A universal necklace you can always wear?

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sparklins Fri 26-Nov-21 21:40:04

I have never been much of a jewelry person but I am slowly converting. I would love to pick out a delicate (timeless?) necklace I could wear everyday and with any outfit but I really don't know where to look for one.

I have a white gold engagement ring so would probably like to go along the lines of a similar metal to not contrast it too much. So silver or white gold probably.

Where does everyone go for their jewelry nowadays? Any good online retailers or high street stores worth looking into?
Or even better - considering my taste can be questionable - any actual pieces that are nice?

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Booksandwine80 Fri 26-Nov-21 21:42:38

I have this, have worn it every day since I got it over a year ago


Wingingitsince2018 Fri 26-Nov-21 21:45:04

I have a silver necklace from Lines & Current I wear every day. Wasn't expensive at all, I never take it off and toddler DS has yanked on it many times and it is still fine nearly 2 years on. All their designs are modern and simple.

starfishmummy Fri 26-Nov-21 21:56:05

If I wanted silver I'd look for a jeweller making one off pieces on etsy. Or go by recommendation.

EssexLioness Fri 26-Nov-21 22:14:25

I have an Ashley Clarke locket necklace which I wear daily. Really beautiful and timeless. I think they have some discounted for Black Friday

Purplespottedsocks Fri 26-Nov-21 22:15:49

This is my ‘everyday’ necklace. I rarely change it.

FasterthanBolt Fri 26-Nov-21 22:19:43

I have this one, I get lots of compliments on it smile


MrsTimRiggins Fri 26-Nov-21 22:19:45

I have a gorgeous necklace from Cornish Bluebelle, a handstamped drop bar necklace. I’ve worn it everyday pretty much for probably 2 years nearly. So inexpensive too.

Crepuscularshadows Fri 26-Nov-21 22:20:36

Georg Jensen silver. Infinity or moonlight grapes are both light and beautiful (but they're also really expensive). I love the Nina Ditzel 2021 reissue as well but I'm pretty sure it's not worth a month's wages.

SuckIt Fri 26-Nov-21 22:20:50


I have this from Pandora. It’s absolutely beautiful and I wear it all the time.

mynameiscalypso Fri 26-Nov-21 22:22:23

I second the recommendation for Lines and Current. I bought an everyday necklace from there when DS was born and it looks as good as new even though I wear it nearly every day (and he manhandles it a lot).

AnImposter Fri 26-Nov-21 22:23:17

I have the dragonfly one from the below pic as my day to day necklace and I love it smile Thomas Sabo I think

ludocris Fri 26-Nov-21 22:24:53

I have and love this:

welshweasel Fri 26-Nov-21 22:25:55

Another clogau fab here www.clogau.co.uk/jewellery/item/cariad-pendant-3sca012

DespairingHomeowner Fri 26-Nov-21 22:27:17

Monica vinader has a wide range of pendants & they are v durable (also have a Black Friday sale on today)

Branleuse Fri 26-Nov-21 22:27:47


I have this and I think it complents any outfit

turnthebiglightoff Fri 26-Nov-21 22:28:31

I have an initial pendant from Tiffany and a star sign pendant on a white gold chain. Haven't taken it off for about 7 years!

ThinWomansBrain Fri 26-Nov-21 22:28:53

this is MN - no question, you must have a string of pearls to clutch grin

EmmaStone Fri 26-Nov-21 22:29:32

DH gave me a princess cut diamond set in white gold on our wedding day, and I've rarely taken it off since (18 years). For my 40th my friends bought me a Tiffany's silver starfish pendant. I wear this daily too.

Fatgalslim Fri 26-Nov-21 22:31:26



I have this and I think it complents any outfit

Beautiful and timeless

bangwhistle Fri 26-Nov-21 22:34:27

Depends on your style. My everyday necklace was a gift for a landmark birthday and was from https://www.rustjewellery.com/

mrsfeatherbottom Fri 26-Nov-21 22:40:32

Another Lines & Current fan here.

ginsparkles Fri 26-Nov-21 22:42:04

A simple diamond pendant. Classic, elegant and timeless. I only take mine off when I am swapping it for something more dramatic for a specific outfit.

ohnana Fri 26-Nov-21 22:43:08

Yet another Lines & Current fab here!

ohnana Fri 26-Nov-21 22:43:15


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