To ask how much your retirement pot will be

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Futurama1 Tue 19-Oct-21 18:17:37

Off the back of some threads today, how much are you aiming to have in a retirement pot?

I’m going for 600k at today’s value which seems an insane amount but 20k per year for 30 years + state pension. What are you aiming for?

I put 2k per month in currently (inc employer contribution)

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stairgates Tue 19-Oct-21 18:19:17

Zero the way I'm going, I'm hoping one of the kids chucks me a few quid each week.

1fluffydoodle Tue 19-Oct-21 18:19:43

2k isn't realistic for many people....

Gumboots29 Tue 19-Oct-21 18:19:50

Considerably less than that.

Frenchfancy Tue 19-Oct-21 18:21:17

I don't even earn 2K/month!

MoiraNotRuby Tue 19-Oct-21 18:21:27

Fuck me, you pay IN 2k each month? So basically you earn shit loads and thought you would start a thread about it?

Merryoldgoat Tue 19-Oct-21 18:21:47

If I can get to £200k I’d be very fortunate


bravotango Tue 19-Oct-21 18:22:17


TracyLords Tue 19-Oct-21 18:22:40

OP, many people don’t even clear £2k a month, so that is unreasonable for them to put that amount into a pension fund. I’m thinking it’s unlikely you are an average earner?

Welshiefluff Tue 19-Oct-21 18:22:50

Subtle brag thread is not subtle.

ShowOfHands Tue 19-Oct-21 18:24:19

OP, it is quite an interesting question but you're clearly a high earner and this does make the thread read as "I'm rich, what about you?"

SusieBob Tue 19-Oct-21 18:24:30

Lots of people on here are on the breadline. Just piss off with your "look how much money I have" bullshit

OhDear2200 Tue 19-Oct-21 18:24:31

If I was putting in £2000 a month I would be expecting to retire at 50!

Justcashnosweets Tue 19-Oct-21 18:24:46

Here, have another biscuit

AllThingsServeTheBeam Tue 19-Oct-21 18:24:50

I'm putting in 5k a month currently and I have won the euromillions 3 times so I think I'll do ok hmm

Robostripes Tue 19-Oct-21 18:25:14

Bloody hell what a bragging post! I’m fortunate enough to earn a good wage but I’m the sole breadwinner and have, you know, a mortgage and bills to pay, so I put in 5% and my employer does too. Will be nowhere near your 600k which would put you amongst the very biggest pension pots in the country.

icedcoffees Tue 19-Oct-21 18:25:45

I put in 20k a week, doesn't everyone?!

Eileen101 Tue 19-Oct-21 18:26:11

Good grief, £2k a month? I don't think you have anything to worry about grin if I get to £300k in the next 30 years before retirement, I'll be a happy bunny.

Warsawa31 Tue 19-Oct-21 18:28:05

Something tells me you will be ok 😒

Futurama1 Tue 19-Oct-21 18:29:02

Okay wow! I didn’t intend for people to take offence, probs shouldn’t have mentioned individual contributions.

I don’t earn a wild salary BTW, just have prioritised this and employer pays a lot

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coldwarenigma Tue 19-Oct-21 18:29:39

£20 a month, on top of employer contributions.. I'm expecting to be skint..and OP ..2k a month?? Look up minimum wage..thats most peoples ordinary wages...

BadgeronaMoped Tue 19-Oct-21 18:31:34

My first thought was "fuck all". I have not made wise life choices grin

MeanderingGently Tue 19-Oct-21 18:31:49

Many of us don't earn 2K a month.
I'm in a minimum wage job. To answer your pension pot question, nothing. I don't have a pension pot. I shall be living on the state pension when I retire, which is only a few years away.....

KindleAndCake Tue 19-Oct-21 18:33:21

Nothing, because I'm an unpaid carer to my two dc. I get carers allowance for one of them, and I can't save for a pension on that sadly.

ShowOfHands Tue 19-Oct-21 18:33:26

My DH has one of those gold plated police pensions people claim exist. He pays in 15% and won't make anywhere near what you will op. Not even half. Not even a third.

You can't prioritise if you simply don't have the money.

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