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To not want to see right up someone's fanjo in a dressing room?

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VoluptuaGoodshag Wed 30-Jan-08 20:07:49

I'm fine with communal changing rooms, in fact I prefer them to squeezing into a single cubicle. But am I being a total prude when at the gym, after drying off, one female who is facing everyone, puts one leg up on the bench (she is totally naked btw) and starts larding body lotion on!! You could see her entire flabathea, not just the hairy bits.

myjobismum Wed 30-Jan-08 20:09:51

probably wouldnt have bothered me personally - however i think she should have been more respectful to others there and at least put her pants on!

nickytwotimes Wed 30-Jan-08 20:11:09

Some people would pay good money to see that! lol. Seriously though, it must be a bit distracting!

MAMAZON Wed 30-Jan-08 20:11:46

i find the women who take so long faffing about in the nude are just vain.

any normal person wants to get their clothes on quick sharp.

McDreamy Wed 30-Jan-08 20:12:26


needmorecoffee Wed 30-Jan-08 20:12:27

good grief. Enough to put you off dinner. Mind you, I'm boggling at 'going to the gym' grin

policywonk Wed 30-Jan-08 20:13:05

Flabathea... good word.

tissy Wed 30-Jan-08 20:13:26

we're used to cubicles at our swimming pool, but last autumn went to another pool whilst on holiday. dd and I were changing in a communal area, when another woman, sat down on the bench, legs akimbo, and started chatting! Dd turned to me, and said, not at all quitely, "Mummy, I can see right up that lady's bottom, and it's not pretty!" Luckily woman laughed like a drain and put her pants on.

Desiderata Wed 30-Jan-08 20:13:54

She's a lezzer.

tissy Wed 30-Jan-08 20:13:57


VVVQV Wed 30-Jan-08 20:15:17

Pah, s'not worth getting your knickers in a twist about.

brightwell Wed 30-Jan-08 20:17:50

Was once in a similar situation in the swimming pool changing room when ds (4 at the time) asked "why has that lady got string coming from her bottom?"

Shaniece Wed 30-Jan-08 20:21:23

I am at the gym most days and it pisses me off when women do this?? I mean why would you do this and make others feel uncomfortable?? The only reason I can think of is she was bragging/trying to flash her body to you all as if to say, "look how good I look" or she was a blardy lezza. Why else would you flash your fanjo like that?? Stupid bint!!

Aimsmum Wed 30-Jan-08 20:22:47

Message withdrawn

VoluptuaGoodshag Wed 30-Jan-08 20:25:52

OMG! It's a million times worse if it's someone you know

JoyS Wed 30-Jan-08 20:27:20

DH came home from the gym traumatized a few months ago after seeing some guy use the communal hair dryers to dry his bits.

It's gym changing rooms. They're all the same clearly. I have never seen so much fanny as since I got a gym membership. And as I stated once before on another thread, sometimes you're just not in the mood to see one are you!

Desiderata Wed 30-Jan-08 20:29:43

Ha ha ha Ainsmum grin

Thanks to you, I too have the picture in my mind for all eternity.


Hey.. what's with all these lezza comments?? Don't think it's relevant really.. I mean, would YOU flash YOUR fanny at a random group of men just because they were men? No I thought not..

Desiderata Wed 30-Jan-08 20:31:30

Yes, I do believe I would, Shiny grin

I mean normal people Desi... I am not at all surprised, for some reason, to hear that YOU would do this! grin

Desiderata Wed 30-Jan-08 20:36:32


Aimsmum Wed 30-Jan-08 20:37:03

Message withdrawn

nannyjo Wed 30-Jan-08 20:37:25

PMSL at this thread grin

I hope you couldn't smell it Ainsmum? grin

Oh God.. Ive grossed myself out now.... bleeuuurggghhhhh

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