London flat €400k convenient to West End?

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NotJustACigar Thu 02-Dec-21 22:14:23

Please can I have some advice on whether AIBU to look for a flat that's 30 minutes or less walking distance from the West End please? If so where should I look? A 1 bedroom would be OK but not in a high rise building or above a restaurant. Just me and DH, no children. I want a place where I can easily go to the theatre and walk home afterwards. Thank you.

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NotJustACigar Thu 02-Dec-21 22:14:51

That should be £400k not euros blush

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ManicPixie Thu 02-Dec-21 22:15:54

Walking distance from the west end? You’ll be lucky to find a broom closet at that price.

NuffSaidSam Thu 02-Dec-21 22:16:36

Not a chance.

sheusesmagazines Thu 02-Dec-21 22:17:07

YABU, you'd probably need at least £800k for that

VestaTilley Thu 02-Dec-21 22:17:20

Why are you posting on here not looking on Right Move??

NuffSaidSam Thu 02-Dec-21 22:17:47

You could get a flat a 30 min tube ride from the west end for that price, but it would be either small or not in a nice area.


LaurieFairyCake Thu 02-Dec-21 22:17:50

What do you mean a 1 bed would be ok confused

Did you mean to put a studio would be ok?

ChangeChingyChange Thu 02-Dec-21 22:17:58

I guess you don't live in London at the moment because if you did you'd know what an unobtainable request that is.

Constellationstation Thu 02-Dec-21 22:18:08

I think you’d be looking more at £4,000,000 for something like that

AntiHop Thu 02-Dec-21 22:18:57


Why are you posting on here not looking on Right Move??

I often wonder that about these kind of threads. Put your budget into rightmove and choose an area!

Bouncebacker Thu 02-Dec-21 22:19:01

You would be better off asking for this to be moved to the property pages - but there are a few….

BendingSpoons Thu 02-Dec-21 22:19:11

That's going to be a tricky ask. You would need to look at a tube ride away or up your budget.

BendingSpoons Thu 02-Dec-21 22:20:40

The one linked above has 27 years on the lease, so you'll need a huge sum to extend that.

gogohm Thu 02-Dec-21 22:20:46


That's unmortgagable due to a very short lease

OneRingToRuleThemAll Thu 02-Dec-21 22:20:54

You might get somewhere with a low lease term remaining but it would be un mortgagable.

vapourtrail Thu 02-Dec-21 22:21:37

I would say your best chance is to look towards Elephant and Castle, probably the cheapest area that is still in zone one, but with a lot of money being ploughed into the area.

DeepaBeesKit Thu 02-Dec-21 22:21:47

You would probably pay 400k for a tiny "studio" - eg a bedroom with a toilet in a cupboard and a microwave on a shelf, within 30 minutes walk of the west end.

Unless you pay cash and buy an uninsureable flat with a huge cladding issue in an ex local authority high risk. You risk compulsory purchase and it being torn down etc.

maofteens Thu 02-Dec-21 22:21:57

There are studio flats for less than £400k. But they are all less than 400sq ft too. Teeny.

WhenISnappedAndFarted Thu 02-Dec-21 22:22:17

OP I live in Zone 3 SW London and there's no chance you could get anything here let alone close to the West End for that price.

Bouncebacker Thu 02-Dec-21 22:23:22

KylieKoKo Thu 02-Dec-21 22:23:29

I'd like a two bed in a zone 2 nice area with a garden for a tenner. Sadly it's not possible op.

Bouncebacker Thu 02-Dec-21 22:23:38

Cyberworrier Thu 02-Dec-21 22:24:06

It's quite a strange pre-requisite, being able to walk to west end in 30 mins. Is this for work or for socialising?

Parts of Islington/Camden (the Kings Cross/Euston ends) would be 30 mins walk if you're a brisk Walker but £400k is not a realistic budget for those areas. If there are any flats at 400k or under they would probably have very short leases/be serious renovation projects/in tower blocks.
Thinking south of the river, the above probably also applies to Lambeth/Kennington/Bermondsey areas.

I would look into where you could quickly and easily get a train into Charring Cross station instead, that would open up lots of SE london and you could get a much nicer flat.

Justcannotbearsed Thu 02-Dec-21 22:25:11

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