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if I HATE my cats?!

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bohemianbint Fri 04-Apr-08 14:33:46

Ok, yeah, probably. But they left the bottom half of a mouse on my kitchen floor this morning and I've spent the whole day in fear of finding (or worse, of DS finding) the top half. I had to get rid of it myself because DP had already gone and it was a nightmare; DS wouldn't be put down and I had to hold him and stop the cat escaping from the kitchen into the rest of the house with dismembered rodent in tow.

Disgusting creatures. angry

cornsilk Fri 04-Apr-08 14:35:29

Better to find half a mouse than see a full one running out from under the fridge though.

bohemianbint Fri 04-Apr-08 14:36:52

Jesus. I guess so.

One night DP came home, picked up his jeans to put on and a live mouse ran out of the leg. I thought he was having a heart attack when I heard the shouting!

bohemianbint Fri 04-Apr-08 14:37:19

I really am a lot less fond of them since I had DS. hmm

sarah293 Fri 04-Apr-08 14:37:20

Message withdrawn

bohemianbint Fri 04-Apr-08 14:38:01

riven - if mine start that caper they're straight into a burlap sack.

duchesse Fri 04-Apr-08 14:47:54

I hate all cats.

So not at all unreasonable I say.

PuppyMonkey Fri 04-Apr-08 14:48:56

I hate my cat too. His nickname is Shit Head. Complete git.

scorpio1 Fri 04-Apr-08 14:49:50

i hate my cat. she wants to sleep in my as yet unborn baby's pushchair angry

Miggsie Fri 04-Apr-08 14:51:22

If you invite a cat to live with you you have to accept their bizarre cat morals and standards.
Leaving half eaten prey is a sign of extreme affection as your cat is trying to teach you to fend for yourself in the wild by showing you safe eating animals!

Just like when my cat bites my head he is actually grooming me and has acecepted me as part of his social group, an honour.

chunkychips Fri 04-Apr-08 14:51:33

Message withdrawn

bohemianbint Fri 04-Apr-08 14:58:45

Their little foibles weren't such a problem pre-child. Now though, they sleep in his cot, fight outside his bedroom door when he is asleep, knock clean nappies off the radiator and wipe their muddy paws on them and just generally make me want to casserole them. It's a good thing I'm veggie.

ScarletA Fri 04-Apr-08 15:01:11

Mouses trousers on the kitchen floor. Nice. My cat only tortures them for HOURS. At least she doesn't eat their heads.

But better dead mice than live ones, hey?

Deux Fri 04-Apr-08 15:03:20

My sympathies. I have a love hate relationship with our cat. I call him Piss-off-cat. He's a prolific hunter but most of his catches are still very much alive when he brings them in. Recently had to take DS's bedroom apart so that I could catch mouse.

Last summer it was frogs. Went into the kitchen late one night in the dark, switched on light and screamed my head off at humungous frog/toad croaking in middle of floor. Daren't go barefoot.

Do bells on collars really work? Am seriously considering rehoming as can't cope with the rodents and baby due in summer. Should I close the cat flap so he has to wait to be let in thus allowing me to see if he's caught anything?

Advice appreciated.

bohemianbint Fri 04-Apr-08 15:04:54

My cats have bells. They still manage to kill stuff. It's ok in the winter, it's just from now things get minging. You could try locking them out and frisking them on the way in, but they might get cross and leave.

WigWamBam Fri 04-Apr-08 15:05:49

Our cat bought one in on Monday, and dh got her to drop it in the spare bedroom. Then he couldn't catch it.

It's still there. It keeps nicking the bait from the humane trap without setting it off so we know it's not decomposing somewhere ... it's no good setting the cat on it because she's a useless hunter (we get one or two a year; I suspect she lies down and opens her mouth, the mouse thinks it's his hole and runs in) and can't polish the little buggers off when she does catch them (no teeth, no brains).

I think I would rather have the mouse trousers on the floor and be able to get rid of it than spend a week hunting for the bloody thing ...

barnstaple Fri 04-Apr-08 15:08:00

Our cats give us frogs and worms to play with.

When dd was born we had 3 cats; they were all very protective of her and terribly concerned when she cried: they would come and perch as close to me as they could while I held her and put their paws comfortingly on whatever bits of her they could reach and purr loudly at her. It was terribly sweet. (Cat behavioursists - I know in Cat World they were probably doing some sort of ritual to kill noisy monster, buy hey I'll anthropomorphise however I want to!)

PuppyMonkey Fri 04-Apr-08 15:08:14

We've withdrawn cat flap privileges with our Shit Head. He's now either in or out at our discretion.

Lord knows what we're gonna do come summertime when the back door is open a lot though...

waffletrees Fri 04-Apr-08 15:09:25

I actually love cats (don't have one at the moment) but I could quite happily throttle the cat who does the biggest poos in history in my garden.

barnstaple Fri 04-Apr-08 15:10:01

Deux, your cat is trying to teach you how to survive. He's immensely proud of you since you caught that mouse, and may believe you are ready for bigger prey. Did you eat it? grin

bohemianbint Fri 04-Apr-08 15:11:32

This thread has cheered me up.

It does make me laugh that one of the only sentences DS can string together is "go 'way cat!" - said with real feeling.

sweetkitty Fri 04-Apr-08 15:14:06

I hate my three right now they are mostly indoor cats so no half mice thankfully.

One of them goes out, immediately wants back in (we don't have a cat flap) this goes on all day in out in out. They spit cat food on the floor, dusty footprints all over my clean floor. When they pee it comes out the litter tray (even though we have a covered litter tray), muddy footprints on clean duvets, cat hairs everywhere, eat too much food and sick it back up, nothing better than your first job in the morning is cleaning up piles of cat sick. Chase each other up and down the stairs at 3am.

Cats argh more hassle than the children.

PuppyMonkey Fri 04-Apr-08 15:18:19

Ah, yes. That awful moment when your cat starts making vomit noises and you know any minute, any minute, he's gonna throw up all over yer new cream carpet. And you rush to grab him and sling him outside, but it's too late...

Deux Fri 04-Apr-08 15:25:53

Barnstaple, oh no! I'm encouraging the cat! I do keep whispering 'blue cross' in his ear .... smile

MrsPuddleduck Fri 04-Apr-08 15:26:09

We are getting a kitten in a couple of lot have just really put me off the idea.........

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