Hairdresser refusing appointment for DC

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storminateacupagain Sat 04-Dec-21 12:16:41

I have been going to the same hairdresser every 6 weeks for years, My DC's 5 and 2 usually come with me every second visit for tidy up/trims. DS in particular has very curly hair and after a while his hair is totally wild, I always book appointments for them same time as me.
Last visit for when l tried to rebook for us all just before Christmas l was told that they were not doing any childrens hair for the month of December,.
Surely this is unfair for regular clients?

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Lockheart Sat 04-Dec-21 12:19:26

Unfair how? Just go in January.

AFS1 Sat 04-Dec-21 12:19:57

Sorry, but I don’t think that’s unreasonable. It’s the busiest time of year for hairdressers, they’ve had a really disrupted 18 months with lockdowns. It’s entirely reasonable that they want to maximise their income this month by filling their diaries with full price clients (I’m assuming you don’t pay adult prices for your children’s haircuts).

storminateacupagain Sat 04-Dec-21 12:24:06

DS's hair is awfully curly- his cut was due mid December but was refused an appointment and by January ( they reopen 12th January) his cut will be 5 weeks overdue. DD would be fine.
I guess l will take him elsewhere- they charge £15 per visit so it is not as if it is a cheap visit.

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Sciurus83 Sat 04-Dec-21 12:25:26

No it isn't unfair, they are a business they can set any rules they like. December is the busiest month, many of them are on the brink of collapse after the last 18 months. They probably need to fill those appointments with the highest paying clients they can to stay open and survive, I'm sure there will be somewhere else if you have to, or wait till January. But cut your place some slack, I doubt they're doing that unless they have to.

Blahdyblahbla Sat 04-Dec-21 12:27:07

Jeez, entitled much!?

Thegreencup Sat 04-Dec-21 12:27:14

Just go elsewhere? For you as well.

Also, invest in some clippers for the boys hair. My DS has curly hair (as do I!) and I get it. He needs a grade 3 doing every month to keep it how he likes it. So we invested in some clippers over lockdown.


icedcoffees Sat 04-Dec-21 12:27:19

£15 is very cheap when they can charge 2-3 times that for adults who don't wriggle and cry lol.

RubyTuesday70 Sat 04-Dec-21 12:27:31

I always book mine for the last week of November to avoid this problem.

I'm just glad that they're back at full speed and making money again tbh.

Sciurus83 Sat 04-Dec-21 12:27:33

£15 is cheap.....

WellLarDeDar Sat 04-Dec-21 12:28:03

It's a bit inconvenient for you but it's not in any way unfair. Not even slightly.

Notimeforaname Sat 04-Dec-21 12:28:31

It's their business, they said no. Not unfair,its how business works.

nancy75 Sat 04-Dec-21 12:28:40

Although it’s not overly cheap for a child’s haircut it is a lot less than they would charge an adult, at this time of year they want to fit in the full paying customers, not the £15 kids.
This year especially they will be looking to maximise income after being closed for months earlier in the year.

yougottasmilesobright Sat 04-Dec-21 12:28:44

Not unfair at all ! Either take them somewhere else or wait till January!

fizzybootlace Sat 04-Dec-21 12:28:58

I get what others are saying but I'd be annoyed too OP, as you are a long time customer . But as you say, you'll have to elsewhere. 5 weeks over is a long time for some types hair/smaller heads!

Choice4567 Sat 04-Dec-21 12:29:50

YABU. The hairdresser can decide what they want to do. It’s a mild inconvenience to you, nothing more

Coffeepants Sat 04-Dec-21 12:31:59

I think its pretty rubbish if you a regular client and would put me off using them if they were doing it solely so they could fill up with more expensive services. Children haircuts are cheaper but also take a lot longer and they don’t usually wash, blow dry, etc.

LuaDipa Sat 04-Dec-21 12:32:15

Sorry but they are well within their rights to do this, it’s their business.

You are also well within your rights to choose to go elsewhere if this is inconvenient for you.

FlibbertyGibbitt Sat 04-Dec-21 12:33:02

They’re full of people wanting their done for Christmas. Get it done after. Job done.

RoastPotatoQueen Sat 04-Dec-21 12:33:41

Find a different hair dresser if your unhappy with their policy.

bellamountain Sat 04-Dec-21 12:34:12

I'd find a new hairdresser. I think it's poor service.

Coffeepants Sat 04-Dec-21 12:34:13

Sorry meant take a lot less time.

CloudyStorms Sat 04-Dec-21 12:34:21

Seems sensible to me. They need to make as much money as they can in this period in order to survive.

FrownedUpon Sat 04-Dec-21 12:35:18

The world doesn’t revolve around you or your child’s hair. Honestly get a grip.

Just10moreminutesplease Sat 04-Dec-21 12:35:47

I’d change hairdressers tbh. They work on having regular clients and loyalty goes both ways.

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