weird text from lady on facebook marketplace. Now I don't know if I was U?

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Sneezecakesmama Thu 28-Oct-21 18:34:33

I couldn't find my umbrella so decided on buying one off FB marketplace.
Found a nice Joules one for £15 and asked to buy it.
At 09.12 am had the conversation via messenger and agreed to buy. She said it would be on the doorstep and put the money through the letterbox. Fine by me.
I asked what time was convenient and she replied no later than 12.15 as she was going out and gave me the address. I said I would be there at 12.
At 11am I found my umbrella (DH had it) so messaged her at 11.12 am to apologise and say I didn't need it after all, but thank you very much.
She replied
Is this a joke I have changed my plans plus taken item off eBay!!!?
I am fuming angry reported and informed police as you have our address plus our plans!! Very odd

It was literally 2 hours so why take it off eBay? She hadn't changed her plans and why that level of aggression?

Was I really being as unreasonable as she says? Genuinely confused!

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Sneezecakesmama Thu 28-Oct-21 18:35:07

I don't make a habit of this FWIW

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SpongeBobJudgeyPants Thu 28-Oct-21 18:37:09

I think I would be a bit naffed off at you, tbh. Sometimes Bad People have used similar scenarios to scope out places to burgle, so I can sort of see her point. Reporting to the police a bit of an overreaction though.

LadyTiredWinterBottom2 Thu 28-Oct-21 18:37:44

It was of course inconvenient but this is an over reaction on her part

Sounds like she has anxiety issues.

TheChip Thu 28-Oct-21 18:38:01

I'd be pissed off if I was her. Time wasters are extremely annoying.
Her reaction is a bit extreme though, but I can kind of understand as you may be the 3rd or 4th person to do this to her.

Starcaller Thu 28-Oct-21 18:38:15

Police grin Sure they will be mobilising their finest as we speak.

It's mildly annoying but that's just what happens when you sell stuff on FB 🤷‍♀️

PooWillyNameChange Thu 28-Oct-21 18:39:30

It is a bit annoying. To be honest if you only have one brolly I'd have just honoured the agreement to not have been That Person but the police obviously won't give a shit


FionnulaTheCooler Thu 28-Oct-21 18:39:38

You're both unreasonable. You for messing her about and her for being a drama queen, the police won't give two shits about a Facebook selling no show.

IveGotASongThatllGetOnYNerves Thu 28-Oct-21 18:41:18

I'd have bought it anyway tbh. Good to have a spare.
She's not unreasonable to be royally pissed off at what from her point of view is yet another FB time waster but reporting you to the police is ludicrous. I doubt she did.

Sparklfairy Thu 28-Oct-21 18:41:28

She's very dramatic but I can see where she's coming from. You cancelled with 45mins notice, and she is right - you knew her address and that she would be out at 12.15. She doesn't know you from Adam.

She probably hasn't informed the police, she's just said that to deter you on the off chance you were dodgy. I've sold a few things on fb and they always make me a bit apprehensive but everyone has been lovely. I'm just glad when the transaction is over!

Tiredmum100 Thu 28-Oct-21 18:41:29

I think you should have bought it if that's what you agreed, although her response was a bit of an over reaction. This is why I'm so reluctant to sell things on Facebook, its more hassle than its worth with people not turning up, not responding, Chang their mind etc. She was probably really annoyed and had factored you into her day.

Waahingwashingwashing Thu 28-Oct-21 18:42:29

You were a bit of a dick but she’s over reacting

Newmumatlast Thu 28-Oct-21 18:43:11

I've said yanbu but I mean yanbu that it was an overreaction on her part to inform the police etc. I dont agree with you though re her taking it off of Ebay. No wonder she did because you agreed to buy and had she left it on and it sold, she would be in the wrong. Re the not buying it, it's annoying for her so not surprised it irritated her but at the same time it happens and it's better you tell her than no show.

ShittyGlitter Thu 28-Oct-21 18:43:16

You did mess her about a bit, so I can see why she might be frustrated, but her response is nuts.

Societies bottom feeders seem to inhabit FB marketplace these days, best avoided.

ArchwizardTVampirebat Thu 28-Oct-21 18:44:51

it was literally 2 hours so why take it off eBay?

Because if someone had bought it on eBay and she'd sold it to you, she'd get a non-performing seller strike on her account.

You've been unreasonable. You've messed her about. I would be very pissed off in the seller's shoes.

Pandaly Thu 28-Oct-21 18:45:07

I think you should have bought it anyway. She was a bit OTT but maybe she's had weirdos turn up before.

Pandaly Thu 28-Oct-21 18:46:18

It was literally 2 hours so why take it off eBay? Because you had agreed to buy it. Sounds like she was going to go out earlier too.

AdelindSchade Thu 28-Oct-21 18:46:39

I'd be mildly irritated if I was her no more than that.

Suzi888 Thu 28-Oct-21 18:46:54

She was being unreasonable on her reaction, but you are a time waster.

HeartsAndClubs Thu 28-Oct-21 18:47:01

I can understand why she was a bit annoyed but TBH anyone who buys or sells on FB market place does so at their peril.

Jamallama Thu 28-Oct-21 18:47:06

Is it FB or eBay? You can't seem to make your mind up

Whinge Thu 28-Oct-21 18:47:51

Her reaction was over the top, but you should have bought it rather than messing her around.

Pandaly Thu 28-Oct-21 18:48:11


Is it FB or eBay? You can't seem to make your mind up

I think it was listed on ebay as well as Facebook.

Hercisback Thu 28-Oct-21 18:48:53

You're unreasonable

Luckingfovely Thu 28-Oct-21 18:48:58

You committed to buy it, you should have bought it. You're totally in the wrong. Yeah, her message wasn't exactly mature and the police thing is obviously stupid, but she's right to be fuming.

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