Will Johnson be gone before Christmas or after?

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Sarahlou63 Tue 07-Dec-21 22:38:42

I'm thinking the 1922 committee grandees will run out of patience fairly soon. So will Johnson stand aside to be a better parent before Christmas or will he continue to drag his party into the shit into 2022?

YABU - hangs on for grim death

YANBU - Who the fuck is Johnson?

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delilabell Tue 07-Dec-21 22:40:52

The more he gets away with the more he thinks he can do.
It really does look like one rule for them and another for everyone else

Opal8 Tue 07-Dec-21 22:42:43

He's got an 80 seat majority

Until the voters who handed him that victory start bleating then he's pretty safe

The tories learnt a LOT from Trump and the GOP...

BlameItOnTheBlackStar Tue 07-Dec-21 22:46:22

He's not going any time soon. Although I am interested that this Christmas party thing continues to rumble on.

But no. Even if he goes he's shifted the landscape in terms of what's feasible/acceptable behaviour for a PM, so the next person is likely to use that to their advantage.

Redshoeblueshoe Tue 07-Dec-21 22:48:46

I don't think the 1922 committee will want him to still be leader by the next election.

3scape Tue 07-Dec-21 22:49:26

Tory voters will keep voting for him because they think rules aren't for THEM they're for plebs etc, they're just like him.

Cheerbear24 Tue 07-Dec-21 22:49:32

He’s gaslit the whole country time and time again. The rules are for the plebs only.


JazzyBBG Tue 07-Dec-21 22:51:03

Who would they replace him with though? Bloody Gove?!

TwinklyBranch Tue 07-Dec-21 22:51:19

They'll want the pandemic to be well behind us before they get rid of him. Then a fresh start with a new leader in time for the next election.

Sloth66 Tue 07-Dec-21 22:52:32

Given so many people trot out the “Labour Would Be Even Worse “argument, I’d guess he’s safe.
I am embarrassed and disgusted at what passes for government in this country.

KeyErro Tue 07-Dec-21 22:53:37

He's venal, incompetent and utterly deceitful.
Millions of people knew that and fucking voted for him anyway.
I've no idea what you mean by "stand aside to be a better parent" he plainly doesn't give a shit about his latest wife or any of his many kids.

PinkAndPurpleClouds Tue 07-Dec-21 22:55:00

We need another General Election.

May 2022 will do. I'll wait.

Opal8 Tue 07-Dec-21 22:55:12


Who would they replace him with though? Bloody Gove?!


Sarahlou63 Tue 07-Dec-21 22:56:12

He can be "persuaded" to stand aside to spend more time with his family (assuming he can remember all their names and where he left them).

I'd guess Sunak would be ushered in (after a fair and balanced leadership contest, naturally).

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Flake123 Tue 07-Dec-21 22:58:51

He will hang on for dear life unfortunately.

And the spineless Conservative MPs will continue to tolerate him (for a bit longer anyway) as they are happy selling their souls and destroying any credibility they have as a party in the name of this ‘popular’ Prime Minister.

I despair of it - I really do.

sst1234 Tue 07-Dec-21 23:01:23

Hopefully before. He’s beyond useless and incompetent.

the80sweregreat Tue 07-Dec-21 23:03:47

They won't do anything , yet
Trouble will start if this new variant is as bad as delta is and more restrictions have to be brought in.
Nobody will follow them and then it might dawn on the 1922 committee that there is a huge problem they can't wriggle out of.
Also the new ' blue wall ' ( once a red wall ) needs to learn that lending a con man like Boris Johnson your vote was always going to bite you on the bum eventually.
I think he'll hang on till after Christmas at least.
Plus he wasn't at this party. That might have been a different story if he had been there and he would definitely be gone by now!
Who knows , though ?

madroid Tue 07-Dec-21 23:06:58


It's not gaslighting, it's lying. Pure deceit. Big shiny whoppers. Utterly two-faced.

Boris Johnson will go down in history as the most dishonest and deceptive PM we've ever had. #Boristheliar

MapleMay11 Tue 07-Dec-21 23:11:00

Boris Johnson's going nowhere. Starmer and Rayner make themselves look more ridiculous by the day - they're the gift that keeps on giving to the Tories.

logsonlogsoff Tue 07-Dec-21 23:13:06

Someone at work actually did the ‘ oh wee so ahead with our vaccinations that am to Boris, isn’t he great, isn’t Britain great’…
You can’t argue with stupid

the80sweregreat Tue 07-Dec-21 23:13:17

Starmer needs replacing , fast
I've always said this, whilst he is in the opposition the Tories will get away with all of it.

TheGoogleMum Tue 07-Dec-21 23:13:46

Although I have heard the odd rumour that his own party have had enough of him I can't see him going before Christmas1

womanity Tue 07-Dec-21 23:15:54

They’ll let the next wave of omicron and whatever else be on his watch too and replace him next autumn.

It won’t be Hunt - he’s far too sane - has to be someone to appease the crazed very right wingers.

Sunak would be my bet. Presentationally he’s the polar opposite of Johnson.

sst1234 Tue 07-Dec-21 23:16:53


Boris Johnson's going nowhere. Starmer and Rayner make themselves look more ridiculous by the day - they're the gift that keeps on giving to the Tories.

Labour need to get rid of ‘half woman, half hairdo’ Rayner. An Tories need to get rid of ‘half man half hairdo’ Johnson

MindTheGapMoveAlong Tue 07-Dec-21 23:20:05

I’m expecting him to announce ‘deeply regret…ahem, err, burn-out waffle waffle long Covid, complications err,, Churchill, country first, waffle, sacrifice, something obscure about Plato or So-crates, possibly a bit of cod Latin, oops, err Carrie up the duff again (also at least 3 Downing street staffers. Allegedlyy), so long and thanks for all the fish. But not before Christmas.

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