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To secretly think the posters who are men on MN must be big jessies?

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ssd Sat 02-Feb-08 11:11:22

I know I'll get pelters for this, but I do wonder about the male posters who are on here regularly,( I don't mean guys who post very seldom)

it's just that MN reminds me of chatting to other mums at the school gates and most guys I know would rather run a mile than stand with a group of mum's chewing the fat ( and guys who do love chatting to a group of women - hmm)

dh uses chat rooms to discuss football and that's about it

will have to hide now.

ItsNeverTooEarlyForPopcorn Sat 02-Feb-08 11:21:26

That's a bit mean.

Are we neglegent mums 'cos we spend time on here instead of with our kids?

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sat 02-Feb-08 11:23:17


One of the male posters that springs to mind is UnquietDad, and he is really entertaining. Leave them alone!!

Lulumama Sat 02-Feb-08 11:23:46

there was a thread about this a while ago, where someone thought men should not be allowed on MN at all

i will just say it is 'by parents for parents'

i imagine most of the male posters would stay away from the 'should i have a mirena or a copper coil' or 'my fanjo looks weird , does this sound normal to you' threads.....

but their opinions on a myriad of parenting issues are surely just as valid and a male perspective can be valuable

Lulumama Sat 02-Feb-08 11:25:58

it is inverted sexism, isn;t it?

my DH does not like football, he knows more about childbirth than most men, and would probably love it here, if i let him post wink

surely it is as silly as saying men should not be gynaes or midwives or work with children?

lottiejenkins Sat 02-Feb-08 11:26:19

I think that Dads should be allowed on Mumsnet just as much as Mums, they are equally in need of advice and support as much as Mums are and i certainly dont have a problem with it !!

Mercy Sat 02-Feb-08 11:27:47

'big jessies' ?????


harleyd Sat 02-Feb-08 11:31:32


and weird

BettySpaghetti Sat 02-Feb-08 11:32:21

I don't think a lot of the threads you get on here are exactly "mums at the school gates chewing the fat" (as you put it in your OP) type conversations or topics though are they?

ArmadilloDaMan Sat 02-Feb-08 11:33:01


They are people, just like women. They like what they like independant of sex

harleyd Sat 02-Feb-08 11:33:08

and what the hell does mums at the school gate chewing the fat mean anyhow

bran Sat 02-Feb-08 11:33:53

I find men who can converse instead of grunt and have a wider range of interests than just football much more attractive, not "jessies" at all. (Don't tell him anyone but I have a very slight crush on NannyNick. blush He's just so ... capable.) In fact I'm pretty sure I could never fancy a man who actually follows the football, but each to their own.

allgonebellyup Sat 02-Feb-08 11:34:10

Message withdrawn

ZippiBabes Sat 02-Feb-08 11:36:13

why wouldnt they want to be on here

it is fun and interesting and a large percentage of stuff is not about kids or womens interests

or i wouldnt be here either

ssd Sat 02-Feb-08 11:36:38

I didn't say they shouldn't be allowed to post, I just said I can't help thinking they are a bit of a jessie

BettySpaghetti Sat 02-Feb-08 11:36:52

shock at allgonebellyup.

I'm speechless.

What is wrong with men in childcare?

Frizbe Sat 02-Feb-08 11:37:52

well I know UDQ and he's not a big jessie shock

SorenLorensen Sat 02-Feb-08 11:38:00

Why would men want to be on here? Because it's about a million times more interesting than a football chat room, I guess.

ZippiBabes Sat 02-Feb-08 11:38:09

yep what is wrong with male nannies and i disagree whoelheartedly with your post..that is unkind

Mercy Sat 02-Feb-08 11:41:10

What's wrong with being a big jessie anyway? (whatever your definition of one is)

shock at allgonebellyup's post. That's pretty much a personal attack imo

allgonebellyup Sat 02-Feb-08 11:42:58

there is nothing wrong with male nannies per se, i just cannot understand why a man would want to do that job.
or why a fully grown man would rather be on here moaning with all of us fishwives than looking at porn, or at least talking to other men about footie??

allgonebellyup Sat 02-Feb-08 11:43:32

ok i apologise for my personal attack

ZippiBabes Sat 02-Feb-08 11:43:49


i really really cant believe you said that

SorenLorensen Sat 02-Feb-08 11:44:24

Porn and footie. You have a pretty low opinion of men, then.

ZippiBabes Sat 02-Feb-08 11:44:50

but not everyting on mn is moaning and im not a fishwife...

are you in the same forum?

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