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to think other mums forums are mostly poop?

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faroffsomewhere Thu 17-Apr-08 16:28:52

Mumsnet seems to be the only one where people are witty with banter.
I've not found another where you can talk as you do in real life.
They often are full of things which just aren't like true conversation.
Or maybe it's ME

MaureenMLove Thu 17-Apr-08 16:46:31

Oh no, no, no, you are most definately, NBU!

faroffsomewhere Thu 17-Apr-08 16:47:57

Which other ones have you tried?

MaureenMLove Thu 17-Apr-08 16:54:34

TBH, I've only strayed onto Netmums local, to sell stuff! But that was fluffy enough for me, to know where I belonged! grin I'm a late starter on anything internet (only been here for just over a year) but since dd is already 12, I don't look for baby/toddler etc advice, I just come for the idle drivel! grin

2shoes Thu 17-Apr-08 16:55:57

yanbu. BUT I am liking special kids in the uk.

SheikYerbouti Thu 17-Apr-08 16:57:18


However, YABU to use the word "poop"

I'd use fucking shit, mesen, but I am common

Saturn74 Thu 17-Apr-08 16:57:57

Maureen, I think you should email MNHQ and ask for an 'idle drivel' topic. grin

MaureenMLove Thu 17-Apr-08 16:58:53

Mmm, would that be the same as lumping half of them together? grin

Saturn74 Thu 17-Apr-08 16:59:28

3/4 grin

SheikYerbouti Thu 17-Apr-08 17:00:59

I went on another forum where they were all so fluffy ans called eache other "hun" farking constantly
I managed to poach on of them and bring eyr over here - I knew she didn;t belong there.

AbricotsSecs Thu 17-Apr-08 17:01:01

Message withdrawn

MrsMattie Thu 17-Apr-08 17:03:48

YANBU. The others are all bollox.

faroffsomewhere Thu 17-Apr-08 17:07:32

sheik, I like the sound of poop, and stool. Shit would be good too.

netmums, yes, been there.
BBc is nasty and fluffy and gangy uppy.

none of them are funny.
The word hun makes me want to puke.
And they all have those horrid little faces with "hug" and hearts.

faroffsomewhere Thu 17-Apr-08 17:08:34

Some of them have pages of faces, smiley ones which move, faces for things like "having a poop,but luv u anyway"

MrsMattie Thu 17-Apr-08 17:08:34

Everyone knocks Netmums, but the worst by far is Babycentre. Nasty.

CristinaTheAstonishing Thu 17-Apr-08 17:08:57

Aww, hun, so noone on here belonged to Hunnybeez? Or its splinter groups?

faroffsomewhere Thu 17-Apr-08 17:10:07

What happens at babycentre? erkk it sounds kind of like a shop

faroffsomewhere Thu 17-Apr-08 17:10:29


CristinaTheAstonishing Thu 17-Apr-08 17:11:49

Oh, yes, lovingly called each other 'bee'. I hung around for ages but, obviously, wasn't quite sweet enough. Mostly have emigrated to Cosy Nostra nowadays.

faroffsomewhere Thu 17-Apr-08 17:12:26

But are we all nasty here?

CristinaTheAstonishing Thu 17-Apr-08 17:12:27

That should have said "most" not "mostly" as that would imply I'm there but I'm not. MN it is for me.

MrsMattie Thu 17-Apr-08 17:12:54

I found Babycentre scary. Lots of serious, bossy, humourless people. No fun. No debate. No swearing grin. It was like being at detention at a really strict girls' school, only I was a 'day girl' and they were all boarders. I couldn't wait to get out.

faroffsomewhere Thu 17-Apr-08 17:13:06

The US ones are the worst though, for being nice.

faroffsomewhere Thu 17-Apr-08 17:13:35


CaptainKarvol Thu 17-Apr-08 17:13:53

aaargh, Babycentre <flashbacks>

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