To wonder why do few girls have short hair nowadays

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Chewystick Sun 05-Dec-21 00:52:01

That’s it really. When I was at high school (80s), half the girls had short hair. However, I can only think of one girl my DDs (who have long hair) have known through school who had short hair and she has long hair now. When did short hair fall out of favour?

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CountessOlenka Sun 05-Dec-21 01:01:11

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EightWheelGirl Sun 05-Dec-21 01:02:21

Fashion was more punky in the 80s. It’s like how you rarely see blokes with ponytails nowadays.

That said, a lot of non binary girls seem to have the Harry Potter look.

Seafog Sun 05-Dec-21 01:02:53

Same reason we stopped wearing shoulder pads, fashions change

FuckinGoddess Sun 05-Dec-21 01:02:58

This is the fashion these days. Also, as a PP said, shorter hairstyles are unforgiving. You need a good bone structure to pull off short hair.

Mosbiusdesigns Sun 05-Dec-21 01:03:28

I would love to have short hair but I find it much more work than long hair, maybe some girls/women find the same.

MaryAndGerryLivingInDerry Sun 05-Dec-21 01:03:43

Hair styles follow trends. The current trend for the young folk is very long hair. It will change.

Are you concerned about it?


generalh Sun 05-Dec-21 01:04:32

I have short hair but then I am 55!

TheLovelinessOfBaublyDemons Sun 05-Dec-21 01:06:05

Long hair, loose, is trendy amongst teenagers at the moment.

MaryAndGerryLivingInDerry Sun 05-Dec-21 01:06:10

Fwiw I’ve had long hair all my life but decided to cut it all off in the summer as my hair was just so much hassle. I hated having to wash it, dry it, do anything with it and when I didn’t do anything (which was most of the time) it was just scraped back in a bobble and looked shit. So it in cut it and I love it now. It is zero maintenance. I wash and go.

Kanaloa Sun 05-Dec-21 01:06:50

My youngest has short hair. Oldest used to but she wanted to grow it long. There are a few girls with bobs/pageboy type styles who I know.

It’s just fashion really. When I was young it was all about iron straight hair that looked awful and flat. Probably soon it will be all short hair that’s trendy!

TrickorTreacle Sun 05-Dec-21 01:07:51

They're following Disney characters I'd imagine?

dropitlikeitsloth Sun 05-Dec-21 01:11:25

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theriverrunsthrough Sun 05-Dec-21 01:15:08

Because SM has 'got them'.

This is why its banned in my house.

SM has been the scourge of our young females

kylie122 Sun 05-Dec-21 01:16:37

I think bcz hair extensions are more popular now and all the insta models have it it promotes long hair

NoddyMcdoddy Sun 05-Dec-21 01:17:16

Hair styles follow trends. Long hair is the current trend. You don’t tend to see mojawks, perms or mullets these days either.

NoddyMcdoddy Sun 05-Dec-21 01:17:38

FFS. Mohawks

Chewystick Sun 05-Dec-21 01:18:08

The stats might show kids are much fatter overall but the ones I see don’t seem any different to when I was at school. I haven’t really seen short hair on school girls for the 10+ years my DDs have been at school so if it’s just fashion, that seems a long cycle for a trend

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SnoopsCaliforniaRoll Sun 05-Dec-21 01:19:31

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StrychnineInTheSandwiches Sun 05-Dec-21 01:19:49

Agree it hasn't been a thing since the 80s. When I was in primary school then, half of the girls would have had short hair. You rarely see a primary school age girl with short hair these days.

MaryAndGerryLivingInDerry Sun 05-Dec-21 01:21:55

10 years isn’t particularly long. If I think of the 60’s I think of short pixie cuts or beehives. The 70’s- farah fawcett feathered styles or long unstyled with centre partings. 80’s- perms or mullets. Those are all 10 year periods.

Soldoutinyoursize Sun 05-Dec-21 01:25:48

I think fashion used to be much more individual style. Whenever I drop my teens off to school all the girls look the same. Messy bun, oversized hoodie, leggings or mom jean with white sport socks & what look like 80's trainers. Nobody wants to step out of the norm. It's a lot to do with Insta & tik tok I think.

Chewystick Sun 05-Dec-21 01:26:02

I think it’s been longer than 10 years, I’ve just been paying more attention since having DDs. My friends who are the same age as me (40s) are also as likely to have short hair as long hair, it just seems to be the younger ones who all have long hair as far as I can see.

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floatinginmyhomie Sun 05-Dec-21 01:28:51

Mullets are back now, I’ve seen so many people with them, boys and girls. For me (early 20s), I tried short hair for a few years but it was much more upkeep than my long hair so I grew it out. I imagine it might be the same for others

MaryAndGerryLivingInDerry Sun 05-Dec-21 01:28:53

Is it a problem?

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