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to think this comment is totally inappropriate

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SantasLittleFriend Mon 24-Dec-07 20:44:22

I phoned my friend this evening to wish her a Merry Christmas & ask how her pg was going. My best mate is 41+5 weeks pg & a midwife came to do a sweep but it was'nt her regular midwife. She told her the usual that she should go into labour very soon blah blah, however, they said that with her DD 1 and she ended up getting to nearly 43 weeks & had to be induced.

The midwife told my friend that the best way to get into labour is to have sex but to swallow is more effective, my friend said "what do you mean by swallow" and she said "you know, oral". She wan't even laughing about it either.

I really cant believe a trained professional would say something like this. Should she report this midwife? I told her she should. I would be furious. Is she being unreasonable to report her because of this comment?

helenhismadwife Tue 01-Jan-08 20:58:56

I should think if SLF friend is still pregnant she will probably be blowing for england by now

a midwife has a duty to give all available information to the women she cares for so that they can make an informed decision so to report her for doing just that would be a really twatty thing to do

Desiderata Mon 31-Dec-07 00:34:59

s'possible grin

Any how, I guess that SantasLittleFriend has gone back to Lapland now for a much deserved rest grin

NorthernLurker Mon 31-Dec-07 00:27:36

Aha - so would you be the op's friend's midwife then?

Desiderata Mon 31-Dec-07 00:18:18

I love giving a good blow job, me.

ibblewob Mon 31-Dec-07 00:06:40

YABU - haven't read all the thread, but will file advice under 'interesting but probably not' (never know though, am 31 weeks at the mo!).

My MIL used to be a midwife and for some reason I never heard this from her grin

NorthernLurkerwithastarontop Mon 31-Dec-07 00:01:21

I've only read the op - from the midwife's point of view - knowing how the baby got in there and how it will be getting out - a little oral sex is hardly a controversial and shocking suggestion to make.

Staceym11PipersPiping Sun 30-Dec-07 23:58:52

expat, hopefully it gave you a giggle tho, did me!! grin

expatinscotland Sun 30-Dec-07 23:52:16

what stacey said.

can't believe i just read this entire thread.

get real.

Staceym11PipersPiping Sun 30-Dec-07 23:49:27

i have read the whole thread and PMSL at most of it

for those of you who care

i dont do blow jobs, i dont like them however if i had been overdue (jesus i was fed up and both mine were born at 38+5!!) i would have thanked any suggestion to get the bloody baby outta there!!!

i cant believe people could be offended by this, a little embarrassed possibly, but to warrant a complaint?

grow up

mosschops30 Sun 30-Dec-07 22:54:09

lol at applying to the cervix grin

dh couldnt bare the thought of sex when I was pg so when mw suggested some of his erm semen he made me give him a helping hand and then er presented me with it at the last minute grin shock

thought I'd give you all a giggle before bed. p.s. it didnt work I was induced at 40+15

time4me Sun 30-Dec-07 22:51:57

yes offensive in my opinion

MsHighwater Sun 30-Dec-07 22:40:58

I couldn't agree more (with phoebebouffet). My dd was born at 42+2 by emergency c-section following a failed induction. I would have walked on my hands if someone had told me it might have made me go into labour so a little bit of swallowing would have been nothing.

I'm reasonably sure that, if the OP's friend does register a complaint, it will be treated with the derision it deserves.

Octo Sun 30-Dec-07 22:39:22

thread killer grin

Octo Sun 30-Dec-07 22:37:26

or 'mayo on your hamburger' grin yuk!

Blu Sun 30-Dec-07 22:37:21

Was the mw dressed in a short frilly comedy-porn skirt and offering to demonstrate her suggestion with a threesome of other mws and the OP's friend's DH?

If not, I'm not at all sure why it was innapropriate of her or reportable.

phoebebouffet Sun 30-Dec-07 22:31:27

Well I wish someone would have told me this when I was 41 weeks gone. Would have been a whole lot easier than the 'applying it directly to the cervix' method!

AGlassOfMerlot Thu 27-Dec-07 23:12:30

I prefer AGlassOfMerlot obvioulsy grin.

MotherFunk Thu 27-Dec-07 23:10:48

Message withdrawn

AGlassOfMerlot Thu 27-Dec-07 23:06:31

I hate blow jobs myself grin.

revgreen Thu 27-Dec-07 23:05:07

I think that your friend should count herself lucky that she has a midwife who has more than 8 seconds to talk to her. My SIL is 22 weeks with her 1st pregnancy and apart from her scan she has only seen the MW twice.

Being pregnant infers a basic level of knowledge about sex and its hardly the MW fault that your friend didn't know what 'swallow' meant.

I'm sure that this has been said before but if I read over 300 posts on blowjobs then I wouldn't have time to give any.

MotherFunk Thu 27-Dec-07 22:55:08

Message withdrawn

AGlassOfMerlot Thu 27-Dec-07 22:50:16

I remeber MotherSpunk - oops I mean MotherFunk from the Amsterdam thread- classic.

MotherFunk Thu 27-Dec-07 22:48:33

Message withdrawn

MotherFunk Thu 27-Dec-07 22:45:14

Message withdrawn

littlelapin Thu 27-Dec-07 22:43:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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