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To think Jade Goody is actually quite pretty?

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LolaTheShowgirl Mon 21-Jan-08 01:11:07

Because I do!

cottonflee Mon 21-Jan-08 01:17:23

I think she is nice loking too, I just hope she didn't do the diet pills again.

expatinscotland Mon 21-Jan-08 01:17:31

I don't think she's pretty because inside she's shown herself as quite ugly.

That's what makes it for me.

MAMAZON Mon 21-Jan-08 01:21:41

i don't find her unattractive.
i dont know if i would go as far as to say she is pretty though.

Aitch Mon 21-Jan-08 01:22:30

filthy ugly inside, i can't believe she's worming her way back into public life.

expatinscotland Mon 21-Jan-08 01:23:29

no doubt, aitch.

ugly inside = well, ugly.

LolaTheShowgirl Mon 21-Jan-08 01:38:35

Oh yea, forgot how bloody racist she was/is...I fully take my word back as I believe everyone has to be pretty on the inside to be beautiful on the outside too.

MrsJohnCusack Mon 21-Jan-08 01:45:27

er no
just as aitch and expat say <fawn>

cottonflee Mon 21-Jan-08 01:55:37

Hang on, While I totally agree she is not a nice person at all on the inside, we were talking about the outtside.
I mean there are some truly gorgeous girls out there who are rotten to the core. Never been fond of Naomi Campbell myself ... gorgeous to look at but a spoilt nasty piece of work on the inside.
Going back to Jade Goody, I never was quite sure how that worked; how if your dad is black can you end as bigoted as her.

Aitch Mon 21-Jan-08 02:10:42

no i'm perfectly serious, she is not pretty because she's so ugly on the inside. i'd say you can see the same in all but the pics of Campbell when she was young.

expatinscotland Mon 21-Jan-08 02:20:42

to me, the outside is the same thing.

i hope i pass that on to my daughters.

her father was half-black, IIRC.

what does it matter?

racism and its ugliness comes from all quarters.

mummyfantastico Mon 21-Jan-08 02:27:07

i thought she was unattractive even before the racism thing

MumtoCharlotteMay Mon 21-Jan-08 02:45:19

I just think she's vile. <<Wrinkles Nose>>

cornsilk Mon 21-Jan-08 03:00:49

How has she managed to get back in the public eye anyway? She's a disgrace.

hanaflower Mon 21-Jan-08 07:31:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FairyMum Mon 21-Jan-08 07:34:48


lulumama Mon 21-Jan-08 07:36:12

agree with aitch and expat

a pretty young girl who has shown herself to be a nasty, ugly , jealous person and a racist to boot. and had lipo and said it was her fitness video that got her back in a liar too. allegedly.

and she is with a man who is an unfaithful cheat. great example for her two boys

so no, not pretty, not nice and not a role model in any way

YANBU as it is your opinion, but she is a nasty piece of work

belgo Mon 21-Jan-08 07:39:02

she would be pretty if she was a nice person.

yogimum Mon 21-Jan-08 08:18:38

well its hardly surprising how she turned out considering her upbringing so its not all her fault.

Shaniece Mon 21-Jan-08 08:24:51

YABU - she is ugly inside and out. Foul.

brimfull Mon 21-Jan-08 08:25:03

she has a nice figure

that's about it

oh and her hair's quite nice too

face is pug ugly

2shoes Mon 21-Jan-08 08:55:33

yabu she is rough

lulumama Mon 21-Jan-08 09:39:41

yogimum on Mon 21-Jan-08 08:18:38
well its hardly surprising how she turned out considering her upbringing so its not all her fault.

maybe so, but she never seems to learn from past mistakes, as an adult , she should have taken steps to educate herself rather than remain a 'racialist', she might not have had the best start in life, but that is not an excuse for the hideous vitriol she spewed out on BB.

yogimum Mon 21-Jan-08 09:45:51

Lulumama I agree entirely, but sometimes you have to look at the parentage and the enviroment she grew up in to see why she has turned out the way she has. She has behaved appallingly and as an adult she has to be held responsible for her actions. I feel sorry for her boys.

wannaBe Mon 21-Jan-08 09:55:16

if you're born ugly there's not a lot you can do about that.

But you can change the person you are.

Jade Goodie is not a nice person, so IMO it doesn't matter whether she's pretty or ugly - similarly if an ugly person is a lovely person inside you wouldn't notice what they looked like once you had got to know them.

I've been told I'm not pretty, but I would like to hope that people wouldn't judge me on that alone.

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