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to try to ban camcorders from ds's preschool presentations?

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joyfulspike Wed 19-Mar-08 20:45:41

At xmas, it was ds's first xmas carol service. We couldn't see him at all as our view was blocked by a flock of bloody camcorderssad . The wielders were too far in front to just tap on shoulder and ask to hold lower and i didn't know the others in front well enought to as them to ask them iyswim?

Anyway to day was the first Easter parade, I spoke to the manager a few times about what happened at xmas and they asked all parents to be aware of others at the start of the parade. Camcorders were even mentioned in the preschool newsletter!

Although we were fairly close to the front, the camcorder bunch were very evident, I had 2 directly in front of me. I asked them politely if they could lower them as I couldn't see my son who was at the front of the stage. Instead, one ignored me completely and the other just shushed me angry! I asked again with same response from both, then I asked a little louder - aware that I was missing what was going on and I was starting to disturb the kids on the stage. The first one again ignored me and jerked away when I gently tapped her shoulder to get her attention. The second one turned round and told me to 'shut the fuck up' as I was ruining the performace for everyone shockangry. I decided not to say anything else and tried to peer between these two 'ladies' who kept moving to block my view (I'm sure it was deliberate). After the performance I noticed the two 'ladies' in their clique pointing and sniggering at me. The ignorant one came over and asked me if I saw anything and I said not really, two very selfish and ignorant women were in front completeing blocking my and other parent's view. She said 'good' and walked off. Must have reported back to the clique who all raised their mugs of tea in salute to me!

No-one spoke to me when I camme to collect ds at 3 today and the manager took me to one side and said that someone made a complaint I ruined the performance. Thankfully one of the staff had seen a little of what had gone on and defended me, also the parents behind us complained about the camcorders too.

All over fecking camcorders and their selfish owners. This has pissed me off so much that I am considering writing to the preschool and refusing to allow my son to be fimed in any way which will mean that they will have to ban camcorders to any other performance. AIBU??

moondog Wed 19-Mar-08 20:48:22

I would be sorely tempted to do what youb want to do.


I hate bloody camcorders anyway and think they should only be used in slightly shameful fashion in privacy of one's home. It is so oafish the way people obsess about recording everything and fail to enjoy anything as it happens.

Next time, get there early and sit right in the front wearing a very big hat.

cmotdibbler Wed 19-Mar-08 20:53:21

The school my mum used to work at banned all camcorders and had one parent who was a semipro film all performances. All parents could then buy a copy at a bit over cost with profits to the school. It was for just this reason that they did it.

constancereader Wed 19-Mar-08 20:54:50

Appalling behaviour - I am sorry you had to miss your son's performance. How dare they complain about you. Well done for what you said to them. I would discuss it further with the management and try to get cameras banned in future. People are too obsessed with filming things.

flatmouse Wed 19-Mar-08 20:55:51

People with camcorders should stand at sides and back. Camcorders have a zoom facility if required. Sounds like they more than a little rude and ignorant - the clique to avoid.

MaureenMLove Wed 19-Mar-08 20:56:05

angry Ignorant, selfish, b*stards! I would most definately be reporting your side of the story to the manager. Be careful about requesting that your son can't be filmed though. They may suggest that he isn't involved in future performances. Why don't you suggest that people with camcorders stand at the back of the hall. I assume camcorders have zoom lens, so it makes no difference.

joyfulspike Wed 19-Mar-08 21:00:17

Thank you all, I thought I was going a bit overboard with this! Will speak to the manager after easter and put forward your suggestions, I may also invest in a H U G E hat and get buy extra seats too!!

2shoesistheeasterbunny Wed 19-Mar-08 22:14:39

at xmas I managed to video the whole of dd's xmas play with the cam corder thing down low. i was very lucky to get a front row seat. and was aware of others.
this was a different set up than a ms school though,
surely if people want to video in that setting they should be told to stand at side out of the way.

mollymawk Wed 19-Mar-08 22:20:01

Sounds like the problem is these inconsiderate people rather than camcorders per se - people use them at DS2's preschool quite a lot and I haven't noticed any problems. Probably because the recorder people stand at the back. So I agree with MaureenMLove's suggestion.

cadelaide Wed 19-Mar-08 22:22:12

I just don't get the camcorder thing.

People end up experiencing everything "second-hand", through a lens.

Put the bloody things down and live it, FFS.

cadelaide Wed 19-Mar-08 22:22:35


perpetualworrier Wed 19-Mar-08 22:23:23

They sound hideous, but unfortunately, I think that if you refuse to allow your DS to be filmed, it will be him who is not allowed to take part rather than the camcorders that are banned.

At our school, you have to sign to say it's Ok for your child to be photographed, but if you don't sign, they don't get to take part.

I like cmot's idea. I would buy a decent recording of these performances.

mollymawk Wed 19-Mar-08 22:26:27

Camcorders are very nice for family members who can't actually get to the performance though. Eg if they are at work or at school.

OverMyDeadBody Wed 19-Mar-08 22:28:13

YANBU, those mums sound vile and their behaviour seems more appropriate for teenagers than grown women!shock

Comfort yourself with the fact that you are better than them and they probably live sad unfulfilled lives.

maisemor Thu 20-Mar-08 15:51:33

Can't you try to reach a compromise with them? For example suggest that at the next performance the school should divide the hall in to two sections, all the ones with camcorders can sit in one half of the room and obstruct eachother's view, and the other camcorderless people can sit in the other side with hopefully and unobstructed view.

lljkk Thu 20-Mar-08 18:13:11

maisiemor's idea sounds good.

There was a little boy who died suddenly & unexpectedly at DS school. Afterwards, the parents appealed for anyone who had film footage from the school Nativity play, or even photos of their little boy, that they could copy. There is a good side to what camcorders can record.

cadelaide Fri 21-Mar-08 09:14:41

excellent point lljkk

cazzybabs Fri 21-Mar-08 09:20:03

Why not buy your own or get their early to get a front row seat.

foofi Fri 21-Mar-08 09:24:15

At my children's schools they do a 'professional' video which can be purchased afterwards, and it means the parents don't bring their own camcorders - why don't you suggest that?

Reallytired Fri 21-Mar-08 09:55:50

The school I work at completely bans photography from school performances. They have one professional camera man who videos the performanace. The camera man is a on a scafford so does not restrict the views of parents. The parents can then purchase a nice video for £15. Half the profits go to the school.

Psychomum5 Fri 21-Mar-08 10:14:10

YANBU........they were!!!!

one thing tho, you can comfort yourself with the fact that your voice will be ruining their taped performance toogrin!(not suggesting your were loud obviously, but you speaking to them even quietly will be picked up, and them telling you to 'shut the fuck up' will also be recorded for posterity toogrin[mwhahaha]!

I feel there is a genuine need for e certain amount of recording.......when my girls are in their ballet shows, I am always helping back stage so ,iss it all, meaning I love the DVD of the performance after, but it is done by one person and we can all buy a copy......and it is decent sound with credits at the end too so their names come up thrilling them.

ignorent selfish women who will eventually get their come-uppence I am you wich you could record that moment tho grin

juuule Fri 21-Mar-08 10:14:21

Camcorders are at the side and back of performances at our school so not a problem.

corblimeymadam Fri 21-Mar-08 10:19:08

Message withdrawn

madamez Fri 21-Mar-08 10:19:48

YANBU but it sounds like the school needs to put in place some rules for camcorder use ie one side of the hall only, or by arrangement only, and anyone not abiding by the rules will have their camcorder conffiscated till after the performance or will be ejected.

corblimeymadam Fri 21-Mar-08 10:20:28

Message withdrawn

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