Channel crossings

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Tevion28 Thu 18-Nov-21 16:29:57

Whats your thoughts on this are these people really desperate fleeing worn torn countries do you feel sorry for them etc

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kaztastic Thu 18-Nov-21 16:30:59

Is France war torn?

kaztastic Thu 18-Nov-21 16:32:42

I do completely understand why they left their home country, but they have crossed so many safe places that it seems bonkers to attempt the almost suicidal channel crossing!

CorrBlimeyGG Thu 18-Nov-21 16:33:01

The majority go on to make successful asylum claims. Therefore the majority do have valid reasons for claiming asylum.

What do you think?

CorrBlimeyGG Thu 18-Nov-21 16:34:42

it seems bonkers to attempt the almost suicidal channel crossing!

Indeed, imagine how desperate you must have to be to go through that.

The situation in France for asylum seekers is dire. It is bad here, but not nearly as bad as the way they are treated in France.

Tevion28 Thu 18-Nov-21 16:35:44

From what I hear most asylum cases are unsuccessful in the uk so in some respects they never move on with thier life here because they are stuck in the asylum system for years with no decision surviving on £37 a week then end up working illegally.

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CorrBlimeyGG Thu 18-Nov-21 16:35:47

Before anyone says they're here to claim benefits, they get £37 a week. If they were doing it solely for the money, other European countries are far more generous.


Horst Thu 18-Nov-21 16:37:30

I think they should apply from the camps that allow them to apply. I think of it was women and children I’d be more sympathetic but these are for and healthy men who care not one bit for the laws they are breaking to get here.

Tevion28 Thu 18-Nov-21 16:38:49

I really don't think alot are getting what people think they get they are usually not entitled to benefits unless they regulise thier stay which can be very difficult in this country.

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CorrBlimeyGG Thu 18-Nov-21 16:39:23

@Tevion28 You're confusing two different groups. Those working illegally have failed asylum claims, they have zero income from the government and have effectively fallen off the radar. Those in receipt of the £37 payment will not be working because they're in the system, usually in supervised accommodation, if they were going out to work it would be picked up on.

I wish people would check their facts. You're also wrong about most claims failing.

CorrBlimeyGG Thu 18-Nov-21 16:41:06

I think of it was women and children I’d be more sympathetic but these are for and healthy men who care not one bit for the laws they are breaking to get here

You see the ignorance these people face? Would it be acceptable to talk about any other group like this, or is it just asylum seekers that are fair game?

Tevion28 Thu 18-Nov-21 16:41:08

Yes I get you Corr but not so sure if I'm.wrong about claims failing.

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Tevion28 Thu 18-Nov-21 16:42:22

Are those places supervised though

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FuckingPissedOff Thu 18-Nov-21 16:43:52

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk guidelines.

FuckingPissedOff Thu 18-Nov-21 16:44:31

I am also fucking sick of the chances that someone will call me a racist for expressing perfectly valid and entirely likely concerns.

Tevion28 Thu 18-Nov-21 16:46:55

I know fucking We understand why they want to come here and know conditions in thier home country are not ideal but we are a very small country compared to alot how can we take in so many

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DroopyClematis Thu 18-Nov-21 16:49:08

I do wonder why these poor people who are so desperate to flee from their homelands, will continue through so many other safe countries in order to get to the UK?

Why is UK the ultimate goal? Is it because it's English speaking? Does UK offer something else that is more desirable than what nations, in between, can offer?

It is so incredibly sad to see these half starved, half freezing and dazed folk land on our beaches/ports.

Brainwave89 Thu 18-Nov-21 16:49:38

It is fully understandable that anyone living in a poor repressive country would want to come to the UK. The largest single group of migrants landing at Dover according to the Home Office come from Iran, which as a regime very much fits the category. However, whilst this is understandable, in my view we should limit the numbers and focus on those who have a well founded fear of persecution, and those most vulnerable, which will be women and children rather than the largely male contingent landing on the beaches in Kent. We do not have infinite resources, nor do we have affordable housing for all current UK citizens. There is a balance to be had. We should be generous, but debate where our limits are.

FuckingPissedOff Thu 18-Nov-21 16:53:00

Well thanks people, I was honestly half expecting to be deleted and banned. It's good to know there are others who can see a need for balance.

Tevion28 Thu 18-Nov-21 16:53:56

I know income in these countries can be extremely low so families can't be provided for. Do you think these men think come here to try and get jobs

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2020isnotbehaving Thu 18-Nov-21 16:55:38

I feel sorry them and understand why they would risk it. Also why if speak English here is easier but for most it’s tough battle there are no nice empty council homes waiting to welcome them. We keep the ones that arrive in horrible conditions and even if we accept them into system it’s many years of uncertainty or poverty or working cash in hand and being exploit.

Ideally we have safe way them apply outside the UK and able check who’s how and stories but they don’t want put systems in place for that so for many coming in boat is only viable option.

FuckingPissedOff Thu 18-Nov-21 17:06:14

We know that men come here to provide income for their families. The balance there is that income is low here too and families cannot be provided for. Some of us also wonder how such poor people can afford to travel across the world to here, when we in the north cannot even afford a move to the capital.

Sorry it's me again, but this might help as a starting point for info

EileenGC Thu 18-Nov-21 17:12:00

My dad snuck into what later became my home country, through the mountains, in winter and in the middle of the night. He was a strong and healthy 22 year old.

Yes, these people are desperate. They’re putting themselves through this because it’s a better, safer option than staying in their own countries.

Why pass so many safe countries on the way to the UK? I don’t know, variety of reasons. My dad left many ‘good’ countries behind on the way to his final destination. He was going there because he had some acquaintances who had already settled there and he hoped they’d be able to help him. The language was easier. The residency application process and general admin fees were lower. There was more need for workers in his job. He had an actual visa for some of the countries on his route but chose not to stay there, legally.

WhittersE Thu 18-Nov-21 17:12:43

There's a line by Hassan Akkad where he says:

"You see, security isn't just about being safe from imminent death. It's also about having a future, options, the autonomy to build a life of your choosing"

I think this sums up a lot of the reasons why people don't just stay in the first safe country.

I have to admit, I think if it was me I would do what I could, at personal sacrifice, to give my children and grandchildren opportunities to build a better life than I had.

I also don't believe this country is full, that's just British exceptionalism. I think we take way less than our fair share compared to other countries, and the reasons we have poor housing options, homelessness etc is nothing to do with having too many people.

daimbarsatemydogsbone Thu 18-Nov-21 17:13:21

I was honestly half expecting to be deleted and banned.

There's time yet....

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