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to smirk about Ulrika Johnson's predicament

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nametaken Tue 11-Dec-07 13:00:29

OK I probably am being horrible but I couldn't help but laugh hearing that people are calling Ulrika Johnson 4 X 4 - aparently it has really upset her.

Brandnewchristmaspyjamasgirl Tue 11-Dec-07 13:01:19

lol thats quite good

BroccoliSpears Tue 11-Dec-07 13:01:43

I don't get it.

MellowChristmasEveryone Tue 11-Dec-07 13:02:19

4 dc

4 dps


Saturn74 Tue 11-Dec-07 13:03:32

Is this about the fathers of her children?
If so, it's really mean - I hope her children don't hear it.

nametaken Tue 11-Dec-07 13:04:47

It is mean and I feel guilty but it did make me laugh. And of course her children will hear it.

harleyd Tue 11-Dec-07 13:05:30

dont know why people think they have the right to comment/judge

SelfishMrsClaus Tue 11-Dec-07 13:06:10

Why would you smirk about that?

She was marrried to the father of her eldest son, in a long term relationship with the father of her daughter & married to the father of her 3rd child.. she is engaged to the father of this 4th child.....

all solid relationships at the time of the child being conceieved.

moljam Tue 11-Dec-07 13:06:42

yep i think yabu,whys it funny?.its her long as herself and her children are happy,who are we to judge?

nametaken Tue 11-Dec-07 13:06:44

I'm a 3 X 1 myself

dividedselfridgesxmaswindow Tue 11-Dec-07 13:07:25

How disgusting. Of course, all women who happen to be mothers and experience relationship breakdown are SLAGS, of course. FFS.

SelfishMrsClaus Tue 11-Dec-07 13:08:13

Well, maybe you've made better life choices than UJ then. Don't feel smug about that though, wil you?

yaddayule Tue 11-Dec-07 13:09:49

I'm sure she's had worse mean insults and it got her a spread in Hello or whatever pap magazine was fool enough to pay her.

3JinglesandnoBells Tue 11-Dec-07 13:11:17

whilst UJ isn't my favourite person, I think that is a bit mum had 2 Kids by 2 just don't always happen the way we want...

camillathechicken Tue 11-Dec-07 13:11:19

i imagine her children will love hearing that .

so , she has made some not so great choices, but she seems to be a good mother, and devoted to her DCs, one of her DCs fathers; walked out when the child was a newborn and in need of heart surgery.. he deserves more vitriol than her.

she has very publicly gone through all of this and tried to get to the root of her problems

so yes, YABU

yaddayule Tue 11-Dec-07 13:11:23

So yes YABU
Smuggie (thats the worst insult I could come up with .. grin)

MellowChristmasEveryone Tue 11-Dec-07 13:13:35

I have read her auto-biography,[years ago] I thought she was okay tbh she just seems to have made some bad choices [men-wise].

If I were her and I was called this I would be bothered but not overly so, as someone has said, she has been called much worse.

Her dc seems happy enough and they no doubt have a better life than I ever could dream of giving my dc.

nametaken Tue 11-Dec-07 13:14:03

oh guys please don't roast me I know it's smug and nasty of me really I do - but I just thought it was hugely funny that all's.

JingleBelgoHoHoHo Tue 11-Dec-07 13:14:07

Yes it's always the women isn't it who get the name calling? We haven't progressed much as a human race in this area have we?

dividedselfridgesxmaswindow Tue 11-Dec-07 13:15:00

But, um, what about the feminist issues this raises?

SueBaRoomForAMincePie Tue 11-Dec-07 13:15:02

I don't think it's unreasonable, but it is a bit smug and judgemental, really. Bless her, she's made mistakes, made them in the public eye, and this sort of thing goes with the territory sadly.

It's a very mildly witty thing to call her, but I just think it's a bit crap to make those kind of comments.

rubik Tue 11-Dec-07 13:16:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dividedselfridgesxmaswindow Tue 11-Dec-07 13:16:17

Well you would, nametaken, because you are not in the same unfortunate situation which means you will be judged by misogynists everywhere.

TinyTimLivesinVictorianSqualor Tue 11-Dec-07 13:16:27

I'm currently pg with my dp's child, I have 2 children by an exp who was an arsehole. Should I have stayed with him to have more children just so my kids had the same dad?

It's not like she is a16yo girl who sleeps with every bloke on the block and keeps asking for handouts because she can't be bothered to take precautions.

She has been in what she felt to be stable relationships, chose to have a baby and then the relationship has broken down. She also supports them herself, so I think YABU.

WendyWeber Tue 11-Dec-07 13:16:31

How many children has Mick Jagger got, and with how many women?

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