 2 missed periods before testing, as I was freaked out by the thought of being pg, and was in denial. So when I did finally test I was almost at the end of my first trimester and didn't have all those weeks of worrying about something going wrong, and could get on with looking forward to my baby arriving.

YouCantTeuchThis Thu 24-Apr-08 10:53:48

I know where you are coming from tmmj - it is painful to watch so many people go through the wringer when trying to conceive and you are not suggesting that women as a whole can't be responsible for 'knowledge'.

But I still think it is a step forward and that we can all learn how to balance these options with our own ability to cope with disappointment or anxiety. Like Twiglett said...she learned.

I had a couple of months of obsessing over OPK's - then learned that it wasn't for me.

YouCantTeuchThis Thu 24-Apr-08 10:54:16

still peed on a stick a 12dpo though...

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