To wonder what's up with sainsburys jam doughnuts today?

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DrMadelineMaxwell Tue 23-Nov-21 12:26:13

Did the big shop and fancied doughnuts off the Bakery section as I hate then when they are pre packed. Got to the til to be told they were blocked from sale. I assumed an in store IT cock up.

Driving home I realised I forgot the hane on my list and popped into the sainsburys local. They also had bakery doughnuts. They were also blocked from sale.

I wonder why.

I akso wonder why the cashier asked if I had used tongs or my fingers to put them in the bag and told me he would put them back as i had used tongs....if they are blocked from sale what would be the point of putting them back on the shop floor?

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Caesious Tue 23-Nov-21 12:37:45

I used to work in the bakery in Sainsburys and the pre packed and loose ones are exactly the same. They are made no differently, just put in a basket instead of a bag. In terms of being blocked from sale, that usually comes from head office and a reason isn’t always given.
They might have asked about fingers because usually, items blocked from sale are taken to the staff room and left out to save waste.

Northofsomewhere Tue 23-Nov-21 12:39:30

In my experience (worked in supermarkets) it's likely a barcode error which would affect every barcode produced (they're printed each day so the sell by date is correct) until this error either in the print or at the till is corrected. This would explain why it affected both stores. This happens more often than people think but it can be fixed fairly quickly once the person who can fix it is alerted so I understand why they were left on sale.

Things are only ever taken off sale when they have to. It's hard to find somewhere to keep unexpected stock (warehouses at Xmas are a nightmare) and the only other option with fresh food is to waste it due to the short shelf life.

Saucery Tue 23-Nov-21 12:40:32

I had a pack of mince blocked from sale the other day. Thought it odd and the assistant was a bit shirty with me about it, as if I’d gone out of my way to root around and find it instead of just…..picking it off the she,f with all the others hmm
I said “oh, is it a Recall?” and she snapped “No, blocked from sale, you can’t buy it!”
Bit weird.

DrMadelineMaxwell Tue 23-Nov-21 12:41:38

Oh I'm sure they are the same ones....but I dislike the packaged ones because they seem to be packed while still warm so they get sweaty in the packaging and the sugar doesn't stay crunchy.

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DrMadelineMaxwell Tue 23-Nov-21 12:43:22

No barcode. Code put into til to buy them.

I found it strange that they were stocking them onto the shelves fresh but unable to sell them.

First world problem obviously.. will just need something else to munch on either dd while watching bake off.

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TakeMyMoney Fri 26-Nov-21 23:25:00

It’s because they’ve changed to Apple and raspberry jam now not just raspberry so if they are selecting the old raspberry jam donut button on the till it won’t allow you to sell it. There’s another button for Apple and raspberry that they need to press instead


OnlyClothes Fri 26-Nov-21 23:49:29

Yes I could only find those today @TakeMyMoney so I had to buy ring ones which weren’t as nice. (I tried all five just to make sure)

Are the raspberry jam ones not coming back?

TakeMyMoney Fri 26-Nov-21 23:54:17

@OnlyClothes as far as I’m aware no they won’t be, they’ve been replaced by the apple and raspberry ones

OnlyClothes Sat 27-Nov-21 00:03:14

Oh I’m disappointed by that.

AmberLynn1536 Sat 27-Nov-21 00:08:51

I’m gutted the raspberry doughnuts were delicious, why do they do this?

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