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To really want a hot tub in our garden?

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dinny Sun 13-Jan-08 21:00:17

dh thinks I am mad but I love them! I want to sit and sup bubbly and look at the sky all evening. am I bonkers?

KatieScarlett2833 Sun 13-Jan-08 21:04:35

No, I want one too.

dinny Sun 13-Jan-08 21:05:41

so relaxing - dh reckons they are manky and full of pubes etc lol

poppy34 Sun 13-Jan-08 21:05:55

no I'd like one too ...

dinny Sun 13-Jan-08 21:07:05

let's start a petition with which to convince any disagreeing men it is a GOOD THING to have...

KatieScarlett2833 Sun 13-Jan-08 21:07:41

Count me in!

myermay Sun 13-Jan-08 21:07:47

Message withdrawn

MinkVelvet Sun 13-Jan-08 21:09:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dinny Sun 13-Jan-08 21:46:05

wonder what a ballpark figure is for an OK one - am thinking 6-8k....?

cadelaide Sun 13-Jan-08 21:47:45


snice Sun 13-Jan-08 21:50:05

Peple will think you are swingers -hot tubs are the new pampas grass you know

dinny Sun 13-Jan-08 21:50:10

that's dh's opinion - why are they naff? nouveau?

NutterlyUts Sun 13-Jan-08 21:53:09

You can get inflatable hot tubs eg here. Sounds like a compromise to me? My boss has one and raves about it!

snice Sun 13-Jan-08 21:55:10

That would just imply you are an occasional swinger who isn't really committed enough to get a real hot tub

dinny Sun 13-Jan-08 21:56:30

does it really scream swinger? can't you have one and not be a swinger?

PrettyCandles Sun 13-Jan-08 21:59:37

From time to time we set up our BPIAB in the garden as a family-sized paddling pool, filling it with hot water from the kitchen tap. It is such fun! And every time it makes me want a hot-tub. So, IMO, no, YANBU. Crazy maybe, but definitely YANBU.

Why not buy a BPIAB and one of those over-the-side-of-the-bath portable spas, and try it out. Would be about 1/4 the price of the inflatable spa!

snice Sun 13-Jan-08 22:01:16

You can- but people will wonder

dinny Sun 13-Jan-08 22:01:42

BPIAB? sorry, prob being really stupid!

southeastastra Sun 13-Jan-08 22:02:32

no you'll get legionnaire's disease

Artichokes Sun 13-Jan-08 22:03:21

I used to live in California where everyone seemed to have outdoor hot tubs. As it was so common there was no perception of it being tacky as there is here. I used to love getting in them on a cold, cold night. Hot water bubbling round you. Stars out. When we were at high school it was quite normal to finish any night out with an hour in the hot tub with your mates (in a very innocent, non-swingeresque manner).

seeker Sun 13-Jan-08 22:04:01

Our friends have one - it is seriously fab. Go for it!!!!!!!

Merlin Sun 13-Jan-08 22:04:43

We have one and it is fantastic! People do sometimes give you weird looks though when you tell them and think if you invite them round it will be the keys in the fruitbowl scenario!!

We have put ours in a cabin though so we use it more even in bad weather. We just open the doors so can see a bit of sky and stars!

dinny Sun 13-Jan-08 22:07:19

a friend of ours has one and that has got me seriously wanting one too! sooooo nice, am going to persuade dh - or just order one and not tell him, maybe as his next Chrismtas present, lol.... would always want a totally outdoor one though, to me that is the magic of it...

llareggub Sun 13-Jan-08 22:12:02

We have one. We had membership at a gym where there was a lovely, relaxing outdoor tub. DH and I used to go every evening, just before closing time to use it. After 6 months or so we decided to cancel the gym membership and use the money to buy our own.

That was in our pre-baby days and we hardly use it now.

It is lovely in summer when you can turn down the heat a bit and use it to cool off. I used to read a magazine for ages in ours. Winter is best on a very cold night.

We ignore the references to swingers. Whenever I go skiing I try to book a hotel with an outdoor pool. I've always loved being in warm water when it is very cold outside.

Agree with others - the children love it.

dinny Sun 13-Jan-08 22:12:59

what size one is best (fnarr fnarr)??

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