To wonder why this has come through the post for DH..?

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namechangedaily Tue 07-Dec-21 14:43:26

Saw an opened perfumed shaped parcel on the side and curiosity got the better of me so thought I'd sneak and see if it was the Chanel perfume I'd be hinting about. Found this..
Would you assume it's a secret Santa?
Or I've just had a baby and he clearly isn't getting enough...

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Nap1983 Tue 07-Dec-21 14:45:40

Just ask straight out and gauge his reaction

GertrudePerkinsPaperyThing Tue 07-Dec-21 14:47:06

Nice nails!

DeclareThePenniesOnYourEyes Tue 07-Dec-21 14:47:19

I mean, I couldn’t get too mad about this if it’s for him. I’ve got a vibrator. Just ask, surely?

999caffeineplease Tue 07-Dec-21 14:48:04

I’d just ask him, and not go snooping again.

Either way I don’t actually think there’s an issue. Plenty of people have sex toys while also having a satisfying and fulfilling sexual relationship with their OH.

ginislife Tue 07-Dec-21 14:48:15

Someone sent it him as a joke ??

5thnonblonde Tue 07-Dec-21 14:48:27

They’re expensive aren’t they? Occam’s razor and all that.


TakeYourFinalPosition Tue 07-Dec-21 14:49:12

It’d be a pretty random and inappropriate Secret Santa… and it’s £15, so above the limit for most of the ones I’ve been involved in. But I have seen people being given sex toys (and cringed hard!) at work secret santas, so it’s possible…

All you can do is ask him, really.

Marvellousmadness Tue 07-Dec-21 14:49:31

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simpledeer Tue 07-Dec-21 14:49:49

Is he the sort of man who would buy something that juvenile as secret santa?

Either way - shame on you for snooping!!!!!

userxx Tue 07-Dec-21 14:51:22

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Marvellousmadness Tue 07-Dec-21 14:52:16

Ps why are you snooping???

User156 Tue 07-Dec-21 14:52:52

It’s obviously something he has bought for himself. Is this an issue for you? I don’t think it’s a big deal for people to have sex toys, so I wouldn’t get upset. I might be slightly embarrassed but that would be my fault for snooping.

Fetchthevet Tue 07-Dec-21 14:53:32


CombatBarbie Tue 07-Dec-21 14:54:07

Do you own any sex toys? Do you masturbate alone? I don't see what the issue is tbh

BIWI Tue 07-Dec-21 14:54:11

Why on earth would you open a parcel that's not addressed to, or for you?!

Marvellousmadness Tue 07-Dec-21 14:55:57

@userxx harsh? Its just reality really...

A lot of women stop having sex 1-2 months before having their baby and then don't engage is intercourse for 2-3-4 months more after the baby is born

Why do you think most marriages fall apart the first year after the baby is born? Having a newborn is tough. But having no sex is tough too!...cut the man some slack

Bellyups Tue 07-Dec-21 14:56:23

That’s not a secret Santa gift grin

MarbleQueen Tue 07-Dec-21 14:57:27


katieg03 Tue 07-Dec-21 14:58:03

Love honey is a pretty genuine site. How are you going to wrap it back up and pretend you didn't open it? 🤦🏼‍♀️

Youll have to fess up and ask now I guess. I'd say he bought it for himself tho

Starcaller Tue 07-Dec-21 14:58:08

Secret Santa grinWho does he do SS with to get something like that?!

Snooping never ends well!

askingforafriend80 Tue 07-Dec-21 14:58:45

But if it’s open does that mean your dh has just left it laying around?

Kbyodjs Tue 07-Dec-21 14:59:15

Hmm good reason why you shouldn’t open someone else post

girlmom21 Tue 07-Dec-21 15:00:24

I don't believe you thought that was perfume at all...

Starcaller Tue 07-Dec-21 15:01:08

You could do what Charlotte from SATC did with the porn mag and stick your face on it somewhere grin

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