Emma Watson Wedding Dresses

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YearsSinceISawYou Thu 21-Oct-21 15:32:22

All those at the Earth shot Awards were asked to wear outfits that considered the environment-I suppose this means second hand or worn before. At any rate, that's what they did.

Along comes Emma Watson with her Harris Reed designed dress, made from 10 upcycled wedding dresses from Oxfam.

AIBU to think that if Emma really cared about this sort of stuff-as she often says she does-she would have left the 10 wedding dresses in Oxfam, so that 10 people would have been able to recycle 10 dresses-with the added bonus that they would have been affordable for those people.

Instead, she takes all ten of them and chops them up, thus showing herself to be an over-privileged hypocrite, who cares more about making a headline than 'saving the planet' or thinking about the women who could have made real use of those dresses.

Surely she had something else in her wardrobe that she could have used.

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MusingOnStarlight Thu 21-Oct-21 15:33:28


Porcupineintherough Thu 21-Oct-21 15:34:01

Yes YABU. There are plenty of second hand wedding dresses to go round.

TidyDancer Thu 21-Oct-21 15:34:32

Yeah I thought this too. It's not the only objectionable thing she's done, but I'm finding it hard to think this was really within the ethos of the event theme.

mumjustmum Thu 21-Oct-21 15:36:55

But in doing this, she:
1) stuck to the rules and didn't buy a new dress
For the event
2) donated (I would imagine) a sizeable amount to oxfam.

I'm all for this. Well done Emma Watson.

Glitterybug Thu 21-Oct-21 15:37:32

Have you had a look at the wedding dresses available on oxfam?


1980s monstrosities and fast fashion high street wedding dresses from places like wed2be and asos.

Best thing for them to be cut up and reused.

Thehop Thu 21-Oct-21 15:37:47

I thought it was cool. Didn’t look like 10 dresses went into it either.


Clocktopus Thu 21-Oct-21 15:38:35

Items in shops are there for whoever wants to buy them, there is no hierarchy of who is or isn't more deserving and the charity gets the money either way. YABU.

girlmom21 Thu 21-Oct-21 15:39:00

She donated to charity and recycled at the same time. If someone else had wanted the dresses they wouldn't have been available to purchase. YABU.

YearsSinceISawYou Thu 21-Oct-21 15:41:10

@mumjustmum How much did she donate?

@Thehop That makes it even worse. 10 dresses chopped up for a bit here here and there.

@Glitterybug. Thanks very much. Some of us had no choice to but to go to Oxfam for a wedding dress, even if you think the only thing they're good for is to cut up.

She stuck to the letter of the rule-if it was a rule-but certainly not to the spirit of the rule.

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girlmom21 Thu 21-Oct-21 15:42:50

@YearsSinceISawYou I don't think she bought the dresses herself. I think the designer created the outfit and sold it to her.

YearsSinceISawYou Thu 21-Oct-21 15:43:13

What a load of cock it is, all these celebrities spouting Save the Earth, while quite happily doing lots of things that go against that.

@TidyDancer. I agree, it's not the only objectionable thing she has done.

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User527294627 Thu 21-Oct-21 15:43:23

I don’t think there’s a shortage of second hand wedding dresses tbh. Silly thing to get in a froth about.

Merryhobnobs Thu 21-Oct-21 15:44:08

I disagree. She has reused. Not all ten dresses were likely used for that garment... Maybe other parts have been used for other garments but a huge amount of clothing from charity shops also ends up unused and remaining and reusing pieces - especially if they are dated and not likely to be worn again is a great way of showing what a bit of creativity can do.

mumjustmum Thu 21-Oct-21 15:44:26

@YearsSinceISawYou 😂😂 oh come off it. I've no idea her donation as middle class celebs generally keep these things private. But there's no way she paid £10 a dress for crying out loud! Jesus.... race to the bottom alright!

Nemorth Thu 21-Oct-21 15:44:51

None of us know what the original dresses looked like. Perhaps EW chose dresses that would have been harder to sell? Perhaps a bit damaged, or an unflattering, unfashionable style, or a size that isn't common.

Maybe the unused parts will be made into a super-souped gown that will be sold for Oxfam funds?

AlwaysLatte Thu 21-Oct-21 15:45:28

Well I just googled it and after all that trouble of putting 10 dresses together she put it on upside down and back to front!

Porcupineintherough Thu 21-Oct-21 15:45:43

@YearsSinceISawYou reusing and recycling are definitely within the spirit of the rules.

WorraLiberty Thu 21-Oct-21 15:46:32

I can't get fussed about it.

Looking at the above link, Oxfam wedding dresses are around £80 - £100 anyway, so she's made a decent purchase (or whoever bought them did).

mumjustmum Thu 21-Oct-21 15:47:44

Chopping down trees!?!?!?!?!

Put the Book Down and Talk to Me http://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/whatweree_reading/4369101-Put-the-Book-Down-and-Talk-to-Me

WorraLiberty Thu 21-Oct-21 15:48:02

That makes it even worse. 10 dresses chopped up for a bit here here and there.

And perhaps the rest of the material used for other dresses or Christening gowns?

YearsSinceISawYou Thu 21-Oct-21 15:50:20

@User527294627. Who is getting in a froth? I saw it, thoufht she was a hyporcrite, decided to ask what others thought.

Does that pass for getting in a froth now. Maybe AIBU should be re-named AIGINAF


If you don't know how much she paid, you can only imagine that she paid more than £10, You don't know that.
Maybe she had the brass neck-wouldn't be shocked-to ask for them for nothing, as she would be advertising Oxfam's wedding dresses.
My guess is just as good as yours as neither of us know.

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TrickorTreacle Thu 21-Oct-21 15:50:20

The way I'm reading the OP's thread and her replies is that she isn't a fan of Harry Potter or the Beauty and the Beast remake grin

Chipsinthewoods Thu 21-Oct-21 15:50:32

It’s just such a horrible outfit. Recycled or not. I’m sure she has some lovely things already in her closet. Just seems very much look-at-me attention seeking rather than awareness raising.

I preferred Daisy Cooper’s bin bag dress.

YearsSinceISawYou Thu 21-Oct-21 15:52:45


I'm a fan of the woman who dreamed up Harry Potter, without whom there is a strong possibility that none of us would have heard of Emma Watson and her wedding dresses.

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