To not appreciate vibrators etc playing a part on family dramas!

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Chamomileteaplease Sat 27-Nov-21 13:32:22

Last night I started watching Bump on iplayer. In the first five minutes there is a scene where the mother's vibrator falls on the floor and is seen in all its glory.

I watched the first episode and it seemed like an OK drama, the kind you might watch with your older teens. But why do they have to throw in the vibrator scene? It wasn't needed and is just an embarrassment to the audience. Are they trying to be edgy??

A similar thing with Fleabag - I thought it would be a good series to watch with my older teenage daughter but then I remembered the first episode where she benignly accepts unasked for anal sex. The rest of the series is quite full on I would say, but nothing that bad again, from memory.

AIBU to be pissed off that programmes that might offer good family watching with older teens can be spoiled by unwarranted, in your face sexual scenes? Interested to hear if others agree.

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Mantlemoose Sat 27-Nov-21 13:33:03

No, I'm with you. Its poor writing IMO.

Sparklingbrook Sat 27-Nov-21 13:34:43

I agree. Also I found Bump a very weird watch TBH. Some strange family dynamics and a baby that seemed to not require much.

NuffSaidSam Sat 27-Nov-21 13:35:54


Fleabag is not a family drama! Although it is suitable for older teens even with the anal sex bit (talk to your teens about it!).

I haven't seen Bump. If it is aimed at families then I would agree about the vibrator, but sounds like it's also not a family drama. It's perfectly acceptable for older teens to know about vibrators!

Carrotte Sat 27-Nov-21 13:37:01

Does it not warn you that there's adult content?

CarrotSticks19 Sat 27-Nov-21 13:38:23

I would say neither of those things prohibit older teens watching, it's just a vibrator, they will probably have seen one before. Fleabag is hardly a family drama, it's an adult comedy show.

FionnulaTheCooler Sat 27-Nov-21 13:41:04

Bump has quite a few explicit sex scenes so I wouldn't continue watching it with your teenagers if you're going to be embarrassed about that kind of thing. It wasn't really what I was expecting either, I thought it was going to be more focused on Oli learning to accept motherhood and take care of the baby, it seemed pretty unrealistic to have her stick the baby in a sling and carry on going to school as normal. Definitely wouldn't have happened at my school, a friend who had a teen pregnancy had childminder hours funded for her to let her continue her education, no way school would have allowed a young baby in the classroom.


notacooldad Sat 27-Nov-21 13:41:31

Bump isnt a cozy family drama.
Isnt it on well after the 9.00pm watershed. I saw it after news at 1p so it was on about 10.40pm.
It's not aimed at young teens and older teens would know about the stuff you are complaining about anyway.

Chestnutshell Sat 27-Nov-21 13:42:51

What’s shocking about a vibrator?

2typesofjungle Sat 27-Nov-21 13:44:10

I think it's pretty reasonable that some shows are not for watching with your teenage children, and that you take some responsibility for deciding what you watch.

HollowTalk Sat 27-Nov-21 13:44:55

My only gripe about fleabag was that anal sex scene at the start. It's the only bit I would cut from the whole lot.

In a way I felt she was sorting the viewers out into those who would stick with the programme and those who would switch off.

TabithaTiger Sat 27-Nov-21 13:48:04

Seriously? I think older teens know what a vibrator is! Did you never watch Inbetweeeners with your teens?

DriftingPlateTectonic Sat 27-Nov-21 13:48:06

Fleabag isn't something I'd watch with my teen, but I don't think the anal sex part is over the top or out of place in what is a very well written and acted show. If you don't want to risk a dildo showing up, you're going to have to make different choices about what you watch together.

BarefootHippieChick Sat 27-Nov-21 13:54:18

I've never seen either of these so can't comment on them in particular, but I think if you choose to watch anything with older teens you run the risk of one of you being embarrassed about some form of sex scene. There's very little content made these days that doesn't have any in. I guess it all depends on how comfortably you/your teen are with viewing it together.

NightmareSlashDelightful Sat 27-Nov-21 14:01:56

Neither Bump nor Fleabag are 'family dramas'. They're not Hamish Macbeth!

Chamomileteaplease Sat 27-Nov-21 14:03:22

Glad some agree smile.

I suppose I feel that a bit of "normal" sex under the covers, the usual sort of stuff is bearable but for me, vibrator stuff is going further. A teen might know what one is, but you don't necessarily want to watch that stuff with them grin.

I only watched the first episode of Bump so acquiesce that it perhaps isn't the family drama I thought it was. I figured a series about a teenage pregnancy would be suitable for a 16 year old. Maybe not.

Anyway, it is good to hear the views of others.

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BeingATwatItsABingThing Sat 27-Nov-21 14:04:43

Haven’t seen either but the vibrator one sounds like you being a bit prudish. The anal sex one sounds like something to discuss about consent.

How old are your teens?

Vursayles Sat 27-Nov-21 14:06:14

Fleabag is absolutely brilliant, one of a kind, but absolutely not to watch with teenagers! The utter filth starts pretty early in the first episode so if you’d proof-watched even a little bit you’d have realised that.

GozillaGirl Sat 27-Nov-21 14:06:19

I felt like this about Ginny and Georgia. Thought it might be like Gilmore Girls, some hinted at sex but nothing to explicit. Think actually teens can watch it by themselves!

Agree that Fleabag is for adults.

MadeOfStarStuff Sat 27-Nov-21 14:10:11

Maybe stick to watching actual family dramas with your teenagers then

Many things that teenagers and adults both watch are things they wouldn’t want to watch with their mum or daughter

Bagelsandbrie Sat 27-Nov-21 14:10:29

You probably won’t want to watch Sex Education on Netflix then… which is a shame because it’s absolutely superb and perfect as a conversation starter with older teens 16/17 plus. (Although dd and I watched it separately and then chatted about it later - she’s 18).

SleepingStandingUp Sat 27-Nov-21 14:10:50

Bump is 15+ so it's more your comfortableness around your daughter than it being inappropriate for a young person who can legally have sex. How will you feel if she wants to talk to you about her bf wanting anal sex or the girls in school all saying they have a vibrator?

Dahlietta Sat 27-Nov-21 14:12:16

* In a way I felt she was sorting the viewers out into those who would stick with the programme and those who would switch off.*
This is quite possible. I didn’t make it past the first couple of minutes 🤣

Chikapu Sat 27-Nov-21 14:16:13

I suppose I feel that a bit of "normal" sex under the covers

I wouldn't say under the covers sex is 'normal'.

Chamomileteaplease Sat 27-Nov-21 14:16:53

@SleepingStandingUp do schoolgirls have vibrators these days?! Am I behind the times?

I think I would be ok with a conversation with my 16 year old about anything but maybe not watching explicit stuff on a screen.

But you all have a point about being more aware of what I suggest to watch when we are together.

I watched Game of Thrones with my other child when she was 16 and that produced some good discussion. But there were no vibrators in that programme so it was ok grin.

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