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to find it weird when someone winks at you..well er what are you supposed to do ffs

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ZippiBabes Mon 14-Jan-08 17:29:09

..ok I have two people who currently seem to think they have to wink at me one is one of my tutors hmm

so whenever he catches my eye he winks..

so eg i arrive to clas tlater than everyone else he looks at me and winks

in the middle of the lesson i look up and he winks at me...i just think well ermm doesn't this look a bit weird

he has also done it in the refectory

what the f am i supposed to do back

and a guy at the gym is doing it now too for eg he is sat on an exercise bike behind me who is on the travelator thingy.. i get off look up and he winks theatricaaly

what do you lot do to these winkers

DarthVader Mon 14-Jan-08 17:29:57

you should assume they fancy you

ZippiBabes Mon 14-Jan-08 17:31:56



yorkshirepudding Mon 14-Jan-08 17:32:29

Message withdrawn

OrmIrian Mon 14-Jan-08 17:32:48

I would probably assume it was a tic, or some dust. Something like that.

Offer some Optrex.

SpacecadetOnADiet Mon 14-Jan-08 17:33:53

the headmaster at my dc;s old primary school used to wink at me..slightly worryinghmm

cornsilk Mon 14-Jan-08 17:34:03

Are you a babe?

TheMNPeacekeepingForce Mon 14-Jan-08 17:35:53

Be grateful it was a wink and not a w*ank

TripleyTigger Mon 14-Jan-08 17:35:53


TheMNPeacekeepingForce Mon 14-Jan-08 17:36:13

oh no that asterisk was meant to be INSTEAD of the a not as well as!!!

ZippiBabes Mon 14-Jan-08 17:36:56

i just find it disconcerting..end up doing a kind of wank princess di look which is probably even worse

I do seem to find it happens quite a lot

not sure why

i guess it's better than that cheer up it mayn happen love which i used to get

maybe i just look more smiley these days hmm

ZippiBabes Mon 14-Jan-08 17:37:44

obvs i am noit a babe lol

tis irony

OrmIrian Mon 14-Jan-08 17:46:53

What is a 'wank princess look' zippi? Has it got something to do with f*ck-me shoes?


I got called 'sweetheart' by am aquaintance (I refuse to use the word 'friend') of DH's who is about 20 years younger than me. Being patronised is one thing, being patronised by a child is a step too far. I froze him with a look.

ZippiBabes Mon 14-Jan-08 17:49:36

tis an old crones coy look

ZippiBabes Mon 14-Jan-08 17:50:58

i am uhuh with a guy 20 years younger..don't think he has winked at me tho

Maidamess Mon 14-Jan-08 17:51:51

He hasn't just got an unfortunate tic has he?

lou33 Mon 14-Jan-08 17:53:35

lol zippi, ask them

ZippiBabes Mon 14-Jan-08 17:55:33

definitely not

gym guy is one of those benign used to be a boxer cuddly weight ligfters

lou33 Mon 14-Jan-08 17:57:10

does he wear his prizefighting belt all the time, to try and hide his beer belly?

ZippiBabes Mon 14-Jan-08 17:57:56

not quite but yep that is the type..he looks quite clean but is like an extra from the bill otherwise

Shitemum Mon 14-Jan-08 17:59:07

Maybe they wink at everyone? Some people are just winky types...

lou33 Mon 14-Jan-08 18:00:15

lol @ the bill

<i have rejoined pof btw>

ZippiBabes Mon 14-Jan-08 18:01:42

what was wrong with the french guy

tutor doesn't wink at anyone else..well not the other two women

wqould be weird if he did wink at the others as they are teenage lads

lou33 Mon 14-Jan-08 18:02:28

nothing wrong, he was very very nice

just keeping my options open

DrNortherner Mon 14-Jan-08 18:05:46

Winking is good I think. A Dad can do it to his daughter in a 'I'm proud of ou/well done' kind of way. A grown man only does it to a grown woman if he fancied her. imo.

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